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16 and Pregnant Season 3: Where Are They Now?

“16 and Pregnant,” a reality TV show on MTV, follows the lives of high school students who become pregnant. The show got a lot of fans because it showed how hard it is to carry a child and how hard it is to deal with complicated relationships and big changes. Even though it’s been more than a decade since the show ended, people still love to talk about it. From drama to even violence at home, the show had a lot going on. Fans of “16 and Pregnant” are probably wondering where the cast of Season 3 is now. We’ve written a lot about the lives of the teens who liked drama when they were young.

Where is Jordan Ward Now?

The episode about teen mom Joran Ward and her baby daddy, Brian Fender, from St. Louis, Missouri, had the highest ratings for the whole series. It was decided that the cast of Season 3 of “16 and Pregnant” would also be on “Teen Mom,” but the show didn’t start until after Jordan got pregnant again.

After their first child was born, Jordan married Brian in August 2011. When he joined the military, they moved to Texas. Even before their second child, Noah, was born, the couple had their daughter, Arri. But they broke up in 2016, and in 2017 Jordan gave birth to her third child with Manny Hinkson. She named him Leo.

Jordan doesn’t want to live in the public eye, so she and her partner raise their children in a safe, quiet place. The couple broke up, and Jordan is now engaged to Chris Kellermann and lives with her three wonderful children.


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Where is Jennifer Del Rio Now?

Jennifer and her baby daddy had a rough time together. Since Jennifer’s family was against the match, they were always fighting with each other. This was clear throughout the whole series. After the MTV crew left, things didn’t get better. Jennifer and baby daddy Josh broke up, and Jennifer changed the names of her twins to Joshua Devan and Noah Matthew. Jennifer and Josh were said to have fought a lot for a while. On her YouTube channel, she talks about how Josh is involved in the lives of her children.


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Jennifer married Luis Gutierrez in 2013. They stay on good terms because of their children. She now enjoys life with her four kids, Sebastian, Annabella, and the twins, and keeps busy with her YouTube channel, soap-making business, and farming.

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Where is Jamie McKay Now?

Jamie McKay was a senior in high school when she had her daughter Miah with her boyfriend at the time, Ryan McElrath. She was only 15 years old. Even though labour, alcohol, and child custody caused problems on the show, Jamie and Ryan were able to get back together and even had another child in 2012. But because of personal problems, she decided to have an abortion on her second child and told her fans about it on Twitter. Over time, the two of them got into trouble with the law and were accused of attacking a female classmate and even each other. In 2015, after the birth of their second son Mason, they finally broke up.


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Now 29, the former TV star is married to David, who is not only the father of their third child but also has a son of his own. She talked on Instagram about how hard it was to let people into her life when she was a teenager and pregnant. She lives happily with her husband and four children in Asheville, where she works as a make-up artist.

Where is Danielle Cunningham Now?

When she was 16 and pregnant, Danielle’s wild behaviour got a lot of attention. She was raised by a single mother. Danielle gave birth to Jamie Paul Jr. with her boyfriend Jamie, and they stayed together even after the show was over. They stayed together until 2013, when Danielle got pregnant again. They reportedly broke up before Danielle gave birth to her second daughter. The two are still friends, though.

Danielle has been at the centre of a number of controversies over the years. Danielle’s life has been full of ups and downs. In 2012, she almost went to jail for fighting with her grandmother, and on Twitter, she said hurtful things about people who use heroin. Not only that, but the former “16 and Pregnant” star also posted on social media about smoking weed. Even so, she didn’t give up. She went back to school to become a nurse, and she and her boyfriend Tyler had their third child.

Even though she changed her name and her partner to hide things about her personal life, the Ohio-based Digital Creator is still close with her family and has a good relationship with the father of her first two children.

Where is Cleondra Carter?

As the full-time caretaker of her niece, Cleondra was known as one of the most level-headed people in the cast. She was also one of the most loved people in Season 3. After she and her boyfriend Mario Escovedo had their daughter Kylee, everything seemed fine until she posted a fundraiser on social media to get sole custody of her daughter. Even though Cleondra is in school to become a nurse, not much is known about her except for a short update on Facebook about her life with her three kids and husband, Michael Wrease.


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Where is Kayla Jackson Now?

Kayla was from Minnesota, and she had a nice relationship with Michael Schwing, who was the father of her child. The two stayed friends after Kayla gave birth to their son Preston. In 2012, Kayla met Matt Neyers, who was the father of her second son Cedric. Juniper was their second daughter. She was born in 2022. The former “16 and Pregnant” star was known for having an eating disorder on the MTV show. She even went on Twitter to talk about anorexia and how the show made her look a certain way.

Where is Izabella Tovar Now?

Izabella Tovar gave birth to her son Enrique/Henry with his father Jairo Rodriguez. She is known as the teen who hid her pregnancy from her friends and family because she was embarrassed. Even after the show ended, the two kept seeing each other. In 2014, they had another daughter named Anastazia. They were only married for two years before they got a divorce in January 2018. Tovar also had a daughter named Peach with her boyfriend Josh Fits, but she is no longer online.

Where is Kianna Randall Now?

Kianna Randall had problems with the law as well as with being a teen mom. She and the father of her child, Zak Hegab, were both arrested for aggravated robbery, and Hegab was also jailed for sexual assault. Later, Kianna got married to Eric Lee, who is now in prison for 25 years and is expected to get out in 2037.

Where is Taylor Lumas Now?

Taylor Lumas was the youngest girl to ever be on the show. She was only 14 when she gave birth to her daughter Aubri. She got her bachelor’s degree when she was 22. Since then, she has stayed a dedicated mother to her young daughter. She is very private about her personal life, but she did tell fans that she was getting married to her mysterious boyfriend, which made them swoon.

Where is Allie Mendoza Now?

Allie Mendoza turned her life around and did a great job of being a teen parent, even though her father kicked her out when she was pregnant and she had to live with her boyfriend’s drug addict mother. After she broke up with the father of her child, she moved in with a friend and got straight As all through high school.


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She married Chris Gerena in 2015, and fans say that in 2018 she gave birth to their son Christopher. Allie now lives away from the public eye. She doesn’t use social media, and she and her beautiful family enjoy being alone.

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