20 Best Fat Cartoon Characters That Are Full Of Laughter & Emotions

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There is a wide range of cartoon characters. They are numerous and vary greatly in size and shape. And even if we adore the most of them, there are those that we cherish more than others. They also come in various sizes and shapes. In this post, we’ve chosen to concentrate on those endearing, chubby characters who have over the years brought us joy and laughter. Here is a list of the 20 finest overweight cartoon characters we all enjoy, regardless of whether they appear in Western or Japanese animation, TV shows, or movies.


Tadashi designed Baymax, a robot universal nurse who appears like a comforting ball guy and is frequently compared to a gigantic marshmallow. Later, Hiro transforms him to fight crime, and he joins Big Hero 6 as his best friend. He turns on when he hears a sound of agony and turns off when someone says, “I’m satisfied with the treatment.”

His computer software indicates that he is serene and completely committed to his patients, but when the combat chip is added, he becomes more powerful and aggressive. He turns hostile and uncontrollable until someone replaces his combat chip, though, if his health chip is taken out and left behind.

As he develops a friendship with Hiro, he starts to feel human-like emotions and download data and information to support him after Tadashi’s death. He also becomes very protective of the boy out of friendship and not just out of protocol, to the point where he becomes insistent when he feels like he needs his help and disobeys orders when he wants him to kill Callaghan to avenge Tadashi.

He can carry Hiro on his back while flying, fire his fists like missiles, and knows karate-style martial arts abilities. He is outfitted with red armor that has wings and thrusters for flight. To save Callaghan’s daughter, he gets trapped in another reality but is finally reconstructed.

Eric Cartman

At South Park Elementary School, Cartman attends Mr. Garrison’s class. Cartman and his friends were in the CE class for the first 58 episodes before switching to the CM class, where they have been ever since. He is the only child of Liane Cartman, a single mother who believes herself to be a hermaphrodite and gave birth to Eric. In episode 201 (season 14, 2010), we finally discover who his biological father really is.

Cartman is known as the “small obese” member of the gang and is frequently made fun of for his weight. Kyle, a Jew, is frequently the target of Cartman’s false claims and derogatory remarks about Jews. The antagonism between the two protagonists, who have never offered any support to one another, has grown throughout Series 3.

Fred Flintstone

The Flintstones is an animated series that ran from 1959 to 1966 as a prime-time program on ABC television. Fred Flintstone is the show’s primary character. Fred is Wilma’s husband and the father of Pebbles, a young child. Betty and Barney Rubble are not just his closest friends but also his neighbors. In a world where modern cavemen and dinosaurs cohabit and where rudimentary versions of modern conveniences like the telephone, the vehicle, and even the washing machine are available, Fred lives in the imaginary prehistoric town of Bedrock.


The fictional cat Garfield appears in Jim Davis’ comic strip of the same name, which was first distributed to 41 newspapers by United Feature Syndicate on June 19, 1978. This character enjoys eating, sleeping, and bothering his owner Jon and his dog pal Odie. While other animals can understand him when he speaks through thought bubbles, Jon typically cannot (although Jon does have what sounds like a conversation with Garfield). Though it doesn’t often happen, reading Garfield’s mind has occasionally resulted in Jon’s response, like in the comic strip from January 21, 1992.

Hachigen Ushōda

This Visored is an expert in Bakudo; as a result, he is weak in melee combat yet carries a sword. He befriends Orihime Inoue as a specialist in Bakudo since, in his estimation, they both have the same kind of force. He will specifically assist her in regenerating Tsubaki, which were dispersed during the battle with Yammy.
He is an expert in Kido and Bakudo topics because he was Tessai’s second in the Necromancer Corps. Along with the other future vizards, he will be sent to save the 9th division as a member of the special division. He will use his Bakudo to paralyze Kensei and Mashiro, but he’ll also wind up changing into a Hollow.
He inserted his right arm, which had been contaminated by Barragan Luisenbarn’s strength, into the latter’s stomach during the battle at Karakura. The “King of the Hueco Mundo” will be killed as a result. His ability to send a type 99 bakudo without the need of incantation is amazing (Kensei’s hollow paid the price in volume 36).

Homer Simpson

The Simpson family’s father is Homer. Bart (10 years old), Lisa (8 years old), and Maggie are his three children with his wife Marge (2 years old). He made multiple donations to the Shelbyville sperm bank when he was younger in order to generate income, as revealed in Season 24, Episode 3. We also see a table covered in pictures of “mini-Homer”: whites, blacks, girls, boys, and even septuplets. He would have made enough money to buy a Corvette.

He represents the American working class archetype; he is vulgar, an alcoholic, overweight, incompetent, clumsy, lazy, and ignorant, but he is also devoted to his family. He works at the Springfield nuclear power station. He led a normal existence as a suburban laborer, yet he also had numerous amazing experiences.

Majin Buu (Good Buu)

The absorbed Majin Buu Kaioshin of the South becomes Good Buu once the Great Kaiohshin is also absorbed (or Fat Buu). It is the appearance that the monster first takes in the Dragon Ball manga and Dragon Ball Z: jovial, playful, and fond of desserts (a trait inherited from the Great Kaiohshin).

The Super Saiyan 3 stage sees him fighting on par with Goku, despite the fact that Goku later believes he could have defeated him, despite the fact that Vegeta, who is being possessed and boosted by Babidi, is unable to harm him. From the waist down, he is dressed like Kid Buu, but the boots change color to yellow, and the cuffs are replaced with a vest, a purple cloak, and a pair of yellow gloves.

Muriel Bagge

Eustace’s wife Muriel Bagge is the proprietor of Courage. She is a Scottish woman who adopted Courage when he was a stray puppy. She is elderly, obese, loving, and hardworking. When Muriel bullies Courage, she frequently carries a rolling pin that she uses to strike Eustace. In addition to enjoying tea and taking care of her garden, she is a skilled sitar musician.

Muriel enjoys cooking a lot, but her recipes frequently call for too much vinegar, much to the displeasure of both her dog and her husband. She enjoys watching TV most of all while rocking back and forth in her rocking chair while holding Courage. Muriel is a simple (and frequently attractive) target for villains because of her good and pleasant demeanor.


In the village where they will both develop during the albums, Obélix and his pal Astérix were both born on the same day and at the same time. He is raised by his mother throughout his youth, who provides him with roasted wild boar as a snack. The young Obélix was feeble despite his bulk, and his companions took advantage of the situation to tease him.

He entered the hut of the druid Panoramix with the aid of his companion Astérix under the pretense of consuming a small amount of magic elixir in an effort to stop the ridicule. He accidentally fell into the druid’s pot of magic potion, where he became stuck and consumed the entire contents. Since then, the magic potion’s effects have lingered in his house permanently, and he is not permitted to consume it again (although he does, eventually, but only in small drops).

Patrick Star

Patrick Star is a fictional character from SpongeBob SquarePants, an American cartoon television program. On May 1, 1999, the first episode of the show that he originally featured in was broadcast in the US. Patrick, who is shown as a chubby pale pink starfish, resides next to Squidward under a rock in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom.

His worst flaw is a lack of common sense, which occasionally leads him into trouble with SpongeBob SquarePants, his best buddy. Patrick claims to be an expert in the “art of doing nothing” and is unemployed. Both the series’ critics and fans have a lot of good things to say about the character.


Little Paxton the pig makes the sound “oink oink.” His appetite and weight best describe him. He is always seen wearing a blue sweater with horizontal yellow stripes running across his chest. He is very upbeat and steers clear of disputes with anyone. Though he frequently appears to be eating a sandwich, he enjoys eating, especially (red) apples. He enjoys kite flying and is an excellent football player. He can occasionally make accidental mistakes.

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin, also known as Peter Löwenbrau McFinnigan Griffin, is a fictional character and the show’s lead character. He is the patriarch of the Griffin family and the biological father of Bertram. He is married to Lois Pewterschmidt and has three children: Meg, Chris, and Stewie Griffin. Seth MacFarlane provides his voice, which has a strong Rhodesian accent. After Super Bowl XXXIII on January 31, 1999, said actor, who also served as the show’s creator, created Peter and the rest of the family.


Po, a gigantic panda, resides with Mr. San Ping, a gander who works as a server and owns a noodle restaurant. Mr. San Ping is Po’s adoptive father. His ultimate goal is to learn kung fu and join master Shifu’s Five Cyclones (Tigress, Monkey, Viper, Crane, and Mantis) in battle. His wish is fulfilled when, after unintentionally entering the arena, master Oogway selects him to serve as the dragon warrior.

Given that Po is not skilled in kung fu, Master Shifu, however, declines to accept that he is worthy. This person will stop at nothing to get rid of it, but Po is persistent in her resolve. Before leaving, master Oogway makes an attempt to persuade Ta Lung, a former pupil of master Shifu who had been imprisoned for 20 years, to train Po, to teach him kung fu, and to have faith in him. Ta Lung had recently escaped from prison.

Shifu then makes the decision to mentor Po and teach him the martial art. He helps Po advance swiftly and master kung fu quickly and successfully. While everything is going on, Tai Lung confronts the Cyclones Five, who he promptly defeats with a devastating attack.

The Dragon Scroll is eventually acquired by Po. Shifu confronts Ta Lung as he arrives in the Valley in an attempt to buy time, but is overpowered by his old pupil. Then Po steps in and challenges him in turn. Po beats his opponent after a bloody struggle.

Porky Pig

Porky, sometimes known as Redler Olan “Porky” Pig, is an American cartoon character from the Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes series. He was the first popular character produced by Warner Bros. With this anthropomorphic pig as the lead character, the animators (especially Bob Clampett) created a number of short films.

Even though the directors at Warner Bros. gave him the roles of sidekick and handyman, Porky did not lose his appeal even after being replaced by the studio’s other future characters. He is well renowned for the phrase “Th’ the-ba-dee th’ the-dee that’s it, folks!” that he uses to close the cartoon. Bosko, Buddy, and even Beans have all uttered the catchphrase at the conclusion of a Looney Tunes animation (without the stammer). In contrast, before it emerged on the Looney Tunes series in the 1930s, the Merrie Melodies series’ motto was “So Long, Folks!”

The Looney Tunes Show, Bugs, and Porky are among the shows that still include this iconic character! Production by Looney Tunes. Porky’s severe stutter, which causes him to substitute other words for ones he can’t seem to get out, is his most defining personality attribute. During the Golden Age of American Animation, Porky is alleged to have appeared in 152 cartoons.


Warthog Pumbaa is. He is incredibly noble and has a great heart, but he has a severe flatulence issue that has made him unwelcome in the Pride Lands. Timon the meerkat, another outcast, was someone he met, and the two quickly became good friends. They all moved to the forest together and adopted the “do not worry” way of life (Hakuna Matata).

He has a great heart and a strong feeling of responsibility while being dim-witted and clumsy, which frequently leads to him being used as a pawn by the crafty Timon. Simba was found to be dying and was taken into the jungle by Pumbaa and Timon. They finally accompanied him back to the Pride Lands where they assisted in his victory over Scar and the hyenas. Returning to the Pride Lands, Pumbaa and Timon upheld their carefree way of life while mentoring Bunga and watching over Princess Kiara.


An eight-year-old boy scout stowaways on Carl’s houseboat, which he helps for the most of the narrative, in order to win his one and only medal, “Assisting the Elderly.” missing in order to advance in scout rank. He feels disheartened since his father is usually too busy to spend time with him, despite the fact that he is a scout and has never had direct contact with nature.

Russell tells Carl in passing that his parents aren’t together during their brief talk. The character is modeled after Peter Sohn, a Pixar animator. Docter held 400 child auditions across the country in order to find the best actor. Nagai, a Japanese-American who was 8 years old at the time, and his brother, who was also intrigued in the character, both took the test. Docter decided to cast Nagai after noticing how much he acted and talked nonstop, similar to Russell.

He urged the young actor to give his best effort during the recording process, especially in the scene where Russell and Kevin first meet.


American author William Steig invented the character of Shrek, which Dreamworks Animation then adapted. He is the main character of the novel and movie of the same name, which launched a franchise that includes, among other things, films, television programs, and musicals. A large green ogre named Shrek resides in a swamp.

He lives there contentedly, scaring curious or lost people, until one day he learns that the area has been taken over by mythical creatures that the evil Lord Farquaad has expelled from the area. After speaking with him, he consents to try to save Princess Fiona in return for Farquaad rescuing all the figures from fairy tales from the swamp. Donkey, his new friend, will go on his expedition with him.


The Kusakabe family’s neighborhood is where Totoro resides, in the Tsukamori forest. Only children can see him. A broad phrase for creatures of various sizes is totoro. However, the term Totoro is used for this character in the film My Neighbor Totoro. In the spin-off Mei and the Baby Cat Bus, Totoro makes an appearance as a supporting figure. His name Totoro is a shortened version of the word Torru, which has a troll-like meaning. Mei nicknames him Totoro because she can’t even say Torru.

Uncle Fester

Fester is entirely bald, fat, scrawny, and generally sporting a lengthy fur coat. He appears to be a masochist who enjoys torture and who is also an arsonist since he like explosives. With his mouth, he can conduct electricity and turn on lightbulbs. He can withstand physical harm with superhuman strength. Fester is referred to as Morticia’s uncle in the original series. In the original series, his last name is never mentioned. However, in every other adaptation, Fester is given the last name Addams and is referred to as Gomez’s brother, Pugsley’s, and Wednesday’s uncle.

Winnie the Pooh

On October 15, 1926, Alan Alexander Milne invented the children’s book character Winnie the Pooh. The author was inspired to create Winnie, an animated teddy bear, by his son Christopher who he watched playing with his stuffed animals. Winnie and her companions go on adventures that could appear silly to adults, much like children make up tales where they are the only ones who can understand the stakes. The Popularity of the character has lead to a horror-thriller movie releasing somewhere in 2023 named Winnie the pooh blood and honey.

These characters develop in a caring and happy but not entirely worry-free universe. The narrator of his stories frequently refers to Winnie, a yellow bear cub, as “little smart.” He actually has a large heart and assists his friends despite not necessarily being extremely intelligent. His adorable fault is gluttony. He enjoys honey in particular, which can occasionally get him into difficulty with bees and other insects.

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