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4 Breaking Bad Characters Confirmed To Return In Better Call Saul (& 4 More We Hope Too See)


Better Call Saul’s sixth and final season has begun on AMC, and fans are excited to know how the story of the dishonest lawyer will conclude. Several Breaking Bad characters have made appearances during the last five seasons, with more set to appear in the upcoming season.
As a result, Better Call Saul has evolved from a single man’s character study to a tapestry of intertwined stories, the most of which we already know will end tragically. With only 11 episodes left, it’ll be interesting to watch how the show ties up the loose ends from Breaking Bad.

Gus Fring

In the next season, Giancarlo Esposito will reprise his role as drug lord/fried chicken baron Gus Fring. Gus is one of the most dangerous characters in the world of Breaking Bad. While Tuco Salamanca (Raymond Cruz), a fellow drug lord, is more violent, no one compares to Gus as a Machiavellian thinker. As a result, Gus and Walt’s battle of wits became one of Breaking Bad’s most riveting plots.

Gus is a complicated character who could have easily come across as unreal, yet Esposito excels in the role. Gus’s cold-blooded demeanor and cool tone are perfectly captured by him. When he offers his most iconic and horrifying threat: “I will kill your tiny daughter,” his voice is barely audible. It’s one of TV’s all-time great villain performances.

Jane Margolis

Jane Margolis (Krysten Ritter) is one of the most heartbreaking characters on Breaking Bad. In Season 2, she was Jesse’s girlfriend, one of his few meaningful relationships on the program. They take refuge in one another as addicts. Jane’s death from a heroin overdose, which Walt does nothing to prevent, is one of the series’ most pivotal occurrences. It puts Jesse into a downward spiral, trapping him in his nefarious dealings with Walt. It’s also a watershed moment in Walt’s development as a character.

Jane is a fantastic character, and Ritter is hilarious in the part. It’s a shame her time on Breaking Bad came to a close so prematurely. Her smart banter with Jesse and resistance against Walt are both enjoyable to see. Because she’s one of the only truly compassionate characters in the Breaking Bad universe, Better Call Saul should go into her backstory. Jane’s goodness contrasts with the ugliness of the other characters.

Jesse Pinkman

Both Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) and Walter White will make appearances in the upcoming season’s teaser trailer. It’s unclear whether they’ll appear in a cameo or have a greater role. In any case, the news piqued the interest of fans. Since his 2019 spin-off film El Camino, we haven’t seen Jesse. Paul brought a lot of levity to Breaking Bad in this role. Jesse had a zinger or one of his catchphrases ready at all times. (Throughout the show, he used his hallmark term “Bitch” 54 times.)

Jesse, on the other hand, became the moral focus of Breaking Bad over time. Jesse and Walt are both ruthless killers, especially when innocent people go in their way. Unlike Walt, though, Jesse is profoundly influenced by his own immoral behavior. Jesse, for example, is tormented with guilt after shooting Gale in Season 3. Jesse grows more sympathetic as Walt becomes more nasty. Aaron Paul’s skillful portrayal of Jesse’s messy humanity contributed to the show’s status as a classic.

Marie Schrader

Marie Schrader (Betsy Brandt), Skyler’s sister and the wife of DEA agent Hank, is another character who fans would like to see. Brandt’s portrayal of the housewife/kleptomaniac in Breaking Bad was vivid (primarily purple). Marie appears petty and shallow at times, but she is extremely protective of Hank and her sister’s family.

Marie was supposed to appear in Better Call Saul earlier, but showrunner Vince Gilligan decided against it at the last minute because he thought her presence would detract from the plot. Nonetheless, Marie has stated on numerous occasions that she would love to repeat her part, so there’s a strong chance she’ll appear this season. “If they wanted me to come and do artisan services, I would come,” Brandt remarked.

Mike Ehrmantraut

Another Breaking Bad character who has already seen in Better Call Saul, retired cop Mike Ehmantraut (Jonathan Banks), will return in Season 6. Mike’s moral deterioration is chronicled in the series after he begins working for a drug gang in order to support his granddaughter and her widowed mother. In Better Call Saul, his story takes center stage. Mike is a lot like Jimmy/Saul in a lot of ways.

Mike, the gruff stoic counterpart to Jimmy’s hilarious antics, is played to brilliantly by Banks. Mike’s death scene in Season 5 of Breaking Bad is one of the show’s best. Mike’s final words, after Walt (Bryan Cranston) apologizes for shooting him, are “Shut the f—k up, and let me die in peace.” Mike at his best.

Patrick Kuby

There’s no word yet on whether Bill Burr will reprise his role as Patrick Kuby, but it’d be fantastic to see him. Burr was one of Saul Goodman’s henchman in multiple episodes of Breaking Bad. In Breaking Bad Season 5, Kuby assisted Walt and Jesse in robbing a train of methylamine. He positioned his automobile across the train lines and assumed it had broken down, creating the necessary distraction for the cargo to be stolen.

In this modest but fun role, Burr shines. He has some wonderful scenes with fellow Saul minion Huell, and his dialogue is hilarious (Lavell Crawford). They make a very good Scrooge McDcuk impersonation in the storehouse where Walt’s millions in cash are kept. Burr was supposed to appear as a guest star in Better Call Saul Season 5 but had to cancel due to family obligations, so he could appear.

Skyler White

Anna Gunn was well-deservedly awarded two Emmys for her portrayal of Skyler. It was a multi-layered performance that fans both adored and despised. In many ways, Gunn’s portrayal of Skyler has served as a model for future TV anti-heroines like Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones.

Skyler is a thorny character. She is both a victim and a facilitator of her husband, much like Carmella in The Sopranos. Skyler should make an appearance in Better Call Saul since it would be fascinating to learn more about her before the events of the original season. It might provide greater insight into her relationship with Walt. Gunn and Bob Odenkirk have a wonderful on-screen chemistry. The few scenes in Breaking Bad where the two interact are always amusing, and it would be fantastic to see more of them.

Walter White

The return of Bryan Cranston as Walter White will undoubtedly be one of the most anticipated television events of the year. The character has become iconic at this stage. Walt’s transformation from chemistry instructor to meth kingpin has been hailed as one of television’s best performances.

Audiences initially cheered for Walt as he broke free from his mundane existence. It was wonderful to see a regular guy living on the verge of death. But the story gradually revealed Walt for who he was: greedy, heartless, and shrouded in a gloom as palpable as the malignant “shadow” on his CAT scan. He stated that he did everything he had to do to support his family, but this was never entirely true. In actuality, he did it to appease his own ego. In the last season of Breaking Bad, Walt tells Skyler: “You have to realize what I did… It was something I did for myself. It appealed to me. It was something I excelled at. And I was, in fact, alive.”

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