What Really Happened: 90 Day Fiancé’s Deavan Clegg Addresses The Controversies Post Custody Case Win

90-day’s Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee are among the most controversial couples on Fiancé, but few have as much on-screen and behind-the-scenes controversy as Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee. Deavan was accused of abruptly ending the relationship during a scheduled vacation to the United States without Jihoon, starting seeing a new guy, and attempting to gain full custody of their shared kid Taeyang. Now that the legal battle is concluded and Clegg has been awarded custody of the small kid, she has spoken out about why she left Jihoon and why they “faked” being a relationship for reality television.

Deavan Clegg dropped a surprise on her Instagram Stories, revealing that her and Jihoon Lee’s romance was more or less finished before 90 Day Fiancé watchers imagined. As previously stated, the relationship appeared to end after Deavan’s return journey to the United States with Taeyang and her daughter Drascilla, although Deavan claims it ended much before. Deavan provided her opinion on when things ended and how the two faked their way through a relationship while filming the programme in response to a fan’s question about why she left Jihoon:

If you want me to be completely truthful. To begin with, I don’t believe there was a love connection. We both felt this way and had discussed it on countless occasions. Because he had debts and I had medical bills to pay, we did everything for the show. We never slept in the same bed when I first moved there. For YouTube and the show, we feigned it.

Apparently, Deavan and Jihoon both had bills to pay off, so they proceeded to film 90 Day Fiancé despite their relationship’s difficulties. It’s intriguing to learn that the two broke up well before the purported end of it all, giving the impression that Deavan had fled South Korea and had surprised Jihoon with divorce talk. This new account gives us a different viewpoint, and if it’s accurate, it makes Deavan’s decision seem less surprising.

Deavan went on to say that Jihoon had been abusive, which she had claimed in prior blogs when they originally parted up. Deavan went on to tell how their relationship developed from there, as well as when it ended:

I forced him to live with his parents after he got abusive. I had intended to travel home in March, but COVID forced me to cancel my flight. We had both broken up in November, but we agreed to finish the season. We both realised we needed to keep recording.

Deavan revealed that she needed to keep filming with Jihoon or they wouldn’t get paid. According to Deavan, cast members are not paid if they stop filming or speak out about the “reality” of plots, and that pay only comes after the season has finished broadcasting on television.

headline: 90 Day Fiancé Alum Deavan Clegg Says Onscreen Relationship With Jihoon Was ‘96 Percent Fake’

In other reports, Deavan stated that she now had complete custody of Taeyang. Jihoon has also failed to contact or attend Taeyang’s mandatory virtual visits, according to her. Deavan claimed she tried to reach out and make arrangements but was unable to do so. Jihoon attempted to launch a GoFundMe to seek money for legal support at one point, but ultimately fired his counsel. Jihoon hasn’t responded to the new comments, but photographs of Deavan and his son Taeyang are no longer on his Instagram account. We’ll see whether we get his side of the tale or any additional background in the following days.

Although Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee’s story is no longer on 90 Day Fiancé, fans can relive it with a Discovery+ subscription. Those who don’t have it will be able to watch the franchise in the near future, as the platform will be available to anyone with an HBO Max subscription.

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