Is Aiden Bryant From AGT Gay? Here’s What We Know

Aidan Bryant’s passion in aerial performance is developing. Virginia, an American state, is where Aidan was born and raised.

Aidan Bryant, who is only 14 years old, was motivated to pursue acrobatics after seeing a YouTube clip of Pink performing an aerial dance performance. He simply needed a ladder, a tree in the backyard, and a bedsheet from his grandmother’s closet to do this. Bryant performed an aerial feat on a triangle erected high above the stage in Episode AS02’s Preliminary performance to the tune of Ruelle’s “Game of Survival.”

Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum both gave him a standing ovation. With the help of the Superfans, he entered the Top 3 for the evening. He advanced to the Grand Finals by defeating Divyansh & Manuraj and Vitoria Bueno thanks to the votes he received.

How About Aidan Bryant? Is He Gay?

Celebrity sexual orientations are a hot topic for rumour mills. In the roster is a well-known celebrity named Aidan Bryant. It is uncertain if Aidan Bryant identified as gay, straight, or bisexual.

Aidan Bryant hasn’t revealed his sexual orientation or come out as gay in public.

There are rumours that he is gay, like with many renowned people, but these are just that: rumours. Without Andi’s affirmation or denial, it’s difficult to say for certain.

Aidan Bryant’s Age and Wikipedia

Aidan Bryant, who will be 16 years old in 2021, is still going through his adolescence. We still don’t have all the information about his birthday, though.

Aidan was inspired to develop his own aerial dance a few years ago after attending a performance by global phenomenon PINK. Since then, Aidan has worked hard enough to go through the AGT audition rounds and to the show’s championship round.

On September 15, the final round, he gave his greatest performance; the outcomes will be announced soon. From the day of his audition till the day of the finals, Aidan has without a doubt kept the judges and viewers of the AGT interested.

He has a decent chance of winning the $1 million reward and is in the running to do so.

Insta-Follow Aidan Bryant!

With 18k followers on Twitter, Aidan Bryant, who tweets as @aidanb.ryant, has a remarkably sizable following. It’s amazing that a young person his age has attracted so much interest in and acclaim for his work.

He has gained fame on various social media platforms, much to how his aerial dancing abilities made him a viral phenomenon on YouTube.

Almost 225,000 people have seen his America’s Got Talent audition video on YouTube, which has been termed a “Epic Performance.” He’s also one of the AGT contestants who has received the most attention this year on websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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