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When it comes to anime, there are a plethora of weapons, characters, and abilities to choose from. As a result, the globe is so large that it may be limitless. What could possibly be the exclusion if we already have anime on Human Cells? Nonetheless, this time we’ll look at anime characters who wield colossal weapons and how they employ them in battle.

We’ll also look at the biggest swords in anime; as long as it’s a weapon and it’s big, it’ll probably make our list. However, we must prioritize depending on effectiveness, as it would be useless if a character possessed a massive weapon that could not be used. What’s more intriguing is that looking at those individuals, you’d believe their weaponry wouldn’t be very effective due to their large size.

But then you see the figure using a big weapon as successfully as he would a basic and light one, defying all obstacles. Then this elevates things to a new level, making the anime worthwhile to watch. Let’s have a look at what we have in terms of anime characters with gigantic weapons, including “Who has the biggest weapon in anime?” and “Who has the biggest sword in anime?” and “Who has the biggest sword in anime?”

Asta’s Demon Slayer Sword

Asta wields a massive sword that he has honed over time, as everyone who knows Black Clover knows. It was, in fact, his go-to weapon when he first obtained his grimoire because it was the only thing it had. We used to believe that all it did was eliminate magic and level the playing field. So it’ll all come down to physical brawls now. Asta’s sword is an anti-magic blade from the past, and it appears to be huge.

Asta has mastered it to the point where he can even talk with it, thus it has a lot of functions. He would sometimes utilize it as a mode of transportation because he could summon it and ride on top of it at anytime. So it proves to be a useful weapon in battle, and he can combine it with his assaults to make them even more lethal. Asta’s sword resembles an immense greatsword with a large amount of dirt on it. It has a blade that is distinct from the hilt and is attached to a standard longsword hilt by a fuller.

Bui’s Axe: Yu Yu Hakusho

When it comes to anime’s big weapons. Bui’s axe is one of the most impressive in terms of size. When Bui faced Hei in the finals of the dark tournament, he proved to be a worthy opponent. His most famous skill is his superhuman strength, as he could constantly encase himself in body armor, which was reported to be so strong that it could easily crush the earth beneath it if dropped or hurled.

He also has amazing speed, since he was able to combat Hei while wearing his armor and catch him off guard. He generally fights in melee with his massive battle-ax, which is roughly the same size as his torso. It is made from his own demon energy, which manifests as an ax at his command. It is so heavy that it once forced his feet to sink into the dark tournament’s battling stone ring when he threw it on his shoulder. When he confronted Kirenjya, he cleanly decapitated his opponent with just one slice into two parts, demonstrating the real might of his ax.

Diane’s War Hammer Gideon: The Seven Deadly Sins

The Battle of Hamme Diane’s main weapon is Gideon, which she employs in conjunction with her heart magic. She cherishes it because it is her sacred treasure. Gideon is depicted in the anime as a massive war hammer made for giants. It stands as tall as Diane and has a double-sided head with a hammer on one side and a battle pick on the other; it also has a pommel on the other end.

Although it is a large weapon in relation to human sizes, Diane swings it with ease because she is a giant. Diane’s full talents would be drawn out by the weapon if she had the capacity to amp up her earth magic. When Diane first used it, she set out to annihilate the surrounding area by hurling a mountain-sized boulder hundreds of feet into the air.

Galaxy Shuriken: Gurren Lagann

When it comes to mecha anime, the fighting is all about the huge weapons, as different opponents try to enhance their mecha in order to obtain the greatest outcomes. In the last fights against Team Dai Guren, the galactic shuriken, or simply Granzeboma, is a mecha operated by the Anit Spiral. It’s a mirror created by the newly established Tenge Toppa with the purpose of inflicting complete despair, and it’s meant to be used by the anti spiral in their combat against the spinal opponents so that they can fight on equal footing, making their defeat even more crushing.

It resembles the Tenge Toppa Gurren Lagann at first glance, but it lacks faces on its limbs and has dark-colored skeletal decorations. It may be recognized by its extra pair of arms on its shoulders, and it can be utilized as sen in battle when it tries to overwhelm Team Dai Gurren. Its strike was meant to wipe out the whole Dai Gurren squad, but it backfired when Lordgenome used the Lzengann to capture its blast and combine it with his own to create a spiral power for the Tengen Toppa.

Guts’ Dragon Slayer: Berserk

Since he was six years old, Guts has been known for wielding colossal swords. Guts’ immense strength and master swordsmanship resulted from this, and despite his Herculean bulk, he is remarkably nimble and agile in battle. As a fight pragmatist, he is competent of avoiding and countering the majority of quick strikes. He is also adaptable, taking advantage of any opportunity to outsmart her opponents.

Most people would also ask what the dragon slayer berserk is and how long it lasts, as well as how heavy dragon slayer berserk is. Guts wields Dragon Slayer, a massive blade crafted of the finest steel, to chop through his foes. It may be used in conjunction with Berserker Armor, greatly increasing its cutting abilities.

Ichigo’s Zangetsu: Bleach

The manifestation of Ichigo Kurosaki’s sword, or Zanpakuto as they are known in Bleach, is the Zangetsu sword. It is the consequence of Ichigo’s father’s union of the hollow white and Shinigami energies. Zangetsu promises to embody Ichigo’s deepest instincts in his own words. In its Shikar incarnation. Ichigo’s Zangetsu is an enlarged Khyber knife with no tsuba and a hilt that isn’t quite right.

With a silver blade and a black edge, the sword is as tall as Ichigo himself. It also features a cloth that appears to respond to the will of its wielder and changes length throughout battle. Zangetsu displayed the ability to handle its blade and whip it around like a flail, tossing it at opponents for mid-range attacks in its materialized form. Due to Ichigo’s overwhelming and uncontrollable Reiryoku upon its formation, Zangetsu is always in Shikai form when not in use.

Mami’s Derringer: Puella Magi Magica

Mami is a versatile combatant who generally uses a rifle and two ribbons as her weapons. She ties them around her neck, and they have the ability to cut or trap objects. She can also turn her ribbons into a massive gun, and she may style them to look like any weapon she wants, such as the lines of firearms from the 1600s, which she favors.

The rifles she summons and the larger weapons use the same technology, and she uses her distinctive ‘Tiro Finale’ assault to provide the last blow in most of her fights. We see her Derringer rifle most of the time because she prefers to use it in conjunction with her last blow, and she has proven her talent multiple times by fighting Homura Akemi evenly.

Mihawk’s Yoru: One Piece

One Piece has grown in popularity to the point where it is the anime to watch if one wants to see what current animation has evolved into. There aren’t many anime lovers who haven’t heard of One Piece. Even if they don’t watch it, they are aware that there is one anime that everyone is talking about, and that anime is One Piece. When it comes to big weaponry in One Piece, we have a lot of them because we know the One Piece universe is one of the largest anime universes you’ll ever see.

Mihawk holds a colossal sword in the shape of a cruciform. As a result, we’ll investigate what kind of blade Yoru wields. Some fans also wonder if Yoru is the most powerful sword and if Zoro will ever receive Yoru in the One Piece anime. For the time being, we know Yoru is a Supreme Grade sword, which is the highest level a sword can achieve. As a result, it is one of the most powerful swords in the One Piece universe, with only 12 of them. However, the anime has only introduced four of their type so far, so there are still more to come.

Nocholas’ Punisher Cross: Trigun

The Punisher Cross is a massive cross-shaped gun used largely by the Eye of Michael’s best members. Nicholas D Wolfwood is the most common user, and there are at least ten of them in existence right now.

Because it’s a strangely shaped pistol and a large weapon, the way it works is similarly peculiar. We saw this on Wolfwood’s punisher, which features a single machine gun in the front and a rocket launcher in the back. Its sidearms can open out to show an eight-grade pistol storage bin on either side. So far as huge weapons go, this one might be the oddest of them all.

Panther Lilly’s Bustermarm: Fairy Tail

We haven’t seen many large weapons in the Fairy Tail anime because the plot revolves around magic and its application. Occasionally, however, one of the colossal swords might be seen during Panther Lily’s battle with Gajeel. Bustermarm is a massive sword with many qualities that is roughly four times the size of its owner. It has a double-edged, straight blade with lighter cutting edges than the dark flat and larger regions in between.

It’s a little smaller towards the hilt, but it gets bigger as it spreads outwards in a pair of huge protrusions. The most remarkable feature of this sword is its handguard, which is shaped like a giant monster feline head with round eyes and long ears that defend the user with a line of massive teeth on the lower end. The kid is covered in leather strips and is little in comparison to the blade, yet it is the same length as the blade. It has a pommel at the end, which is meant to compliment the handguard, which is shaped like a feline’s round lower jaw.

Saijin’s Tenken: Bleach

When we consider how Bleach weapons materialize, we can safely claim that Tenken is one of the best-oversized weapons in the anime, as it also takes on the appearance of a large humanoid.

Tenken, Saijin’s Zanpakuto, forms numerous phantom body pieces of a terrible armored monster that duplicates whatever moves Saijin does in its Shikai. As a result, the question “Who is Zanpakuto Tenken?” should be answered, as many people are curious about how these abilities function.

Sanosuke’s Zanbato: Rurouni Kenshin

The Zanbato sword has a long and illustrious history, and it has appeared in a number of anime series. For the time being, Sanosuke has been spotted holding a massive Zanbato that dwarfs the one mentioned in Japanese history. Its blade is several times wider than normal, and its whole length is about twice his height. Sanosuke stated that his sword was an antique from the Onin War, dating back more than 300 years.

This can be seen in its faded many fractures, and it is no longer sharp enough to cut through due to its loss of an edge, which is why it can only be used to bash or crush opponents. It was once shown cutting Hiruma’s cheek when thrown, and Sano’s immense strength allows him to effortlessly handle it, but owing to its length, it can only execute basic vertical and lateral strikes, which are very simple to read.

Sango’s Hiraikotsu: Inuyasha

Weapons in current anime can take many different shapes and forms, thus we shouldn’t rule anything out as not being a weapon. We were able to witness this in Inuyasha when we looked at Sango’s weapon. Sango wields the Hiraikotsu, a weapon fashioned from the remains of a defeated Yokai. It was fashioned from purified yokai bones and is nearly unbreakable and extremely powerful due to its supernatural components.

It is supposed to be stronger and heavier than steel, and its quality necessitates the use of a highly rare type of weapon to destroy it. Tokijin is the only sword that has ever been able to sever it in half, and when it was mended, Yakurodokusen infused it with the capacity to destroy Yoki, making it even more formidable than before. Sango has shown how she can utilize her weapon in a variety of ways, and the leather banda makes it easier to hold and handle.

Seras’ Harkonen: Hellsing Ultimate

Seras Victoria’s preferred weapon throughout the Hellsing series is the Harkonen anti-tank gun. She is the only one who has been seen using it, and this is primarily due of its weight, which necessitates persons with extreme precision and superhuman strength. It has enough firepower to destroy practically anything save the main battle tank, according to Walter, and it is also superior to the bulk of military weapons.

It is said to weigh roughly 60kg when empty, and it uses a single-shot breech-loader with a variety of shells. It can also carry depleted uranium with silver, which can breach armored targets, as well as incendiary napalm rounds, which can be used to destroy huge groupings of opponents on land or in the air. This weapon provides long-range fire support, and Seras’ enormous strength allows her to utilize it while moving around with ease, and she can even shoot it over her shoulder.

Seryu Ubiquitous: Judgment of Ten Heavenly Kings

Seryu keeps the Judgement of the Ten Heavenly Kings within her Hekatokeires, which are ten formidable weapons that serve as body modifications. She would frequently shift weapons while fighting with Koro’s main body, and they appear to be quite formidable weapons despite not being Teigu. They were designed by Dr. Stylish, and Seryu has been unable to modify them since his death, despite the fact that she understands how to perform basic maintenance on them.

Seryu also possesses a last-ditch weapon: she had an explosive device implanted in her head when she was beaten. It has the ability to produce an explosion that would be triggered by any suicide strike, and it was more than enough to fill the little valley where she and Mine had battled in their final encounter. Its destructive power was immense, and it wreaked havoc on the ecosystem.

Sesshomaru’s Tenseiga: Inuyasha

Throughout the main tale, Sesshomaru used and wielded Tenseiga, which he inherited from his father. Toga made the sword at Sesshomaru’s father’s request. Toga employed a unique way of forging Tenseiga, separating the Meido Zangetsuha from the original Tenseiga so that he may have two swords to give to his sons. Tenseiga has a unique impact, and while it could not damage or kill living beings, it was hazardous to those who lived in the realm of the dead.

Is Inuyasha going to receive Tenseiga? Because Sesshomaru couldn’t touch Tenseiga, Inuyasha was able to use it and defeat Sesshomaru with it. So Inuyasha obtained Tenseiga and mastered it, employing it in a number of confrontations. Tenseiga allows a caring wielder to see and slay beings from the underworld, and it can even resurrect 100 beings in a single swing. While it would not damage humans, it may kill otherworldly things such as spirits and hellhounds, as well as other Netherworld creatures. Tenseiga fits into the universe of gigantic weaponry in anime because of its size.

Shinji; Positron Sniper: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Shinji used the positron sharpshooter to defeat the 5th angel Ramiel in Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 6. This is a massive sniper weapon that uses electron collision to generate an energy beam capable of destroying practically anything. Misato came up with the idea of using the positron sniper as a last option. The disadvantage is that the Positron sharpshooter consumed a lot of energy and required all of Japan’s power to fire just one shot.

Rei will have to shield Shinji, who will shoot the sniper, because the AT Fied has approved the plan. Ramiel’s beam that would shield Shinji will only last 17 seconds owing to the Positron Sniper’s recoil. The shot was successful in achieving the desired results, however the procedure caused a power outage across Japan, as the gun takes around 1 terawatt of power to operate.

Temari: Naruto

The Naruto anime isn’t particularly focused on huge weaponry, although we’ve seen a couple of them here and there. Temari fights with a massive fan, which she can combine with her wind-based skills to create even more powerful attacks. When her fan is closed, she can use it to glide or as a club. Her fan appears to be composed of a durable material, as she can block missiles like Kunai without it suffering any damage.

When she uses her fan, she has circles etched on it that she refers to as stars. She reveals the circles by opening the fan in a succession, each circle representing an increase in the attacker’s power. Some of Temari’s admirers are also curious about the name of her weapon. Throughout the story, however, it has been shown that she wields a massive iron fan. As a result, things did not go as deep as a weapon’s name because it is merely referred to as what it is.

Yoh’s Spirit of Sword: Shaman King

Yoh generally carries an ordinary sword, but after learning the Cho Senjiryaketsu from Anna, he now carries the Cho Senjiryaketsu. Using the Futsu no Mitama no Tsurugi, he was able to make his most revolutionary OS, the Seirei class Amidamau OS, and create the colossal double medium over soul known as a Spirit of Sword. This is merely his OS manifesting as a sword, hardening his Furyoku into the shape of a growing blade and increasing its lethality explosively.

This allows Yoh to utilize the sword to cut through any type of Furyoku, and he may use it to shoot the OS’s blade at a faster rate as he puts more Furyoku into it. Futsu no Miama no Tsurug’s motions also improve as a result of all of the human feelings and battle experiences he has gathered over thousands of years. Its only known flaw is that it consumes a lot of Furyoku because to its enormous size and strength.

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