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Ann Battrell Obituary: Paying Tribute to a Remarkable Individual’s Journey

The unexpected passing of CEO Ann Battrell on June 7, 2023, left the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) very grieved.

Her premature death is discussed in Ann Battrell’s obituary.

She maintained a prestigious position as a highly esteemed and admired leader in the dental hygiene industry, and her premature death has had a significant influence on the field.

Ann Battrell worked tirelessly to advance the dental hygiene profession, fight for fair treatment, and broaden the scope of dental hygienists’ practise throughout her time as the ADHA’s CEO.

Her departure leaves a huge void for her job, which she excelled in, as well as for her cherished family and friends.

An advocate for the Dental Hygiene profession

Ann Battrell was a visionary leader who had devoted her entire professional life to the field of dental hygiene.

The American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) flourished under her direction, and the organization’s membership rose sharply.

She put in a lot of effort to raise awareness of the value of preventative dental care, which can aid in preventing a number of oral health issues, including as cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss.

Dental hygienists were strongly supported by Ann Battrell, who worked to increase their field of expertise.

She honestly believed that the dental hygiene profession deserved more transparency, credibility, and respect.

Her contributions to the field further influenced American policymakers to prioritise preventative care practises that promote overall oral health.

Fighting for the elimination of inequities

Ann Battrell was steadfastly committed to eliminating the injustices dental hygienists experience in the workplace.

She campaigned tirelessly to guarantee that all dental hygienists, regardless of their backgrounds, had equal access to opportunities for professional development, licencing, and career promotion.

All Americans now have access to preventive oral healthcare thanks to her commitment to addressing injustices, which also increased the recruitment of dental practitioners in impoverished communities.

Extending the scope of practice of Dental Hygienists

The expansion of dental hygienists’ scope of practise was one of Ann Battrell’s main achievements as CEO of the ADHA.

Her visionary leadership has allowed dental hygienists to take on more responsibilities and carry out tasks that were previously the domain of dentists.

The range of practise has grown to cover autonomous practises as well as diagnostic therapeutic duties including giving local anaesthetics.

Ann Battrell was a key figure in the movement for these adjustments.

She put in a lot of effort working with stakeholders from all areas of the industry, including educators, lawmakers, and policymakers, to guarantee dental hygienists have the recognition, education, and training required to carry out these additional duties successfully.

Legacy of Ann Battrell in oral health

For many years to come, Ann Battrell’s contributions to oral health will be remembered.

Future generations of dental hygienists will be able to build on her legacy thanks to her commitment to enhancing access to care, reducing disparities, and supporting the dental hygiene profession.

Furthering the work of Ann Battrell

The American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) carries on the work that Ann Battrell started.

The group is still working to advance dental hygiene, fight for equality, and broaden the field of practise for dental hygienists.

The ADHA will continue to use Ann Battrell’s legacy as a compass in the following century of investigation, discovery, and creation. Her spirit will always be a crucial part of the Organization’s fundamental values.

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