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Armando and Kenny from ’90 Day Fiancé’: A Comprehensive Overview of Their Relationship

The first same-sex pair on the show, Kenny Niedermeier and Armando Rubio, were originally featured in season 2 of “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way,” but they quickly gained popularity. In addition, fans admired their mutual understanding and were inspired by their commitment to maintaining their relationship. Kenny and Armando have additionally encouraged other upcoming couples to explore a cross-border romance without hesitation. Fans are curious to learn more about Kenny and Armando as they will be featured on the show once more in season 5, so here is what we know about them.

Kenny and Armando: Where Are They From?

Kenny Niedermeier was born and raised in Ohio, but after coming out as gay, he relocated to Saint Petersburg, Florida, because the city had a history of embracing the LGBTQ+ community. Kenny had multiple opportunity to explore his sexuality in Saint Petersburg as well, all the while advancing his job in property management. While the marriage was hardly romantic, readers will be shocked to learn that Kenny had previously been married.


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The 60-year-old actually desired in-vitro fertilisation, which at the time was only a procedure open to married couples. As a result, one of his closest friends decided to get married to him. The choice paid off because Kenny, who already had a son named Bryson, now has three daughters: Taylor, Cassidy, and Madison. Armando, on the other hand, is a native of San Felipe, Mexico, and a divorcee. Even though Armando was married to a lady and they had a kid together, Hannah, things became tense when Armando revealed to his ex-wife that he was gay.

After one of the many arguments that followed the discovery, Armando drove away from his home as his ex-wife did the same. However, she ultimately slammed into his vehicle in an effort to stop the Mexican, and Hannah’s mother died as a result of the collision. Armando was crushed by this experience and decided to steer clear of romance for a while. He nevertheless continued to work as an architect and run a pet store at the same time.

Kenny and Armando: How Did They Meet?

Kenny came upon a photo of Armando and Hannah while perusing a social media community for single homosexual fathers. So without further ado, the Saint Petersburg resident made a comment on the picture, and the two quickly became great friends. The two then fell in love and started an amazing relationship while exchanging stories about their kids and talking about the challenges of being a single parent. Even though they started out as a distant relationship, Kenny soon took a flight to Mexico to be with his lover.

They became even closer throughout their time in Mexico, which is interesting. Soon after, Kenny made the big proposal, and Armando happily accepted. Unexpectedly, two of Kenny’s daughters even travelled from far away to join in the celebration, which was captured in season 2 of “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.” Since then, Kenny and Armando’s friendship has grown stronger with each passing day, and when they got married, they and Hannah made the decision to settle in La Mision, Mexico.

Kenny and Armando: Future Prospects

Kenny and Armando have served as the ideal illustration of how to keep a cross-border relationship intact without incident or daily conflict. Fans have been astounded by Armando and Kenny’s capacity for understanding one another, despite the fact that their love is so refreshing. Additionally, they are excellent parents to Hannah, Armando’s daughter, and are willing to make concessions when necessary. It’s quite motivating to see how Kenny and Armando live in Mexico, and right now it looks like nothing can ruin their ideal union. Additionally, the fact that their families are on board with their marriage and predict nothing but happiness for the future for the couple.

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