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10 Highest Rated Episodes Of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood


Fans will finally get to see another perspective of the story of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood with the release of the next film in the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise on May 20th. However, while fans wait in line to watch the film, one concern lingers: will it be as fantastic as the anime?

It may be difficult to match the quality of the animation. After all, each episode of the show was its own plot. That’s why many of them received 9.5 out of 10 IMDb ratings. Nonetheless, it’s difficult to dispute that some of those episodes were superior to others. Some were completely out of this world.

A Fierce Counterattack – 9.5

The group goes on the offensive and battles Father in one of the best fights in Fullmetal Alchemist. They strive to overcome the might of a god by throwing everything they have at him, from Hohenheim to Greed to firearms. They succeed in making things better.

“A Fierce Counterattack” does not require a 9.5 rating to demonstrate its worth. It strikes an emotional punch with Al’s sacrifice that can shake viewers to their core. Despite Ed’s deception of Father, the weight of Al’s death hovers over every second afterward, leaving fans as sad as the characters. It’s a beautiful sequence, but the show is even better.

An Alchemist’s Distress – 9.1

Nina Tucker and her dog Alexander are transformed into talking chimeras, which is one of the scarier scenes in a non-horror anime. Ed and Al learn the true evil that alchemists are capable of, even after their effort at human transmutation, with their souls and bodies joined.

Fans believe this episode to be one of the saddest in the series, and for good cause. It’s impossible to forget the horror of the experiment’s discovery and the Elric brothers’ reaction to it. Many people became upset just hearing Nina’s name, which is why the episode received a 9.1 rating on IMDb.

Beyond The Inferno – 9.3

Maes Hughes was one of Amestris’ most generous citizens, and his death shocked the community. But it also shocked and enraged Roy Mustang, who intended to revenge his pal. He finally does it in “Beyond the Inferno,” earning a 9.3 rating for the episode’s aftermath.

Mustang repeatedly burns Envy, Hughes’ killer, after tracking him down. Hawkeye burns Envy to the core and then tries to burn it away while watching in horror. Hawkeye nearly kills Mustang to force him to stop, which leads to one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the series. Because the two have such a deep and complicated relationship, the scene is heavy and takes a toll on both the protagonists and the audience.

Death Of The Undying – 9.5

It’s jarring to have a big villain like Lust die so early in the show’s existence, but it’s one of the reasons “Death of the Undying” has a 9.5 IMDb rating. Mustang employs his flame alchemy in a great fight to help him accomplish the impossible and eliminate a homunculus.

Because of Lust’s death and Havok’s injury, the consequences of this episode are felt long after it finishes, but it’s also one of the few times when even the characters feel the weight of the situation. It’s also the point at which Ed reunites with Hohenheim and Fullmetal Alchemist loses Barry the Chopper, one of the show’s most amusing characters!

Eye Of Heaven, Gateway Of Earth – 9.2

“Eye of Heaven, Gateway of Earth,” rated 9.2 on IMDb, symbolizes Father’s triumph. After decades of expertly manipulating everyone in Amestris, he finally gets everyone in the right place at the right time and claims every soul in the country. A massive transmutation circle engulfs them all, and Father absorbs God’s power.

It’s a victorious time for Father, but the sacrifices are facing their darkest hour. They remained pawns in Father’s game after every fight, challenge, and win it took to get there. In the end, they merely assisted him in claiming his prize. Though the secret behind Hohenheim’s plot will be revealed in the upcoming episode, the episode finishes with the horrifying news of Father’s success and all the ramifications that carries.

Flame Of Vengeance – 9.1

Colonel Mustang is consumed by vengeance as he desperately tries to track down Envy, scaring everyone around him. His change to violence assails the heroes, especially Riza Hawkeye, who was once dedicated to assisting the people of Amestris.

Mustang ultimately discovers the secret of Hughes’ death after several episodes, but it comes at a high price for fans. Instead of the promised joyous victory, there was only a terrifying march by a devastated man, watched and worried by his loved ones. Not to mention the huge cliffhanger at the end of the episode. With all of this in mind, it’s easy to see why “Flame of Vengeance” received a 9.1.

He Who Would Swallow God – 9.0

After Father finished his goal, all of Amestris lay soulless in one of the most tragic moments in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The episode that saw Fuhrer King Bradley’s death, Pride’s defeat, and Amestris’ resurrection was always going to be spectacular, but there’s a reason it got a 9.0 rating.

“He Who Would Swallow God” is an anime masterclass, with several genuinely serious character moments and spectacular combat that take alchemy to new heights. The stakes in the show are never higher, and it truly helps to sell how low the human sacrifices have fallen.

Journey’s End – 9.2

“Journey’s End,” the series’ last episode and one that completely fulfilled all of Fullmetal Alchemist’s most emotional friendships, is exactly what it says on the tin. Alphonse is slowly healing while Ed adjusts to life without alchemy in one final epilogue that received a 9.2 rating, and each character matures and adapts to the new world they’ve built together.

While many shows have unearned epilogues, every stroke of “Journey’s End” feels significant. Each character’s relationships appear to be a natural progression. Indeed, seeing Al and Ed ultimately part ways is oddly comforting in one peculiar moment, as the two no longer need to be connected to each other. Their development allowed them to progress.

The Dwarf In The Flask – 9.0

This episode, which focused on uncovering the full backstories of Hohenheim and Father (AKA: The Dwarf in the Flask), more than justified its 9.0 rating by demonstrating how manipulative and ruthless Father could be. Hohenheim’s origins are also revealed in this episode, as well as the tragedy that drove him away from his family.

“The Dwarf in the Flask” is the episode that most effectively humanizes one character while dehumanizing another. In Hohenheim, a figure who most people thought was evil was shown to be a man trying to stop the monster he created. Father was revealed to be a being so intent on obtaining a body for himself that he was willing to destroy a whole civilisation in order to do it. It’s a terrifying reality, but one that has astounded both critics and spectators.

The Other Side Of The Gateway

Ed’s determination to utilize alchemy to fix all of his issues is explored in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. He planned to employ alchemy to resurrect his mother. He planned to recover their corpses through alchemy. To beat Father, he would utilize alchemy. So it’s a very moving moment when Ed manages to exchange his alchemy to bring Al back in an episode that had a 9.5 rating.

The intellectual evolution between Father and Truth is also a fantastic scene that highlights the show’s central concepts. In a wonderful and touching scene that has even Truth cheering on Ed, it fully displays the depth of its message and the true consequences of comparable exchange.

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