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20 Best Fairy Tail Episodes Of All Time | Must Watch Fairy Tail Episodes


This one is for Fairy Tail lovers who have binge-watched the entire series. When you reach this point, you will most likely revisit different episodes based on what has piqued your interest in them. Like a certain fight that was so epic that you couldn’t stop watching it. So, in this article, we’ll look at the finest Fairy Tail episodes to rewatch if you want to relive the anime’s tremendous action.

These bouts are from the best season of the Fairy Tail anime, in case you were wondering which season is the finest. Then you should know that Season 6 of Fairy Tail has been chosen the finest of the series. The Grand Magic Games Arc was chosen the best arc in Fairy Tail, and the most popular character was obviously none other than Natsu, with Erza coming in second and Gray coming in third.

Taking a look at the best Fairy Tail episodes of all time. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most intense and emotional episodes that have left a lasting impression on fans. Let’s have a look at what we discovered below.

100 Versus 1: Fairy Tail Episode 167

If you wish to see Erza’s actual abilities. Then you should check out Episode 167 of Fairy Tail. The majority of Fairy Tail fans have asked which episode is 100 and which is 1. This is the episode in which Erza shines for the Fairy Tail guild, as she completely dominates the Pandemonium event by herself. Cana, on the other hand, came in second place in the secondary event after tripping out of the Magic Power Finder. Team Raven Tail waited in the background with nefarious motives, so not everything went smoothly.

As the Fairy Tail guild’s knight, Erza has showed bravery by deciding to take on all 100 creatures in the Pandemonium. Even Mato was astonished when her battle with the beasts began. She destroys numerous creatures at once with her Heaven’s wheel armor Requip and Blumenblatt. The Fairy Tactician, on the other hand, begins her strategy for leading the Fairy Tail Guild to triumph.

Attacking Lighting: Fairy Tail Episode 188

The majority of the best Fairy Tail episodes feature battles between stronger wizards. This is because we get to watch how various magicians adapt their fighting styles to their opponents on a higher level. The combat between Rogue and Gajeel in Attacking Lightning or Fairy Tail Episode 188 came to a close with Gajeel’s win.

The rescue crew, on the other hand, was stuck in a bind when the Garou Knights came in the way once more. Arcadios was about to face princess Hisu when he realized she had been lying to him. While Laxus, Orga, and Jura finally began their long-awaited showdown, the Grand Magic Games reached their pinnacle.

Aquarius Sacrifice: Fairy Tail Episode 248

At first glance, Lucy appeared to be the Fairy Tail Guild’s weakest link. However, as the story progressed, we were able to see how powerful she could become. And his abilities were put to the test in Fairy Tail Episode 248 when she had to say goodbye to the one she loved the most. Fairy Tail episode 248 is unquestionably one of the best Fairy Tail episodes that you should revisit.

Lucy did her best to combat Tartaros’ minions and demons when they confronted her. However, Lucy’s head was marked with a prize, making it more difficult for her to protect herself. As a result, she was forced to face the entire guild on her own, which she would eventually succumb to. Aquarius had no choice but to provide Lucy the only way to save her companions at the risk of his own life.

Daybreak at Tenrou Island: Episode 120

Fairy Tail Episode 120 is Daybreak at Tenrou Island, and it is here that Natsu, Gray, and Erza have their crew continue their fight against Hades until they eventually defeat him. Happy and Carla were also able to work together with Lily to destroy Grimoire Heart’s power source.

Hades was proven to be an unbeatable opponent at the start of the episode, with his guild’s airship collapsing after Natsu entered the battle. Even though Natsu continued to pound Hades, it didn’t help much until Happy and his squad were able to smash the Devil’s Heart, which granted Hade boundless power. Finally, thanks to Ultear’s abilities, the Tenrou tree was repaired, and team Natsu began their counterattack against Hades, who attempted to use Grimoire’s heart but was stopped by Natsu’s crimson lotus.

Dearest Friends: Fairy Tail Episode 328

What could be more emotional than the final episode of an anime that has touched so many people’s hearts? That moment when the major characters go into the horizon and you realize it’s the last time you’ll see them. It evokes powerful feelings for the show and is one of the reasons why you might want to re-watch the full series. So, if you’re wondering what episode in a fairy tale is dearest buddies, you’ve come to the right place. Then you should know that Fairy Tail Episode 328 is Dearest Friends.

Natsu defeated Acnologia by combining the abilities of the other six dragon slayers. This resulted in Ishgar’s victory, and they were able to ensure their future as a result. After being approved for the 100-year mission, Team Natsu immediately embarked on a new journey. The majority of people assumed that this was the final episode of the anime. However, recent developments imply that the 100-year journey may also be adapted into an anime series.

Defending Magnolia: Fairy Tail Episode 291

When the Fairy Tail Guild first met the Sprigann 12. We were able to witness battles that were very different from those we had previously witnessed. This began before the struggle for Fairy Tail’s existence began, as guild members spent their final night in different ways. All of that changed when Alvarez’s massive army launched a surprise attack, putting their unity to the test.

The guild had no idea how they would defend mavis’ corpse so that Zeref couldn’t exploit it to gain an advantage in the conflict, as the impending war against Zeref was still in its early stages. We were able to witness the appearance of more powerful people with scary magic, such as Brandis. It appeared as though they had no chance of winning compared to what we’ve seen from Fairy Tail guild members. This is what made this episode one of the best Fairy Tail episodes since it gave us a glimpse of what Natsu and his gang had to deal with.

Eternal Adventure: Fairy Tail Episode 275

Mavis helped the young wizard set herself free after Zera managed to disclose the whole truth to her. This encouraged her to let go of her best friend’s illusion and move on with her life. Mavis came up with the idea to form a guild that could harmonize and be respectable in magnolia after she left with the support of the villagers.

The Fairy Tail Guild was founded by its first master, Mavis Vermilion, in this episode of Fairy Tail. So, without a doubt, it’s one of the best Fairy Tail episodes to revisit, especially if you want to learn more about the Fairy Tail Guild and how it came to be.

Fairy Heart: Fairy Tail Episode 290

This is the episode when we learned more about the Fairy Tail Guild’s basement secrets. Despite the fact that we have seen Mavis’s tomb on Tenrou Island, his genuine body was discovered in the basement of Fairy Tail Guild, and there appear to be many more mysteries surrounding it. Fairy Tail Episode 290 is Fairy Heart, and this is where Mavis wraps up her adventure.

You may learn more about the actual and terrifying nature of the Fairy Heart Magic in one of the best Fairy Tail episodes to watch. Meanwhile, Zeref and his Spriggan 12 go on with their full-fledged invasion of Ishgar, with Acnologia looming as the war’s third party. Zeref also delivered Mavis’ body to the guild and left it there before Precht. In the same episode, we learnt about Zeref’s previous connection with Mavis.

Fairy Law: Fairy Tail Episode 28

You’ll have to watch Fairy Tail Episode 28 to see the end of all-out war in the Fairy Tail anime, when the struggle between Fairy Tail and the Phantom Lord guild came to an end. The defeat of Gajeel, who had not yet joined the Fairy Tail guild, and the fall of their guild’s leader, Master Jose Porla, meant that their conflict had to cease.

Fairy Tail came out on top, and their guild master made a triumphant comeback. Gajeel had started the battle, and Natsu had pledged to avenge Fairy Tail for all of Gajeel’s devastation to the guildhall. So he decided to punish Gajeel for harming everyone and destroying their guild. Natsu and Gajeel are fatigued as a result, and the Phantom Lord guildmates find it difficult to believe Gajeel has been defeated.

Four Dragons: Fairy Tail Episode 174

The main focus of the Fairy Tail anime has been Dragon Slayers, and when they square off against one other, we get to watch some tremendous fighting sequences. But what could be better than two dragon slayers pitted against each other? Obviously, four dragon slayers will be pitted against each other in a tag team battle. Fairy Tail Episode 174 delves into such a battle in depth. So, if you’re looking for the episode in which Natsu and Gajeel fight the two dragons, this is the one to watch.

Natsu and Gajeel square off against the sabertooth twin dragons, with each side taking turns to take the upper hand in the battle. Sting managed to pacify the two fairy tail magicians by remembering the vow he had made to Lector. Natsu and Gajeel, though, get up again in the final minutes. Natsu then resolves to grab the two Twin Dragons on his own, putting Gajeel to the side because he believes he is simply obstructing the process.

Hearts Connected: Fairy Tail Episode 327

When things in Fairy Tail don’t seem to be going as planned. For defense purposes, the guild frequently has to unite its efforts into one huge magic. On Fairy Tail episode 327, the resistance organizations, including Wendy, enchanted other Dragon slayers’ magic into Natsu, while Lucy directed everyone to build a Fairy Sphere.

They needed to use all of their abilities to beat Acnologia once and for all, and this was their last chance. It’s the result of the Guild’s united efforts, and at the very least, it protected them from Acnologia, who was determined to ensure that everyone present died. As a result, we can see why this episode is regarded as one of the best Fairy Tail episodes, as it depicts the Fairy Tail guild’s terrible times.

Lissana: Fairy Tail Episode 95

After the Edolas power had been used up, the Fairy Tail wizards returned home. They joined the Extalia exceeds because they had discovered a new purpose in life. They were looking for the children who had been evacuated from Edolas six years prior, and to their amazement, they found them. Earth Land’s Lisanna is subsequently reunited with her siblings.

The Elder Exceeds described everything that had happened in the past, as Shagote had a vision of extalia’s fall, which they believed was caused by humans. She had ordered the gathering and dispersal of hundreds of eggs to Earth land to eliminate dragon slayers in order to remove the Exceeds’ children. When Lisanna of Edolas arrived, she claimed that she had never died but had been dragged into Amina’s pockets. This was Lisanna’s first appearance in the anime.

Magic of Hope: Fairy Tail Episode 326

Every Fairy Tail fan will remember the episode in which the unseen dragon slayers teamed together to face Acnologia in a battle that occurred in the space between time. Lucy devised a plan to seal Acnologia’s corporeal form in order to keep him from wreaking havoc on Magnolia.

Lucy wishes to employ the Fairy Tail’s greatest defense spell, the Fairy Sphere, in order to defeat Acnologia. Acnologia’s backstory was also revealed, which was not depicted in the manga. So we learned about the first dragon slayer and how those who used dragon-slaying magic ended up turning into dragons. We also got to observe a prolonged battle between Acnologia and the dragon slayers towards the end.

Mavis and Zeref: Fairy Tail Episode 289

Mavis has appeared in the anime as a peculiar individual whose background has been a mystery for a long time. So, in Fairy Tail Episode 289, she eventually exposed her prior secrets, including her relationship with the Fairy Tail guild and Zeref. This was also about what she referred to as her own sin, which was the source of both her and Zeref’s curses.

This would result in her fate share’s gears churning incessantly. She is given glimmers of optimism, but they always lead to the same end contradiction. So, for starters, you must comprehend Mavis and Zeref’s impact on the anime. This is one of the best Fairy Tail episodes to watch if you’re a fan of the series. Mavis also explains the origins of the Fairy heard, as well as how Zeref is connected to all of the occurrences. In this episode, a lot of information about her past and Zeref was revealed.

Memoirs: Fairy Tail Episode 284

We learned more about Zeref’s past in Fairy Tail episode 284, when Zeref told us about his childhood and how he came to be cursed with his deadly contradiction curse. Lucy is also concerned that former Fairy Tail members have moved on and are unwilling to assist in the development of the Fairy Tail guild. But she was overjoyed to discover that when she met and spoke with them, it was the polar opposite.

Zeref’s past is discussed in depth while he was a prodigy at magic and a young mage at the Mildian Magic Academy. His research was great, but her teachers told him that his study was inappropriate for young children because utilizing magic to manipulate life and death was outlawed. His desire to continue with his powers began here since he was interested and wanted to learn more.

My Name Is: Fairy Tail Episode 318

The battle between Natsu and Zeref continues in Fairy Tail Episode 318. So, if you’re wondering what Fairy Tail Episode 318 is about, it’s Natsu vs. Zeref. The conflict between Natsu and Zeref continues, but Larcade intervenes and assists his father, only to be struck by his curse. Zeref confesses that he never had a kid, and that he simply did so to save Larcade from his curse, which would have killed him quickly otherwise.

On the other hand, Gildharts is enraged and fighting August, while Cana tries to calm him down. For the events and fights depicted in this episode. It’s easy to see why it’s considered one of the best Fairy Tail episodes to see. We also gained a better understanding of Zeref’s magic and learned a little about his past. August, on the other hand, continued to demonstrate his unequaled wizardry, which even the Gildharts struggled to overcome.

Natsu vs Gildharts: Fairy Tail Episode 99

If you don’t know what happened in Fairy Tail Episode 99, you should go watch it right now. On Gildarts vs. Natsu, you’ll be able to see who won the duel. It was still early in the series, and Natsu had to recognize his limits because he was a happy-go-lucky character who would test everyone.

The S class candidate mages who followed the road that led to the current S class mages were exposed in this episode. Juvia and Lisanna will be pitted against Erza, putting them at a significant disadvantage. Mirajane will meet Elfman and Evergreen, while Natsu will face Gildharts. Natsu was defeated right away, but he was able to get through the first phase because he learned about fear.

Natsu vs. Twin Dragons: Fairy Tail Episode 175

When Gajeel is eliminated from the fight, the fight between four dragon slayers is reduced to just the three of them. Sting and Rouge, the twin dragons, were pitted against Natsu and Gajeel. Natsu and Gajeel were initially taken aback. And Natsu noticed Gajeel was gone. As he raged through Gajeel’s defeat, he determined to take the two twin dragon slayers by himself.

The episode generated an exciting situation and the urge for Natsu to avenge Gajeel, making it without a doubt one of the best Fairy Tail episodes since we can see Natsu is adamant about winning no matter what it takes. Natsu continued his struggle, and despite being outmanned, he remains to be a formidable opponent. In the end, he was able to defeat the two twin dragons on his own, propelling Team Fairy Tail to first place.

Natsu vs Zeref: Fairy Tail Episode 294

Fairy Tail’s dying moments have arrived. The struggle against Acnologia and Zeref was likewise approaching its conclusion. Fairy Tail was joined in the conflict by guilds from all over Fiore, while Natsu and Happy hurried off to the west for their final showdown with Zeref. Makarov noticed in the Fairy Guild Hall that even if they win the next attack wave. Because their continent was still besieged, this was a ferocious battle that was nearing its conclusion.

Natsu also entered the Fire Dragon King phase to confront Zeref after removing the seal on his arm. Zeref was able to hold off Zatsu on his own and was curious about Natsu’s new abilities. This is the first time we’ve seen Zeref struggle in battle, which explains why this is one of the best Fairy Tail episodes to see in the anime. Zeref was moved when he learned Natsu had the capacity to finally defeat him, as his wish had finally come true.

Even if the show hinted at the 100-year adventure, Fairy Tail has been a great anime so far. Fans are overjoyed to learn that this isn’t the final episode of the Fairy Tail anime. Edens Zero was also created by the same manga author, but it has likewise come to an end. So, when we anticipate what the next 100 years may bring, We should expect the characters to return much more strong than previously.

This is one factor that makes an anime worth watching because character development is crucial in drawing new viewers. Those who have been following Natsu’s progress are aware. Because we can’t wait to see how far he’s progressed.

When The Fire Dies: Fairy Tail Episode 324

In this episode, we learned more about Mavis and Zeref’s past. Gray went on to expel the demonic energies that had begun to envelop Lucy, so we got to see more action. Natsu was reunited with them after that, and he was overjoyed that they had triumphed. During the moments when Mavis was detailing her anger for Zeref, we also got to view flashbacks of the Sprigann 12.

Through a dialogue Lacrima, Erza and Warren also discussed their situation and Acnologia. Jenny also commented on Erza’s correspondence with Lacrima and discussed their upcoming meeting. While Warren informed Lucy about Acnologia’s sealing, Jellall wondered where Natsu and Zeref would be at the time. Then we noticed Gray and Banter fist-bumping each other, indicating that they were getting along.

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