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10 Best German Movies on Netflix | Must Watch German Movies


Netflix has evolved into a modern-day melting pot of worldwide cinematic cultures. It has established itself as a forum where filmmakers from all around the world may come together to appreciate cinema’s power. Netflix has them all, from the Western hemisphere, which includes America, to the Eastern hemisphere, which includes India. The omniscient German business has some amazing Netflix uploads thanks to such a diverse set of nationalities. Luis Bunuel and Werner Herzog, among others, have opened the path for German films to be recognized on par with outstanding filmmaking, and the new generation of visionaries has not disappointed. Here is a collection of excellent German films available on Netflix.

Army of Thieves (2021)

‘Army of Thieves,’ the sequel to the same-named film franchise, is a heist comedy starring Matthias Schweighöfer, Nathalie Emmanuel, and Ruby O. Fee. Sebastian is a regular bank teller who has been having nightmares since stories of a zombie outbreak in Nevada dominated the international headlines. He enjoys filming safecracking YouTube videos to divert his attention away from these issues. Under one of these videos, he is persuaded to join a team of thieves to carry off a seemingly impossible heist in Europe by a woman who turns out to be Gwendoline, a jewel burglar.

Berlin, Berlin (2020)

‘Berlin, Berlin’ is a romantic comedy film directed by Franziska Meyer Price and is a sequel to the television series of the same name. The film, which stars Felicitas Woll and Jan Sosniok, is about Lolle’s tangled love life and how she tries to give herself a second shot by dating her closest friend, Hart. Sven, her second cousin, tries to spoil everything just as it appears that everything are finally coming into place and she may happily tie the knot with him. Will Lolle be able to finally settle down and live the tranquil life she has always desired? You’ll have to see ‘Berlin, Berlin’ to find out how her story unfolds.

Blood Red Sky (2021)

‘Blood Red Sky’ (also known as Transatlantic 473) is an action horror film written by Peter Thorwarth and Stefan Holtz and starring Roland Mller, Peri Baumeister, Chidi Ajufo, and Alexander Scheer. The plot revolves around a bunch of terrorists with twisted motives hijacking an overnight transatlantic airplane. A mother who is frightened about her small son and is suffering from an unknown sickness learns that no one can help her or the other passengers on the plane. She unleashes a horrific secret in order to preserve her sons’ lives, and it changes everything.

Christmas Crossfire (2020)

Samuel, a young man attempting to impress a woman he likes, unwittingly becomes involved in a terrible murder plot. He ends up sabotaging the killers’ murder plan without fully understanding the ramifications of his actions. As he flees through the chaos, the woman he just met begins to track him down. The episodes are the central plot of ‘Christmas Crossfire,’ a comedy film starring Kostja Ullmann, Alli Neumann, and Sascha Alexander Gersak that keeps audiences entertained for the whole 105-minute runtime.

Into the Beat (2020)

‘Into the Beat,’ a coming-of-age drama film starring Alexandra Pfeifer, Helen Schneider, Anton Wichers, and Trystan Pütter, has standout performances by Alexandra Pfeifer, Helen Schneider, Anton Wichers, and Trystan Pütter. Katya, a gifted ballet dancer whose dancing prowess considerably beyond that of her contemporaries, is the focus of the Stefan Westerwelle directed film. As a result, when the auditions for the New York Ballet Academy are announced, those who know Katya believe she will be offered a scholarship. A chance encounter with a bunch of street dancers, however, alters everything. Katya will have to choose one in the end. Will she listen to her parents and continue in their footsteps, or will she follow her heart?

Kidnapping Stella (2019)

‘Kidnapping Stella,’ directed and written by Thomas Sieben, starring Clemens Schick, Jella Haase, and Max von der Groeben in a thriller. Stella, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, is kidnapped by two guys named Tom and Vic in this remake of the British film ‘The Disappearance of Alice Creed.’ The former turns out to be Stella’s ex-boyfriend, and he is complicit in the entire conspiracy to get rich quick. However, the victim is actually pregnant with his kid, and the ongoing fight between the two sides to maintain control finally leads to unintended consequences.

Mute (2018)

Berlin has evolved into a melting pot of cultures over the last four decades, with immigrants from both Western and Eastern countries now making up its frail social fabric. Leo Beiler, a mute bartender, is like millions of others who just want to live a tranquil existence and avoid conflict as much as possible. When his life’s love goes away, though, Leo is left with little options as he embarks on a desperate hunt for his partner. When Leo’s inquiries take him to the city’s mafia, he realizes he’ll have to risk everything. ‘Mute,’ directed and co-written by Duncan Jones, is a neo-noir science fiction film with unique twists and turns that keeps the audience guessing.

Pedal the World (2014)

‘Pedal the World,’ directed by Felix Starck, is a documentary film that follows him on his epic journey across Europe in search of the meaning of life and to reveal the mystery to the rest of the world. With a video camera and 55 kg of luggage, he set out in the summer of 2013. Felix’s ultimate dream was to travel the world at first, and he chose to accomplish so on a bicycle. The life-changing journey quickly expanded into a 22-country journey that provided Felix with a new philosophy for living the rest of his life on the planet.

The Four of Us (2021)

Nils, Janina, Ben, and Maria are two couples who decide to try something new by swapping partners for a month. They hope it will add some much-needed spice to their lives, but things do not go as planned as they gather in a beach home to talk about their adventures. It turns out that one of the couples has disobeyed the only rule that they have all agreed upon. ‘The Four of Us,’ or ‘Du Sie Er & Wir,’ directed and co-written by Florian Gottschick, goes deeper into various essential facets of modern-day relationships and presents a gripping story that keeps viewers fascinated from beginning to end.

The Privilege (2022)

‘The Privilege,’ directed and co-written by Felix Fuchssteiner and Katharina Schöde, stars Max Schimmelpfennig, Lise Risom Olsen, and Caroline Hartig. Finn was a small child when his sister attempted to take him with her before suicide by falling off a bridge. Finn’s psychological scars from the tragedy are still bothering him several years later, and after a few tests, his doctors notify him that he has also suffered brain damage. As if that wasn’t awful enough, while investigating some unusual supernatural phenomena, he and his classmates unearth a deadly plot that puts their lives in jeopardy.

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