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20 Unforgettable One Sided Anime Fights Every Fan Enjoyed | Best Anime Fights


When it comes to anime fights, we’ve seen everything from the mundane to the thrilling. These types of conflicts appear in every anime that features combat since they must occur at some time. This week, we’ll take a look at some of the most one-sided anime battles that didn’t continue as long as we had expected.

I understand that the list can be long, but we only have a few of them here, so we may have missed several. Because if we listed each and every one of them, the list would be too long to read. Anime is evolving, and each season brings something fresh to the table. And this is in addition to the already extensive anime collection and catalogs.

Surprisingly, the battles we’ll be looking at feature a powerful opponent simply destroying a weaker character who fights back no matter what. As you may be aware, such fights normally last only a few punches or a few tricks until the other character is knocked out. Let’s take a look at how some of the one-sided anime fights went down.

Ashuraman vs Satan Cross: Kinnikuman

We’ll have to go to the Kinnikuman 2011 anime to see one of the shortest fights in anime, as Ashuraman fought Satan Cross. During their combat, Ashuraman congratulated Satan Cross for his battle maneuvers and commented on how much damage he was doing. He then proclaimed that it was finally time for his counter-offensive. So he uses a Natural Bone Crusher technique to finish Satan’s cross.

This turned into one of the most one-sided anime battles we’ve seen so far. During their fight, Ashuramman commended Satan Cross for being the first Chojin to fight properly and added that killing him would be a pity. Satan admitted that Ashuraman had been correct all along about the disparity in their strengths. As a result, he accepted his loss and became despondent. But, in the end, Chojin’s emptiness pushed him to evolve and outshine Satan Cross’s flaws.

Asta vs Sekke: Black Clover

During the Magic Knights Entrance Exam, we were able to observe a variety of characters demonstrate their abilities. Despite the fact that we did not see much of him, Asta was one of the most memorable characters, despite the fact that he did not use magic in his fight, which explains why no squad captain wanted to take him at first.

Asta, like Yuno, was hand-picked by his foes. Despite Asta’s delight, Sekke began by insulting him and telling him that he chose Asta because he appeared to be weak and that this would give him a good chance of getting chosen by one of the squads. Sekke began the fight by casting his spell, but Asta dashed towards him and cut Sekke’s spell with his sword, easily defeating Sekke in the end.

Cal Shekar vs. Captain Johnson: Taboo Tattoo

Colonel Sanders is shown heading a mission to fight the Kingdom base at the 4th run in Japan in Taboo Tattoo Episode 7. He brings Izzy, Seigi, Toko, and Wang, the sealed fighter’s second lieutenant, with him. Captain Johnson, Lisa, and Major Leonardo Burns accompanied them in a group of helicopters, along with 20 sealed copies.

As the battle begins, they plan to use the helicopters to destroy the spot, but when Cal Shekar appears, he swiftly dispatches Captain Jonhson in one of the anime’s quickest battles. Lltutmins was dispatched back to the site by Aryabhata as a backup to Cal. As Lltumish approached and turned into a massive saber tooth trigger, both sides suffered significant losses. Izzy understood they were outclassed, so Aryabhata decided to accompany her men to the battleground.

Dragons vs. Humans: Miss Kobayashi Dragon Maid

Kanna notified her elders about the bullying at school, and as a group of super-powered dragons that have converted into humans, they came up with a solution. They decided to settle their differences by playing a game of dodgeball. The Dragons must go all out to protect Kanna’s honor, and because the youngsters have all run away, the dragons must compete against each other because their triumph was the easiest they have ever had.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid was waiting for them at the playground, and they were prepared to give it everything they had. Elma used her clairvoyant vision to act as the referee, and all participants had to follow the rules of dodge ball. So, despite the fact that no magic was permitted, this war ended before it even begun, making the defeat of the bullies all the more worthwhile.

Goku vs Beerus: Dragon Balll Super

The first god of devastation, who has been striving to confront a Super Saiya God, appeared at the start of Dragon Ball Super. Something that was only claimed to exist in mythology. But, as we all know, Goku is up to any task that puts the lives of everyone on Earth in jeopardy. With the return of the Dragon Ball franchise anime, we needed to see something else than the usual combat we were used to seeing in Dragon Ball anime.

So we got a one-sided anime fight between Beerus, the god of destruction, and Goku, who could only achieve Super Saiyan 3 at his best, for a grand opening. So all of his efforts were in vain since Beerus converted their fight into one of the shortest anime fights ever, quickly dispatching Goku, who was ostensibly the most powerful person on the planet at the time. The only thing that could have saved them at the time was Earth’s exquisite cuisine, and Beerus did not want to miss out on any of it. If you’re wondering when Goku and Beerus fight, it’s in Dragon Ball Super Episode 5, where the great Beerus displays his unbeatability.

Gon vs. Pitou: Hunter X Hunter

Weh Gon overcame his physical limitations to gain enormous abilities; Pitou was overwhelmed by Gon’s new power, and Kilua was on his way to save his comrade from the terrible Pitou. All of this happens in Hunte x Hunter episode 131, and we got to watch one of the series’ one-sided anime fights. Pitou had declared that she had to kill Gon for the King’s sake.

But, after witnessing Kite’s death, Gon became infuriated and quickly activated his new abilities, which easily exceeded Pitou’s. By the time Killua arrived on the scene, it was too late. He discovered a changed Gon standing next to Pitou’s lifeless body, which was hardly moving due to the king’s devotion. Despite the fact that Gon had previously outskilled Pitou, he had easily defeated him. However, his new transformation provided him with a significant boost in power at the expense of his life energy.

Guts vs. 100 Men: Berserk

Guts has a number of nicknames, including the Hundred Man Slayer. Most people would assume that he was handed this on the spur of the moment. However, it came to him as a result of one of the occurrences that occurred throughout his life. Guts has spent his entire life fighting, and it was all he needed to stay alive. If you’re a fan of the classic Berserk anime, you should know that Guts had to fight for his dignity and life in Berserk Episode 13.

This is when Guts and Casca were discovered by Adon Coborlwits and his Blue Whale knights. They outnumbered him by a factor of ten, so he told Casca to flee while he stayed to confront a hundred-man army. As a result of his single-handed defeat over all of them, he got the moniker “Hundred Man Slayer.” So we got to see one of the most one-sided anime fights we’ve ever seen, as well as some of the best in the Berserk anime to date.

Kenpachi vs Giriko: Bleach

Zaraki Kenpachi has been shown to be a fearsome foe on various occasions throughout the anime. To see how this happened, we should go back and watch the episode Kepachi vs. Giriko, because that’s where we saw Kenpachi easily defeat Giriko due to his power and fame. From Bleach episode 362 to episode 363, Kenpachi vs. Giriko takes place.

It was also recognized as Xcution’s first and shortest encounter with the Gotei 13. With his enhanced fullbring, Yuko segregated all of the fighters into chat rooms, and the fight began. When Byakuya refused Kenpachi’s desire to switch opponents, he became irritated. When Giriko learned of this, he questioned Kenpachi whether he meant that Kenpachi believed he was a weak opponent and that he planned to defend his honor. Giriko, on the other hand, continued to torment Kenpachi, only for Kenpachi to defeat him with a single sword swipe.

Levi vs. Beast Titan: Attack on Titanv

The Beast Titan was aware that it was in a battle but unsure when Levi would turn up, despite the fact that this one appeared to be a surprise attack. The battle was brief, and the Beat Titan sought to harden its nape during their brief meeting, but it was too late because Levi’s onslaught was too swift and unexpected.

Levi was able to take out the Beast Titan before it could move. Ene, the Beast Titan, managed to harden its nape in their rematch, but Levi had another trick in his sleeve this time, using the Thunder Spears to take it down once more. Levi had proven to be a terrifying opponent no matter what kind of Titan he was up against. Because it was one of his shortest fights in the anime, and it was against the most powerful foe he has ever fought.

Luffy vs. Bellamy: One Piece

Throughout the Dressrossa arc, we were able to see a variety of exciting One Piece bouts. Bellamy vs. Luffy is the most well-known and shortest of them all. This is a great chance for people who want to see if Bellamy can beat Luffy. Because there were fans who were curious about bouts like that back then. So, to learn more about this, we’ll have to go to the episode in which Luffy defeats Bellamy.

Their battle was a one-sided anime battle, which we were able to witness in action. When the straw hats resume their search for the South Bird in One Piece episode 150, Luffy beats up Bellamy. Cricket’s house was attacked by Bellamy and his posse. As a result, Luffy returned to Mock Town and beat up on Bellamy. When he arrives, he discovers that Bellamy is prepared for Luffy, which leads to a one-sided fight that Luffy finishes quickly.

Madara vs Shinobi Alliance: Naruto Shippuden

Every Naruto fan knows that whenever Madara battles the majority of his opponents, the battle will always be one-sided, as we’ve seen throughout the anime. The most famous of these battles took place when Madara joined the fourth Shinobi world war and easily defeated the Shinobi Alliance. Before Madara could finish everyone on the battlefield, the five Kage had to make a move.

However, if we look at the Madara vs. Shinobi coalition, we can see who won. We should watch episode 322 of Naruto Shippuden. Against all of Madara’s spells, the Shinobi alliance could do very little to defend themselves. Things improved when the five Kage gathered to even the odds, and they were able to free the majority of the Shinobi who Madara would have easily slain. As a result, we can readily look at one-sided anime fights. And it’s a fight that will go down in Naruto history as one of the best. Despite the five Kage’s efforts to defend their honor, they would be defeated because Madara was merely playing with them.

Mirio vs. Class 1a: My Hero Academia

In My Hero Academia, there was an episode where Mirio fought with the entire class 1a. We can see that, thanks to his extraordinary abilities, he was able to defeat all of them in a short amount of time. Mirio arrived as a third-year student who needed to demonstrate something to class 1a. And he began by displaying his abilities and showed how easily he could defeat the first years.

My Hero Academia Episode 63 features a duel between Mirio and Class 1a. As a result, Eiijirro rushed to attack him first, but Midoriya took over the challenge, attempting to complete the task as quickly as possible. Mirio, on the other hand, used a mixture of his attacks to quickly destroy half of the class. He then proceeded on to the remaining pupils, easily taking them out as well, but after demonstrating them where they lacked power, he ended up urging them to enroll in the hero work-study.

Naruto vs Itachi: Naruto Shippuden

We all know that whenever Itachi gets into a battle, things usually don’t take very long. We can still remember Orochimaru attempting to take over Itachi’s body only to be defeated by one of Itachi’s genjutsu. And we all know that once you’ve been vanquished by Itachi’s jutsu, you’re doomed. This is something we’ve seen before. And one of them was right at the start of Naruto Shippuden.

Naruto vs. Itachi was a battle between Naruto, Chiyo, Sakura, and Kakashi that took place in Naruto Shippuden episode 13. While they were figuring out how to fight Itachi, Naruto was easily defeated by Itachi’s genjutsu, which he discovered after the battle was over. As soon as the conflict began, Naruto was placed under a genjutsu, thus removing him from the fray.

Natsu vs. Gildharts: Fairy Tail

Just hearing the names of the opponents immediately conjures up images of one-sided anime battles. Because this occurred prior to Natsu’s development as a character. Even now, it would be a fascinating fight to see, but I doubt it would last as long as the last time. When Natsu faced Gildharts, he struck mercilessly despite the fact that he had little chance of winning.

He wanted to demonstrate a few of his skills that allowed him to survive as long as he did. Gildharts, on the other hand, easily foiled every scheme Natsu devised. The only goal for Natsu in this battle was to get Gildharts to move from his starting position. Despite the fact that the combat was only a few minutes long, he was able to do this.

We watched an enraged Deep Sea King hurl a full-powered punch at Saitama in one of the series’ one-sided animation battles. However, it is shortly before it connects. Saitama nonchalantly hit the Deep Sea King in the gut, ripping a hole in his torso and instantly killing him. Everyone erupted in joy at the news that the Deep Sea King had finally been defeated.

Roy Mustang vs. Envy: Full Metal Alchemist

In Full Metal Alchemist episode 53, Roy Mustang appears to have slain Envy. But, despite the fact that Envy died as a result of Mustang’s actions, it was not due to Mustang’s actions. Roy is outraged in this episode, and he asks Scar and Ed to let him go and take down Envy on his own while they continue on. Envy tried to stop them, but Mustang rushed through the door in a blaze and told Envy that he would be his only opponent.

Then it became into a one-sided anime conflict as envy transformed into his enormous form and prepared for attack. Envy became a bigger target as a result, and Roy wasted no time attacking with alternating punches that wrapped Envy in flames. As he recalls, he was up against an opponent who suffocated Lust. Envy created a distraction by reverting to his human form and fleeing the hall.

Saitama vs. Deep Sea King: One Punch Man

Most of Saitama’s victories may be classified as one-of-a-kind because he defeats most of his opponents with only a swing of his punch. So let’s take a look at one of the episodes in which Saitama confronts the Deep Sea King while demonstrating his abilities and winning the battle quickly. We saw this in One Punch Man episode 8, so let’s take a closer look at the battle and how Saitama vanquished the Deep Sea King.

Sebas vs. Zero: Overlord

While the Overlord anime has been off the air for a while, a new installment has been confirmed, and it’s only a matter of time before it returns. We saw one of the quickest fights in anime in Season 2 of Overlord. However, knowing Sebas, we can also refer to it as a thrashing. Zero does not trust Sebas when he successfully rescues Tuare and tells him that he has slain all of his colleagues.

However, given the dignity of their battle, Sebas permitted Zero to attack first with his fiercest attack. However, Zero realizes that his attacks are pointless, and Sebas responds to Zero’s anger by killing him with a heel dropkick. Sebas carried Tuare to safety and returned to Nazarick with Demiurge, despite the fact that this was a bit sad.

Tatsuya vs. Hanzo: The Irregular at Magic High

The high anime Irregular at Magic is one of the few that flexes its characters’ powers, as we witnessed in the first few episodes of the series. We saw Tatsuya fighting Hanzo during the enrolling in The Irregular at Magic High episode 3. The council couldn’t reconcile Tatsuya’s perfect victory in his fight with Hanzo in light of this.

Tatsuya’s skills and wits have gained him his sister’s examination of Mayumi Saegusa in episode 2, therefore all of this action has intensified since then. When Hanzo later objected to Tatsuya’s nomination, they agreed to settle the matter with a duel. Tatsuya quickly overcame Hanzo, much to the surprise of the student council, in a short time. When Tatsuya was assaulted by the rest of the Kenjutsu group, who refused to acknowledge his leadership because he was a weed, he went on to demonstrate his abilities even more.

Vegeta vs. Frost: Dragon Ball Super

We all know Vegeta likes to brag about himself and believes he is the most powerful fighter on the planet. So him having one of the series’ one-sided anime bouts might get him back on his high horse. During the struggle in the Universe 6 and Universe 7 gods of destruction tournament, we were able to observe thin. This occurs in Dragon Ball Super Episode 107, in which Vegeta is pitted against Frost.

Frost had to face Super Saiyan Vegeta, who he easily destroyed with a single blow. Vegeta remarked that he was holding back because Frost would not have withstood his strike if he had utilized full-power ten. Frost’s stamina may have been reduced as a result of his prior fights. But, in the end, this helped Vegeta because Frost had already given Goku a hard time in one of their fights.

Yuno vs. Salim: Black Clover

Despite the fact that Yuno isn’t one of your more colorful characters. He was able to show what he was made of, as most people mistook him for a peasant with no magical abilities. We witnessed this during the Magic Knights Entrance Exam when Salim chose Yuno as his fight opponent, so everyone was excited to see how this one would play out. Salim is from a noble family, and his children are trained from an early age. Yuno, on the other hand, was a peasant who had never gotten any official training.

Yuno’s battle with Salim begins as soon as Salim casts his most potent spell. Yuno, on the other hand, remained composed and was quickly defeated by his colossal tornado. The exam came to a close when the commanders of the teams chose persons from among the contestants. Yuno was in high demand, with all three captains requesting his services, but he ultimately chose to join the Golden Dawn squad.

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