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10 Most Iconic Pokémon From Generation 6 | Best Pokémon From Gen VI


The Kalos area on the Nintendo 3DS in Generation 6 was Game Freak’s and the mainline Pokémon series’ first foray into 3D. Fans had great expectations, as the franchise had effectively progressed beyond the days of 2D pixel art.

Although Kalos’ Pokédex was limited in terms of new species, it nonetheless had some notable and fan-favorite standouts that are still popular today. Unsurprisingly, the most recent Eeveelution and a specific Water-Type starter are among them, but the lineup is pretty broad for only having 72 unique Pokémon.


From a design standpoint, Pokémon inspired by inanimate things might be hit or miss, but Aegislash is undeniably one of the most inventive. The same can be said about its dual type (Steel/Ghost), which could easily be utilized to explain the existence of a “living” sword and shield Pokémon in the real world.

Similarly, it’s an intriguing type for combining the Steel-Physical Type’s and Ghost-Special Type’s abilities. In terms of in-game combat prowess and design, switching between Aegislash’s Shield Forme and Blade Forme is also a brilliant move.


Game Freak is well-known for basing each of its regions on a real-world country, city, or state. The Kanto area is named after its Japanese counterpart, whereas Unova was heavily influenced by New York, Alola is a clear nod to Hawaii, and Scarlet and Violet’s forthcoming territory appears to be inspired by Spain.

Because Kalos is modeled after France, it’s only logical that the poodle-themed Furfrou is one of the region’s mascots. Furfrou is a simple Normal-Type Pokémon with a charming gimmick that allows you to change its appearance by giving it haircuts.


Dragons evoke a specific mental image in most people’s imaginations, and Goodra arguably falls short of most of them. This monotype Dragon Pokémon has a distinct appearance for the animal it is, but it has its own charm.

Goodra has an adorable and simple design akin to Dragonite from the Kanto area, however it is more unorthodox. Given its slimy body, Goodra appears to be a cross between a dragon and a snail, and it appears that it has earned its fair share of love since receiving a Hisuian Form in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.


Despite the fact that the Kalos region was not recognized for having true victors among all of its starter Pokémon, Greninja quickly established itself as one of the greatest Water-Type beginning Pokémon regardless of generation. With its ninja motif, Game Freak used a frog as a blueprint to create one of the franchise’s most innovative designs.

Throwing Water Shurikens and using its tongue as a scarf are delightful aesthetic elements, and its dual Water/Dark typing is a nice visual and gameplay change of pace. Being a Kalos symbol comes with the territory, especially when Greninja topped a Google poll a few years ago.


Although Ash catching one during the Pokémon anime’s X and Y arc definitely helped it gain popularity, Hawlucha is arguably one of the most entertaining and inspired designs in the franchise. It features a unique dual type of Fighting/Flying, which matches its visual influence nicely.

Hawlucha is a bright mash-up of a bird (perhaps an eagle and/or hoatzin) and a luchador, making its color scheme inspired by the Mexican flag yet more. It’s still one of just two Fighting/Flying-Type pairings available, with Galarian Zapdos.

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It’s encouraging to see Game Freak’s artists go to more unusual animals for inspiration for their Pokémon designs, and Heliolisk gets points for that. Heliolisk is inspired by Australia’s and New Guinea’s frilled-neck lizards, with its extended frill completing a sun-themed design.

It also has a fascinating Normal/Electric dual-typing and is a lightning-quick Special Attacker. Heliolisk’s Dry Skin ability allows it to employ rain effects to heal itself, allowing it to be inventive in competitive engagements.


The legendary Entei was one of the few lion-themed Pokémon to appear before this, giving Pyroar the most blatant lion design in the franchise. It’s strange that a Pokémon like Pyroar took this long to make its way into the franchise, similar to Tyrantrum’s situation, but it’s still welcome from an aesthetic aspect.

While Pyroar’s Normal side makes it vulnerable to Fighting kinds, combining a lion species with the Fire-Type is excellent for gameplay and visuals. It gives Pyroar an aesthetically royal and powerful appearance, and the addition of appropriate mane styles for the male and female variations is a fantastic touch.


Even if it isn’t a predictable occurrence, the adorable Kanto classic Eevee with its branching evolution gimmick is a beloved tradition of the major Pokémon games. Sylveon became a popular “Eeveelution” of the Pokémon franchise after the release of X and Y in 2013, which introduced the brand new Fairy-Type.

Sylveon’s stat spread, movepool, and highly valuable Hidden Ability in Pixilate made it a powerhouse in its own right when it was introduced as a fresh counter to the Dragon type. For its fairy motif, it also features a delightful, vivid design.


With each game, veteran fans grow fonder of the early-route “regional bird” Pokémon tradition. From Kanto’s Pidgeot through Sinnoh’s Staraptor to Galar’s latest in Corviknight, each generation has its own bird representative.

In X and Y, Kalos’ Talonflame created a strong impression, not only because of its elegant design, but also because it was highly powerful in both casual and competitive fighting conditions. Talonflame’s refreshing dual Fire/Flying-Type and attractive design won’t be forgotten, even though it’s been nerfed since its 3DS days.


In a world where superpowered animals roam the wild and befriend humans, Game Freak’s inclusion of ancient Pokémon from the outset is both expected and welcomed. It’s odd that Tyrantrum took six generations to arrive, given that dinosaurs are the most popular prehistoric species, and the T-Rex is the most popular dinosaur.

Nonetheless, its towering and kingly design brings out the best of its (formerly) real-world counterpart and mythical Pokémon adaptation, making it a welcome addition. Tyrantrum is one of the most powerful Fossil Pokémon, and its dual Rock/Dragon typing contributes to its physical devastation.

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