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5 Best Viking TV Series on Netflix You Can Watch This Weekend


Vikings were seafaring warriors who raided and traded across continents from their European homes to other regions of Europe and the world. The British had received them graciously when they arrived in Britain, but that was not the “Viking way,” so they attacked the British as well, subsequently dubbed the Danes. Because the Vikings’ primary language was Norse, and the word Vikings meant “pirate,” everyone concluded that everyone who raided ships was a Viking. However, not all Vikings were ruthless pirates who pillaged ships. Some were peaceful warriors and farmers who came to trade commodities in a peaceful manner. They were also skilled artisans who wished to broaden their scope of employment. The Vikings, on the other hand, were formidable warriors who could not only raid but also invade even the most powerful kingdoms. They would be able to stand up to and even defeat the most powerful warriors.

If the previous description of the Vikings piqued your interest, you should look into some of the available Viking shows. The good news is that you won’t have to go looking for them because many of them are currently available on Netflix, and to make things even easier for you, we’ve collected a list of the best Viking shows available. So, here’s a list of some of the best Viking TV programs on Netflix that you can watch right now.

Knight Fall (2017)

‘Knightfall’ gives us a dramatic glimpse into the final days of the Knights Templar in the 14th century. The show has been heavily chastised for its historical mistakes, with some even describing it as a crime against the historical facts that it should have followed. However, the show never attempted to portray itself as historically accurate or even “based on true events,” therefore the negative press is unfounded. If you ignore the show’s historical accuracy and instead focus on its plot, character development, and unpredictable nature, you’ll enjoy it.

The show also features fantastic scenery and actors, and if you can make it past the first episode, you’ll like the fast-paced action. Most people want actual history, not history with its own rolled-up controversies and a little bit of imaginary entertainment from treachery, sex, and other standard stuff, hence the show is underappreciated. Ignore the history preachers and watch it for enjoyment purposes only. I am confident that you will enjoy it immensely.

Marco Polo (2014)

The show follows the exploits of Marco Polo, a famous adventurer who becomes enmeshed with the Mongol Empire. The show isn’t quite a Viking show, but it represents something comparable on Chinese territory. The show, like a few others on this list, may not be historically accurate, but it nevertheless manages to captivate you as a spectator thanks to excellent acting and directing. When compared to shows like ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Vikings,’ it’s actually not that horrible and gives viewers a glimpse into Asian society. Let’s set aside the problems in this one, which we may or may not be aware of, and sit back and enjoy a very good adventure unfold, complete with stunning scenery and photography.

Norsemen (2016)

Is there anything better than a Viking drama series? A Viking drama with plenty of humour! ‘Norsemen’ is a Norwegian comedy series set in the year 790 and follows the lives of a group of Vikings who live in a village together. As the narrative proceeds, the protagonist of the series changes. The show depicts the issues and tensions that the Vikings face on a daily basis with their neighboring towns, including a dispute with a neighboring tribe that wants to attack the Viking hamlet of Norheim and “modernize” them to make them look like their own. These conflicts and challenges have been depicted in a lighthearted manner, and the ways these Vikings devise to solve their problems are often comical.

The show was a huge hit in Norway, where it drew over one million viewers in its first season. These figures were enormous for a country with a population of less than five million people. The show was originally titled ‘Vikigane’ in America, and it is frequently likened to another TV drama series, ‘Vikings.’ The two shows, however, are significantly distinct in terms of genre and stand out in their own right. Although ‘Norsemen’ could be considered a spoof of ‘Vikings,’ comparing the two would be unfair. The show is fantastic in every way and deserves to be recognized if you’re looking for comedy in this genre.

Roman Empire (2016)

Although the show is labeled as a documentary, it does not follow many historical events. The show does contain a few historical references to the Roman Empire, although the most of them are most likely coincidence. Aside from that, the show is enjoyable in its own right and can be quite informative and entertaining at times. If you’re searching for pure drama, this show may not be for you, and it’s also not suggested if you’re looking for a pure history-based documentary. The program covers a variety of key historical events and turning moments while also providing spicy entertainment to keep the audience thoroughly engrossed in the show. If you’re looking for a docu-drama with historical parallels and fascinating drama, this is the one to watch. It could be just what you’re looking for.

The Last Kingdom (2015)

The Last Kingdom is a television series set in 872 in a historical English metropolis. It depicts the story of Vikings who wanted to invade more land but were opposed by the Saxons, who were England’s local fighters. The Vikings tried to cling on to their newly conquered area and expand further, while the Saxons fought to halt them and drive them out. Ubba (Ubbe Lothbrok) and Guthrum are genuine characters that have been derived from true events, while the remainder of the cast, as well as the program, is entirely fictional.

The series also demonstrates that politics were the same then as they are now, as well as the realism of the conflict between the Vikings and the Saxons, in which many characters die unexpectedly. The show also features fantastic characters who grow and evolve with time and are performed by outstanding actors. The more you watch it, the more engrossing it becomes. Each season brings something new to the table, and the end of each episode leaves you wanting more. The play, which is one of the best historical Viking shows out today, is a must-see for anyone looking for the right blend of Viking action, drama, and history.

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