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Bird Box: Barcelona – Why Can Sebastian See?

Netflix’s ‘Bird Box Barcelona’ is a spin-off of the 2018 film ‘Bird Box‘ based on the 2014 novel of the same name by Josh Malerman. The post-apocalyptic horror thriller movie, directed by Álex and David Pastor, is set during the same apocalyptic event as the 2018 movie, where unseen monsters force people to take their own lives. As a result, humans are forced to wear a blindfold to protect themselves. However, the spin-off film’s protagonist, Sebastian, is immune to the creatures’ effect and has the ability to see despite the circumstances. As a result, viewers must be wondering why Sebastian can see in ‘Bird Box Barcelona,’ and here is everything we know in that regard! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Why Can Sebastian See in Bird Box Barcelona?

Sebastian is the main character in ‘Bird Box Barcelona,’ and actor Mario Casas plays the role. Casas is known for his work in Spanish films such as ‘The Photographer of Mauthausen,’ ‘Bye,’ ‘The Occupant,’ and ‘The Paramedic.’ In the movie, Casas’ Sebastian is a father who worked as an engineer when the apocalyptic event triggered by the unexplained arrival of the otherworldly creatures causes mass hysteria among humanity. However, unlike other humans who are affected by eye contact with the creatures, which drives them to insanity and suicide, Sebastian appears to be immune to the creatures’ effect.

In the film, most people wear blindfolds when they venture outside their shelters. The blindfolds protect humans from involuntary eye contact with the creatures, leading to their death. On the other hand, Sebastian wears a blindfold when she interacts with other humans in the outside world. However, the blindfold is merely a guise to trick the humans into trusting him. Sebastian is one of the “Seers,” a group of people who are immune to the creatures and believe they are angelic forces liberating humanity from the pain of life and the resulting suffering.

Eventually, it is revealed that Sebastian’s daughter, Anna, died a few months before the film’s events. Sebastian witnessed her death, as she was driven to suicide because of the creatures. Meanwhile, Sebastian also sees the creatures but is immune to their effect. During the climax, viewers learn that grief or trauma can be a catalyst that turns some humans into Seers by altering their DNA and providing them immunity. Hence, it is safe to say that witnessing his daughter’s demise, resulting grief and trauma for Sebastian. As a result, he has become immune to the creatures, and they cannot directly affect him.

Sebastian can see because of his daughter’s death, but he is not completely immune to the effect of the creatures. Throughout the movie, Sebastian actively works to sabotage the survivors he allies himself with. Sebastian believes that exposing the survivors to the creatures by forcing them to have eye contact will lead to salvation for their souls. His daughter’s ghostly visions spur on Sebastian, and he is driven by a desire to reunite with his family in the afterlife. However, it is ultimately revealed that the creatures are actually manipulating Sebastian through visions of his daughter into doing their dirty deeds. Hence, Sebastian’s ability to see doesn’t necessarily mean that he is free from the creatures tormenting him.

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