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Birgit Hamer: A Look into the Life and Whereabouts of the Influential Personality

We get a documentary series unlike any other with Netflix’s “The King Who Never Was,” which delves into an Italian royal’s role in the 1978 death of a German youngster named Dirk Geerd Hamer. After all, it uses exclusive interviews with significant figures in addition to archive material to properly shed light on how a single case has plagued two families for more than forty years. Birgit, Dirk’s adoring older sister, is one of those who is so featured here to aid in the progression of the story, so now, if you simply wish to read more about her, we have the information for you.

Who is Birgit Hamer?

Birgit is one of the oldest children born to famous but contentious doctors Sigrid and Ryke Geerd Hamer, and it is said that she has always put her family first. It was therefore not surprising that she did not object at all when her father persuaded 19-year-old Dirk to accompany her on the day trip to Cavallo, France, that she was invited to while on holiday in Porto Rotondo. She had no idea, though, that this simple summer excursion in 1978 would unintentionally result in the death of her younger brother in December and inspire her to swear to do whatever it takes to bring him to justice.

birgit hamer,birgit hammerThe fact is that Birgit didn’t want or need a chaperone; she only believed this outing would be good for Dirk too since she had been modelling since she was 15 and had even won Miss Germany 1976. The only explanation, in her own words, was because water was his element and he simply liked spending hours in it. This was true despite the fact that the teenager was athletic, artistic, and intellectual in every sense of the word. Then, remembering all the time she had with him before the tragic day of August 18, 1978, she said in an interview with Corriere Sella Sera, “He was a fantastic playmate, a strong but sweet male.”

The nanny once informed us that when you die and are buried, you develop wings, Birgit said, openly but with sadness. He attempted to test if they would sprout one day by placing himself in a hole in the garden. They had no idea that Dirk would ultimately pass away far sooner than expected, and that too from a bullet purportedly fired by Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy, the last heir apparent to the Italian throne. She progressively became determined to see the Prince brought to justice because she had been there and knew exactly what had happened, especially after her parents made a bargain with him.birgit hamer,birgit hammer

Birgit then did everything on her own to make sure her baby brother would never be forgotten, from filing civil complaints to gathering evidence to approaching numerous lawyers for representation. She even went so far as to abandon her burgeoning modeling/acting career in the mainstream entertainment sector once trolls started accusing her of exploiting Dirk’s passing for attention. She naturally didn’t think twice when it was revealed in 2006 that Vittorio had just confessed on video, prompting her to spend the next five years looking for evidence of the same.

Where is Birgit Hamer Now?

Birgit’s early attempts were unsuccessful in 1991 when Vittorio was unquestionably exonerated by the Assize Court of Paris for the death of Dirk, but they were successful in the 2010s because to the video recording. We say this because the Duke sued them for defamation after she made it public with the aid of a nearby newspaper named il Fatto Quotidiano, and he lost. In other words, even if the courts were unable to re-indict the royal member on criminal counts, they made it obvious what they thought by concluding that the contents of the tape weren’t faked or altered – they were true.birgit hamer,birgit hammer

Regarding Birgit’s current situation, the 66-year-old is based in Spain and trying to move on but yet holding out hope that one or more international courts will consider her request for judicial justice. The woman does, however, acknowledge that she has subsequently forgave Vittorio: “On a human level I feel compassion for individuals who find themselves in a condition of absolute cynicism, like Savoy, whose spirit lives with great remorse, but I believe perhaps they have advisers who take advantage of denying it. I’m hoping he’ll have the guts to accept his obligations. I don’t desire retribution; simply justice.

Birgit thinks her life is wonderful now because of her two children, lawyer Sigrid Hamer and artist Delia Hamer, who have adopted her last name rather than their father’s because he abandoned them when they were very young. She once stated, “I understood that I’m not alone when I realised that there is a force of love bigger than anything: Christ made himself alive with me. “He restored my courage to live, and I count myself fortunate for that. Years of living in agony were saved by the beautiful King and my daughters. According to Christ, forgiving is necessary for survival.

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