Broad Peak (Netflix) Ending, Explained: What Happens To Maciej Berbeka In The End?

Leszek Dawid’s Polish biographical drama film “Broad Peak” is available on Netflix. Based on actual events, it depicts the tale of mountaineer Maciej Berbeka, the first person to cross the 8,000-meter mark in the Himalayan range during the winter. Maciej returns to the location to continue his ascent after finding that his conquest of the namesake peak is incomplete. Viewers must be interested in learning if Maciej succeeds or fails in his quest to reach the summit. Here is all the information you need to know about Maciej’s ascent and outcome in “Broad Peak.” Spoilers follow!

Broad Peak Plot Synopsis

The opening of the movie features Maciej narrating about his 1988 winter ascent in the Himalayas with a group of Polish mountain climbers. At the base of his K2, the party pitched their tents. Months pass, but the climbers are unable to reach the summit due to strong winds. Alek Lwow, one of his climbers, advises that he and Maciej Berbeka should go to Broad Peak, a nearby peak in the Karakoram. To join Lwow, Maciej grudgingly consents. Lwow and Maciej persuade the others despite some challenges and concerns from the squad.

Beginning their ascent, Maciej and Lwow made good progress. Nevertheless, they must slow down due to the severe weather. Before things worsen, Lwow wants to turn around, but Maciej keeps climbing. Everyone at the base camp is waiting for Maciej to respond on the comm in the meantime. They eventually receive a response from Maciej informing them that they have succeeded.

As soon as word of Maciej’s successful climb reaches Poland, the country hails him as a national hero. Ewa, his wife, is pleased with his success but is more content that he is still alive. Beginning his descent, Maciej faces a more difficult obstacle because he is worn out. He is compelled to spend more than 16 hours alone in one location and sleep in a hole while there are strong gusts. Maciej eventually connects with Lwow after gathering strength to continue his descent. Andrei, the expedition’s leader, provides assistance, making it simpler for Maciej and Lwow to descend.

Maciej enjoys a party with family and friends following his successful ascent of Broad Peak and descent. When asked about his time on the Broad Peak trek, Maciej begins to feel nervous. Three months after beginning his adventure, Maciej reached Rocky’s Summit, also known as the Pre-Summit, according to an article published by Lwow. For the sake of his family, Maciej gives up his future goals of Broad Peak since he feels like a fraud.

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Broad Peak Ending: Does Maciej Reach the Summit of Broad Peak? Is Maciej Dead?

Maciej is upset to hear that hell missed the summit of Broad Peak by only 17 metres. He is angry with his teammates and won’t join them on any more missions. He pledges his wife that he won’t go on any more perilous journeys. But Maciej still harbours ambitions to succeed in spite of his failure. Additionally, Maciej continues to climb mountains while working as a mountain guide. When given the chance to climb Broad Peak again years later, Maciej jumps at the chance to finish what he started years earlier.

Artur, Tomasz, and Adam, three young climbers, form a team with Maciej. The group coordinates their ascent of Broad Peak under Maciej’s direction. The group’s ascent begins smoothly thanks in part to Maciej’s prior expertise coping with the challenging weather conditions on the peak. The climbers are forced to slow down because of the weather and the strenuous last section of the climb, which presents a challenge. Nevertheless, Maciej and his team manage to go through all of the challenges and arrive at the top. It is a moment of triumph for Maciej as his long-standing failure is reversed and he finally succeeds in his mission to scale Broad Peak.

Maciej is seen taking in the scenery as the movie comes to a close. Maciej finally completes his conquest after years of arduous struggle, allowing him to let go of the past. The instant Maciej achieves victory, though, the screen goes black, and viewers read a letter that says Maciej and Tomasz died during their drop. The same is supported by archival audio, which also describes the pair’s final conversation with the base camp. As a result, even though Maciej’s passing is not depicted on screen, the film closes with it. However, his unnoticed passing allows audience members to fully experience Maciej’s triumph, putting a triumphant cap on the movie.

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Why Did Maciej’s Colleagues Hide the Truth From Him?

In the movie, Maciej battles to reach the summit on his first ascent of Broad Peak and is misinformed that he has done so. But when Maciej finds out the truth, he is horrified and angry at his friends’ treachery. The fact that Maciej was unable to reach the summit is concealed by his coworkers. The motivation behind their conduct isn’t made clear, though. Nevertheless, Maciej’s initial conquest of Broad Peak holds the key to the solution.

It is clear from Maciej’s laborious fall that his life is in danger, and the challenging ascent has taken a toll on his health. It is mentioned that the poor weather will make it impossible for him to survive the descent during a radio conversation with the base camp. To hasten Maciej’s descent, his coworkers conceal the truth from him. The deception thereby spares Maciej’s life. In the end, Maciej’s passing parallels his earlier journey. Maciej might have lost his life if he had succeeded in climbing the peak the first time. As a result, the incident is far from tragic given that he passed quite soon after reaching the top.

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