bryan capnerhurst,bryan capnerhurst obituary,Bryan Capnerhurst and Tammy Jo Parker Murders *2017*

Bryan Capnerhurst and Tammy Jo Parker Murders: Seeking Justice for the Victims

On April 13, 2012, a frantic call to Irmo, South Carolina, 911 operators alerted them to a potential homicide at a house in the Ascot neighbourhood. When detectives got on the scene, they were horrified to discover Bryan Capnerhurst and Tammy Jo Parker dead inside the former’s home. The documentary “Dateline: Mystery at Ascot Estates” tells the story of the horrifying double homicide and the investigation that led to the conviction of the killer. Let’s explore the specifics and learn more, shall we?

How Did Tammy Jo Parker and Bryan Capnerhurst Die?

Tammy Jo Parker was a devoted mother of three who resided in the Ascot Estates section of Irmo, South Carolina, with her husband and two kids. Tammy was praised by those who knew her as a compassionate person who never shied away from assisting those in need. Tammy also worked as a salesman for a living, and her friendly demeanour contributed to her stellar reputation in the industry. She even participated in a local band performance, and the majority of Tammy’s friends commended her amazing singing ability.

bryan capnerhurst,bryan capnerhurst obituary,Bryan Capnerhurst and Tammy Jo Parker Murders *2017*

On the other hand, Tammy’s husband introduced Bryan Capnerhurst to Tammy, who was also an Irmo, South Carolina, native. He was actually referred to be a family friend, and those close to the family said Tammy always treated him nicely. Nothing out of the norm, however, could have provided an indication as to the impending calamity. On April 13, 2012, when emergency personnel arrived at the Parker home, they were horrified to see Tammy and Bryan lying dead inside.

Bryan was discovered dead in a hallway on the second floor, while Tammy’s body was discovered in the bathroom with her legs sticking out in the living room. In addition, a preliminary medical assessment revealed only one bullet wound on Tammy’s body, but many gunshot wounds were located on the second victim’s face, chest, arm, leg, and foot. Although an autopsy revealed that both victims had died from gunshot wounds, the discovery of a weapon in Bryan’s hand by the police was unexpected.

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Who Killed Tammy Jo Parker and Bryan Capnerhurst?

Brett Parker, Tammy’s husband, called 911 the first time and reported that Bryan had slain his wife before attempting to loot their safe. The cops were inclined to believe him after observing his concerned demeanour as he continued to assert that he killed Bryan in self-defense. In reality, Brett’s account was confirmed by the crime scene evidence, which showed that Bryan was holding a gun and that a box of ammo was sitting on top of his open gym bag. Additionally, Brett handed over his own gun to the authorities. Subsequent testing revealed that Bryan shot Tammy with the revolver in his hand, while Brett fired the shots that killed Bryan.

bryan capnerhurst,bryan capnerhurst obituary,Bryan Capnerhurst and Tammy Jo Parker Murders *2017*

Despite the fact that the entire episode seemed to be a robbery gone awry, detectives immediately started to find inconsistencies in Brett’s story. The toilet seat was still turned up when a police officer observed it, despite Brett’s claims that he was in the downstairs lavatory when bullets were fired upstairs. Additionally, Brett made the 911 call roughly ten minutes after Bryan entered the house through the front entrance, and the gym bag and the package of ammunition appeared to be placed. It’s interesting to note that the investigation concluded that the entire episode took place in under a minute, which cast doubt on Brett’s behaviour.

The police quickly discovered that Brett was having an affair with a younger woman, which led to more inquiry that completely unravelled the case. Additionally, a couple of his friends insisted that he was considering divorcing Tammy. In actuality, their union was not as ideal as they portray it to be, and Tammy herself was dissatisfied with her husband. In addition, Brett’s illegal side job as a sports bookie, which is how he connected with Bryan Capnerhurst, was discovered by the authorities. Although Brett and Bryan were initially close friends, their friendship soon soured because Brett owed Bryan a sizable quantity of money—$21,000. Bryan is thought to have been to the Parker home to plead for money when he died horribly.

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Despite the fact that the inquiry had led them to believe Brett might be a suspect, there was no forensic evidence connecting him to the killing. That reportedly changed after the cops discovered gunshot residue on a pair of first-floor window blinds. Investigators quickly deduced that Brett killed his wife before Bryan arrived at their home because the shooting hadn’t happened on the first floor. Bryan was then fatally shot, and he was made to bear the blame. Thus, Brett was hauled into custody and accused of two murders after there was sufficient evidence to support his detention.

Even after being brought before the judge, Brett maintained his innocence and entered a not-guilty plea. His attorneys then advanced the argument of self-defense in an effort to have the charges dropped. But the jury had other ideas, and in 2016, Brett was given two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole after being found guilty on two charges of first-degree murder. He is currently still imprisoned at the Perry Corrections Facility in Pelzer, South Carolina.

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