Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 2: Recap and Mind-Bending Ending

Rampo is able to escape from the grasp of the police in “Bungo Stray Dogs” season 5 episode 2 titled “The Answer to Everything” because of Officer Minoura and others who share his belief in the persuasiveness of what he says. In a quick meeting in Anne’s Chamber, the Armed Detective Agency discusses a few crucial issues. Fukuchi is hired by the UN to head a counterterrorism team to take on the Armed Detective Agency in the meanwhile. However, it appears that Fukuchi has his own ideas. Here is all the information you require regarding the conclusion of “Bungo Stray Dogs” season 5 episode 2. Spoilers follow!

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 2 Recap

Rampo is saved by Minoura just before he is going to be arrested and imprisoned after pleading with the cops to listen to their souls. Although a sizable portion of the officers remain opposed to him, his appeal does seem to have motivated some, and he has been able to win over enough supporters to secure his release once more. It turns out that Rampo himself wasn’t entirely certain that his strategy would succeed, but in the end, everything worked out in his favour.

The Armed Detective Agency members eventually get to briefly meet in Anne’s chamber later. The fact that they are so gifted gives reason for optimism despite the fact that the deck is firmly stacked against them. The UN is currently putting together a counterterrorism force to take against the Armed Detective Agency, who are still classified as terrorists. It’s interesting to note that the UN requests Fukuchi’s assistance and wants him to oversee the entire operation.

Although he makes it clear that he does not think the Armed Detective Agency poses a serious threat, Fukuchi accepts the position of commander of the counterterrorism unit. He even succeeds in persuading everyone to shift the operation’s emphasis to the Decay of the Angel. Later, Rampo runs into Fukuchi, and he persuades him to assist in his search for Kamui’s reality-altering website.

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 2 Ending: How is Kamui Related to Fukuchi?

To leave the island, Atsushi boards the VIP Guest Ship Boswellian alongside Rampo and Fukuchi. Fukuchi appears to be the Armed Detective Agency’s new hope as they fight an uphill battle against a hill. He commands great respect as a legendary samurai, and even Atsushi is in awe of him. Rampo, however, continues to be informal and even refers to Fukuchi as a “lame man.” Assisting helplessly, Atsushi witnesses the two get into a small-minded argument as a result.

Rampo, in Atsushi’s opinion, still needs to take into account all the relevant details and has a chance of discovering Kamui’s real identity. He finally gets him to apply his ultra-deduction skills, and the result is a startling discovery. Rampo contends that Kamui has the capacity to influence intelligent individuals like Nikolai and Fyodor. He must have some relationship to the Armed Detective Agency in addition to having a direct financial stake in the attacks.

Rampo comes to the conclusion that Kamui can only be Fukuchi after putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. He attempts to flee as soon as he realises his error. Rampo quickly vanishes by using Poe’s books. Even while it makes sense for Atsushi to flee as well given that Kamui has the ability to tenfold any weapon’s power, he yet refuses to stay and takes a chance.

Despite the fact that this is an inherently dangerous choice, if he can pull it off, Armed Detective Agency will finally achieve a big win. However, Fukuchi also carries the reality-altering page, which elevates the significance of the conflict in the overall scheme of things. Atsushi has always had someone at his side, but now it seems like he is fighting alone until it is discovered that Akutagawa is also on the same ship, which further complicates the situation.

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