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All CB Radio Fortnite Locations – How And Where To Interact With A CB radio In Believer Beach

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After we said farewell to them after completing the Foreshadowing tasks that led us to the conclusion of the previous season, Fortnite CB radios have made a comeback to the island. Sunny is now trying to intercept a communication in place of Bunker Jonesy, and in order to complete the associated legendary section of the Fortnite Week 5 tasks, you must engage with a CB radio in order to hear Mari’s broadcast. It’s convenient that Sunny has kept these gadgets in her part of Fortnite, making it easy to find all of the receivers there. If you’re seeking for more specific information, though, then these are all the locations of the Fortnite CB radios.

Fortnite CB Radios locations in Believer Beach

The Fortnite CB radios are now all contained within the Believer Beach point of interest, as opposed to their prior appearance when they were scattered over the entire island. They can be recognised because they are seated on fold-out tables next to tin foil caps, which is another allusion to the current extraterrestrial invasion and conspiracy. For your convenience, we’ve indicated the following five areas on the map where you might find Fortnite CB radios:

by the west entrance to the trailer park, by the side of the road
at the northeastern part of the trailer park.
In the centre parking lot, underneath the magenta gazebo.
On the pier, underneath the magenta gazebo
Just outside the enclosed pool, on the eastern end of the beach
You can hear Mari’s message and go to the next legendary quest by simply approaching any of the Fortnite CB radios on Believer Beach and following the Tune prompt.

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