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Swamp People Couple Chase Landry And Cheyenne “Pickle” Wheat Still Dating Pickle?


Audiences and viewers are currently more interested in gossip than anything else in today’s globe. This time, it concerns two hunters who are ‘supposedly’ dating after which there was a confirmation. Then, shortly after, there started to circulate many rumours of a breakup. Chase Landry and Cheyenne “Pickle” Wheat, the apex hunters, are in fact present.

One of the Landry trios, which also includes Troy and Jacob Landry, is Chase Landry. They have carved out a fascinating career for themselves in alligator hunting. Alligator hunting is a difficult chore to manage, even if hunting in general might be intimidating. But during the past few years, this trio has done it wonderfully. Let’s get to know Chase Landry, who is renowned for having a charismatic personality both on and off camera. He is a superb shot and one of the top hunters in the entire globe. He has a proven track record of controlling Louisiana’s hazardous wetlands and hunting areas.

But because of his private personality, it is undoubtedly a little tough to learn anything about his personal life. His absence from social media is also detrimental to the cause. Troy Landry just gave the public a brief glimpse into his private life, and ever since, a number of interesting speculations about his life have surfaced. Everyone has been wondering whether or if Cheyenne “Pickle” Wheat, the star of the Swamp People, and Chase Landry are dating.

Are They Still Dating?

Chase Landry and Cheyenne Wheat are the “it” pair from the hunting grounds since they get along well with one another. They are being transported together as a result of the positive response to their “status” notification made through Cheyenne. The two do have a great love and desire for crazy escapades. They also have a strong bond because of their love of animals and, paradoxically, hunting. However, the amount of adrenaline in the wild hunting areas felt a little excessive.

The number of posts in the public forum had decreased and eventually vanished ever since the rumour went haywire. And it appears that Pickle has stopped uploading photos of herself with Chase. The relationship she has with Chase’s father, though, is unexpected and intriguing. Since the photographs with Chase were removed, she is concurrently sharing photos on Facebook with Troy Landry, who she adores. The state of Chase and Pickle’s relationship is now under some debate. However, the public, or more specifically their admirers, think that they did enjoy each other’s company and had a wonderful time together. But regrettably, the couple’s relationship is somewhat ambiguous for fans, raising the query of whether they are still dating or not.

Chase is still working with the Swamp People as normal, though. And more than anything else, he appears to be less accessible to the social and digital world. His inclination is a little bit more in line with nature. Which, given that that is what he excels at, is entirely acceptable to the audience.

Is Chase Landry into the “Pickle” of Things?

Troy Landry made the significant discovery that he was the grandpa of Chase’s firstborn several years ago. Both to the crowd and the media, it was a tremendous event. because Chase lived a life of secrecy as a famous person. Suddenly, the revelation that he is a parent spreads via his father’s Facebook post and sparks a complete uprising. However, shortly following that report, numerous media publications asserted that he was married to Chelsea Kinsey and that they were the parents of the child. However, the actual twist in the story emerged when it was revealed that Chase and Chelsea had broken up shortly after the birth of their child.

Soon after, Cheyenne “Pickle” Wheat of the Swamp People was said to be dating Chase. In the year 2020, Pickle, as they refer to Cheyenne, changed her relationship status to “In a Relationship with Chase Landry” and shared multiple photos of themselves together on Facebook. At that point, everyone realised they were connected.


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