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10 Best Coming-Of-Age Movies On Netflix

Movies about coming of age hold a particular place in practically everyone’s heart. There are countless movies on Netflix that perfectly represent growing up and its common challenges. In this genre, themes like rebellion, heartbreak, illness, new love, and self-discovery are rather frequent.

The coming-of-age genre has improved throughout time, allowing for more inclusive, diverse, and interesting stories about young people coming into their own. These Netflix films span a wide range of topics that will appeal to a wide audience, including both younger viewers and older fans who have already experienced these life events.


Alex Strangelove Is An LGBTQ+ Staple

Coming out and sexuality are touchy subjects, but Alex Strangelove deftly handles the complexities and difficulties of Alex coming to terms with his sexual orientation. Alex, who has been coerced into a heteronormative lifestyle by society, discovers his true self when he meets Elliott, an openly gay man.

The LGBTQ+ icon Alex Strangelove is progressive but sensitive. The film has a lot of clever humour and offers a sophisticated and compelling view of Alex’s coming-of-age. In his portrayal of the troubled young guy, Daniel Doheny excels.

Five Feet Apart Discusses Chronic Illness And Love

Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson’s Five Feet Apart is a heartbreaking movie that delves into the world of young people with disabilities and chronic illnesses. The two characters frequently face difficult life choices at a young age when they may not know any better.

Since Stella and Will have cystic fibrosis and can potentially die from physical contact, their relationship is forbidden. In Five Feet Apart, themes of first love, grief, and heartbreak predominate, and the no-contact idea is novel.

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Frances Ha Follows A 27-Year-Old Woman

The majority of coming-of-age films coexist with teen films, but Greta Gerwig’s Frances Ha follows a young Frances who is in her late 20s. Even though she is 27 years old, she finds it difficult to behave like an adult.

This monochromatic picture, which was made in the French New Wave style, is oddly disconnected, wanders off course, and offers a meandering tale of ballerina Frances’ life. Frances Ha is an audacious depiction of a young woman’s struggle with female friendship, jealously, ambition, love, and a quest for her true self throughout it all.

Moxie Is An Inspiring Tale Of Standing Up For What’s Right

In Moxie, the venerable SNL alum Amy Poehler provides audiences a vibrant film about young women asserting their rights. In Moxie, sexual harassment and sexism in high school are examined. Vivian, the main character, stumbles discovers her mother’s feminist zines, which motivates her to create her own anonymous newspaper that exposes the bullying, sexual harassment, and locker room gossip that are prevalent among boys in her school.

A movie with good intentions, Moxie examines racism and sexism through the perspectives of young women. Watching these young women struggle for their rights and open the door for future generations to live freely is incredibly inspirational.

Prerna Faces An Impossible Choice In Skater Girl

Skater Girl is a sports drama that blends a coming-of-age story with an emphasis on young people in a Rajasthani village. Teen Prerna leads a life there constrained by gender standards set by society. When strangers wander into the community and start teaching her to skate, her life changes.

Prerna is then given the choice of defying convention and competing in the National Skateboarding Championship or maintaining the status quo. Skater Girl is an uplifting film with strong performances and an 88% Rotten Tomatoes rating. In an unexpected environment of pastoral India, the film brilliantly captures the liberation that skating gives.

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Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Is A Cult Classic

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is mostly recognised as a humorous romantic comedy, but it’s also regarded as a cult coming-of-age movie. While watching Ramona’s wicked ex-boyfriends, viewers also observed a young man’s inner development and self-acceptance. This was in addition to the bombastic art direction of a comic book come to life.

Scott Pilgrim, starring Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, highlighted how Scott’s ongoing self-doubt transformed into self-love while he also owned up to his mistakes. There are many things to learn about young love and how to handle its storm when you’re young and naive.

Tall Girl Discusses Insecurities And Teenage Years

Even the slightest things can often make a young person feel isolated. The book Tall Girl examines how a girl’s height can impede her personal growth during her adolescence and how she develops to get over her fears. Jodi is kept in focus as she learns to stand tall despite the fact that Tall Girl is lighthearted and unserious.

Tall Girl is a go-to film for those looking for a dramedy with a dash of growing-up knowledge sprinkled in thanks to predictable school dances, a best friend-to-boyfriend narrative, and rival love interests. Teenage struggles, growing up, and anxieties are among topics covered in the film.

The Fundamentals Of Caring Is A Sweet Story Of Healing

A sweet tale of recovery and overcoming constraints, The Fundamentals of Caring. Ben, played by Paul Rudd, is a newly unemployed writer who chooses to enrol in a caregiving school. He eventually teams up with Trevor, a young man with an unusual condition, played by Craig Roberts.

The Fundamentals of Caring is an emotive picture with certain independent film hallmarks that entirely focuses on characters and their growth as well as the heartwarming link that forms between the carer and care recipient. Dot from Selena Gomez helps Trevor and Ben pull each other out of their tremendous pain.

The Half Of It Is A Tender LGBTQ+ Love Story

The Half of It is a touching adaptation of Edmund Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac and is marketed as a coming-of-age film that everyone should see at least once. In the Tribeca Film Festival winner, a jock named Paul Munsky and a quiet girl named Ellie Chu form an unexpected bond. As Ellie writes letters to his crush on his behalf because he is unable to do so himself, the two become closer.

The Half of It rejects the conventional formula, which distinguishes it from other coming-of-age movies. In a cute LGBTQ+ twist, Ellie actually begins to fall for Paul’s crush. The Half of It also shows Paul and Ellie developing a true friendship as their arrangement becomes more stable. Ellie’s life as a lesbian immigrant is discussed instead of the standard rom-com formula.

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To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Kicked Off A Trilogy

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, which was based on Jenny Han’s popular YA novels, was one of the few coming-of-age films to find both commercial and critical success. It illuminated Korean culture while narrating the endearing tale of Lara-first Jean’s love, how she dealt with her affections for her sister’s lover, and her thoughts toward all the boys she had previously dated.

This coming-of-age story is charming, cosy, and doesn’t frighten or startle viewers. Instead, they are engulfed by the cheery atmosphere and endearing characters in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.



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