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10 Countries That Watch Most Adult Videos, #5 Is Really Surprising


If you are a big fan of porn, you might need to pay attention here. thank god for your porn watching habits, these porn stars are now millionaires and the porn business is worth Billions of dollars. These people contributing to the staggering numbers will give them the honor to be among the top ten countries that watch the most adult videos.

10. Brazil

Brazil managed to remain in the top ten. Lesbian, stepmom, milf and teen are some of the most searched keywords in Brazil.

9. Italy

Italians show their fascination for adult content and put the country on the ninth spot of our list.

8. Australia

The main keywords that were searched by the Australians are “Aussie Gay”, “Teen”, “Asian” and “Lesbian”. Adult videos are ultra popular in Australia hence, the country ended up on eighth spot in our list.

7. Germany

Germany grabbed the seventh spot in our most adult watching countries list. Undoubtedly, adult movies and series are one of their prime interests.

6. France

Popular as a romantic city France is no stranger to adult movies and the fascination of adult videos brought them the sixth spot.

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5. Japan

The most popular searched term in Japan is Teen and Asian. However, the country is worldwide popular for their Hentai genre. Although, the adult rate is coming down in Japan but it still holds the fifth spot.

4. Canada

Lisa, Teen and Massage are the top searches in Canada. The adult site witnesses a special interest from the Canadians on Mondays. Apart from it the month of January brings most of the views.

3. India

Apart from Sunny Leone and Mia Khalifa, Indians shows their interest in “Indian” and “Indian Bhabhi”. Nearly 40% of the Indian traffic is from Delhi. Undoubtedly, adult videos are arresting all the interest of Indians.

2. United Kingdom

United Kingdom is the second biggest adult content lover country in the world. Searching lesbian, British and Milf, country brings a huge traffic to the adult sites.

1. United States

Undoubtedly, United State is the biggest adult content lover country in the world. With the main searches, Step-Mom Step sister and Asians, the Americans are the top traffic contributors to these porn sites.

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