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Deadloch Finale Recap: Unmasking the Killer

‘Deadloch’ is an Australian crime comedy series that can be watched on Amazon Studios. It was created by Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan, also referred to as the Kates. The storyline centres on senior sergeant Dulcie Collins (Kate Box) and detective Eddie Redcliffe (Madeleine Sami) as they look into a string of killings in the fictional village of Deadloch. They initially think the murderer to be a woman, which colours their inquiry for a while before they realise how mistaken they are. In the Deadloch season one finale, Dulcie and Eddie face a tight deadline to track down the vanished bus that was bringing all the town’s men. Miranda and Tammy unearth a long-kept truth. Hastings and his officers, meanwhile, turn out to be pretty ineffective. Here is all the information you might need regarding the conclusion of episode 8 of “Deadloch.” Spoilers follow.

Deadloch Episode 8 Recap

Where the penultimate episode left off, the season finale picks up. Nearly every woman in the town has been detained by Hastings, including the mayor, and is being held in a holding cell. Dulcie and Eddie had come to the conclusion that it must be a man because women don’t murder for attention. Their entire investigation is turned on its head by this. The episode opens with a nude man screaming and running. Later, it is discovered that he is Phil Mcgangus. He is still alive, but like the other victims of the serial killer, his tongue has been removed.

deadloch season 2,ray pies deadloch,deadloch william carruthers,deadloch episode 8

Dulcie asks Victoria if she recalls who picked her up and transported her to the mayor’s house as Abby discovered the shoe Victoria misplaced the night her husband passed away. After handing off Victoria, the murderer is thought to have driven back and slain Sam O’Dwyer, Victoria’s husband. Victoria, however, is ill, and she frequently struggles with memory. The police believe Margaret Carruthers’ brother William is a potential suspect because the murderer was seen driving William’s automobile, but he has reportedly been absent from Deadloch for the past six years. Victoria remembers all of a sudden that the killer’s automobile had music playing when she was inside.

Hastings concludes that Skye is the murderer since she is not one of the ladies in the cell. He removes Dulcie from her job due to her close friendship with Skye when she and Eddie insist the murderer is a guy. When a nude and hurt Phil shows up, and the cops learn that the bus bringing all the men hasn’t arrived at its destination, his suspicions are only confirmed. Dulcie and Eddie start to doubt whether they got it right this time and whether the murderer is actually a guy as fear spreads across the police station.

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Deadloch Episode 8 Ending: Who is the Killer?

Dulcie continues her research with the aid of Eddie, Sven, and Abby despite being suspended. Her scepticism about their theory grows when she learns that Skye’s automobile was formerly close to the bus. She learns that buses are too large to travel from Deadloch by sea. The 18 men are either still in Deadloch, or they were moved to a smaller van. Dulcie rightfully objects to Skye’s plan to load up her Subaru and go away.

Phil made it back to the town despite his condition, which makes Dulcie think that the bus must be nearby. She and Eddie visit a servo or petrol station proprietor, who, like practically everyone else in this strange town, is a one-of-a-kind individual. They are initially perplexed when the detective manages to discover from her that the bus was driven back to Deadloch. Additionally, they discover the murderer was wearing a gas mask and realise he used a gas to render his victims unconscious. Ultimately, the bus is discovered at the base of a cliff overlooking the ocean, but none of the victims are there. Before driving the empty bus towards the cliff, Dulcie and Eddie come to the realisation that the killer put the victims elsewhere. He exited just in time for the bus to crash, then returned to the victims. The detectives call nearby wineries to see if anyone has checked in with the 18 victims as they work to figure out where the attacker has brought the victims. That, however, has no effect.

Sven learns that the murderer picked up Skye’s Subaru and the phones using an Airtasker and drove them aboard the ferry to confuse the detectives. However, the name he chose ultimately proves to be his downfall. His first victim was a Sydney prostitute by the name of Louise McEwan. Hannah, the detective Dulcie had an affair with in Sydney, confirms that the murderer had intended to target another prostitute, but she had managed to flee and given a description of the assailant. Three events take place at once. Victoria recalls the song, Hannah gives the man’s identikit image, and Eddie recognises the familiar donkey.

deadloch season 2,ray pies deadloch,deadloch william carruthers,deadloch episode 8

Ray McLintock (Duncan Fellows), the murderer, is exposed. He began with prostitutes because he believed pursuing them would benefit society since they were seen as undesirables. He learned about Deadloch from Skye when his second intended victim managed to escape, settled there, and recreated himself as the world began to shift around him. The awful men, the new undesirables, were his new victims.

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Eddie is absolutely shocked by the entire situation because she has been dating the man. He lied to her by saying the donkey was dead. He chose to treat his victims with the pentobarbital he obtained from Cath. At Geoff Haddick’s Farm, the property that Cath had previously bought, Eddie and Dulcie discover Ray and the men he was about to murder. James’ tongue has already been severed by Ray. He stabs Dulcie as he flees, but she pulls through. When Eddie pursues her, Ray almost kills her, but Dulcie steps in. Ray eventually drowns after becoming impaled on a tree branch while trying to flee across a stream.

What Happened to William Caruthers?

The audience are lead to believe that Margaret’s brother, William Caruthers, is the murderer at the conclusion of the previous episode. But the more Abby observes the man, the more she comes to the conclusion that he cannot be the one. After a disagreement with her about Caruthers Island, Margaret claims he departed Deadloch and is currently in Ubud, Indonesia. However, Sven discovers that William’s passport hasn’t been used in the time that he has allegedly been absent from Deadloch.

deadloch season 2,ray pies deadloch,deadloch william carruthers,deadloch episode 8

The truth is out: Margaret killed her own brother for wanting to return Caruthers Island to Miranda and Tammy’s family. Later, Margaret made up the story that it was her brother who had been reluctant to return the island. Margaret wonders whether her brother is indeed dead and visits his grave on the island after the authorities start asking her about his whereabouts. She is bitten by a tiger snake there while she digs William’s tomb. She is found by Miranda and Tammy after they come on the island under the impression that the killer has taken victims there. Margaret tries to shoot Miranda after they discover what happened to William, but Tammy stops her. When the girls turn around, Margaret has already passed away.

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Do Dulcie and Cath stay together? Do they leave Deadloch?

As the first season comes to a close, Dulcie and Cath are still together after resolving their problems. Cath does, however, consent to their departure from Deadloch. It turns out that, for the time being at least, Darwin has become their new home. Eddie received a call from the spouse of her former partner earlier in the episode, letting her know that he had been shot and confirming that she had been correct the entire time, just as Dulcie was beginning to lose faith. When Dulcie and Eddie pay a visit to the former partner of Eddie, they inform his widow that they are come to investigate his murder.

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