Dean Milo murder case

Dean Milo Murder Case: Examining the Details of the Mysterious Crime

When Georgia Tsarnas arrived at the Bath, Ohio home of multimillionaire cosmetic tycoon Constantine Dean Milo on August 11, 1980, Dean Milo was murdered.

Milo’s car was parked in the garage, but when she rang the doorbell, no one came to the door.

She entered the house using the key Milo’s wife had given her, only to discover something horrific in the entryway.

He was wearing backward jockey shorts and was dead on the floor, face down in a pool of blood, with a bullet wound in his head.

Georgia promptly called Dean’s lawyer and notified him of the horrific scene after being horrified by what she had discovered.

The mystery of the Dean Milo murder

To look into the killing of Dean Milo, the Bath Township Police Department was contacted. As the investigation got underway, it became clear that the victim had many adversaries, some of whom were members of his own family.

To identify the offender, the police launched a protracted and difficult investigation that revealed embarrassing details that would shake Bath Township for years.

Dean and the family business

He was sprung from Albanian immigrants who had established a prosperous cosmetics company in Akron, Ohio.

Victim and his siblings Fred and Sophie helped Milo Barber and Beauty (B&B), the family business, grow.

The Milo family became one of the wealthiest in Ohio as a result of Dean’s creative ideas and keen economic acumen.

However, his financial success and way of doing things alienated his rivals in the cosmetics sector.

The evidence at the crime scene

The police found evidence throughout their investigation into Dean Milo’s murder that suggests it was not a random burglary.

The home had not been broken into for anything of value, and the victim had been shot several times.

Investigators also discovered odd objects, including a pair of shorts that were worn backwards, cotton in his mouth, a blank telegraph, and tissue paper that had semen stains on it.

The investigators’ task became more difficult as a result of these puzzling hints.

Milo’s family tensions and suspicions

Dean’s wife recruited William “Bill” Dear as a private investigator to look into the issue further after growing impatient with the slow progress of the official investigation.

Dear found out Milo had rivals in his own family. Family conflicts were greatly exacerbated by his dominance over the family business and his termination of Fred, Sophie, and Lonnie.

Katina, the mother of the victims, thought he was driving relatives out of business, further straineding their connection.

The siblings had grown apart due to animosity, jealousy, and disagreements regarding the family company.

A break in the case

As the investigation into the murder of Dean Milo progressed, the police began focusing their attention on potential suspects, and Fred Milo was one of them.

However, Fred had proof that he was away on a business trip in another state at the time of the murder, so he could not have been there.

Together with the police, a private eye by the name of Bill Dear made the decision to increase the prize in the hopes that it might entice witnesses to come forward with fresh information.

They received a tip pointing them in the direction of Terry Lea King, who was allegedly connected to the murder.

As a result of this tip, they were able to apprehend Tom Mitchell, who admitted to his involvement in the crime and said that King and Barry Boyd, a lawyer and a close friend of Fred Milo, were also complicit.

Confessions and implications

Tom Mitchell admitted to being engaged in the murder and named Terry Lea King when the pressure in the Dean Milo murder investigation rose.

King acknowledged that Barry Boyd had paid her to have him killed. Boyd was consequently detained and confessed his involvement, stating that Fred Milo had approached him and asked him to do the murder.

Tony Riddle, a different suspect, admitted to being involved and held Fred accountable. Capital Beauty Supply employee Ray Sesic was also taken into custody.

The police needed to acquire additional information even though the evidence against Fred Milo was beginning to mount.

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