Deanna Cook Murder: Seeking Justice for a Tragic Crime

The Deanna Cook Murder has affected the victim’s family and is a horribly heartbreaking tragedy.

Deanna Cook, a devoted mother of two girls, was well-known for her kind disposition and love of running.

On August 17, 2012, nevertheless, her life was cruelly and unexpectedly cut short when her lifeless body was found in her bathtub.

Her family was devastated by this unexpected finding as they struggled with the loss of a cherished daughter, sister, and mother.

Delvecchio Patrick was apprehended, found guilty, and sentenced; he was given an 85-year prison term for her murder.

Let’s look at how she passed away, how her body was found, who committed the crime, and where Delvecchio Patrick is now.

Deanna Cook background

Cook, De Antoinette Patrick was meant to lead a full and fulfilling life. She was raised in Dallas, Texas, where she embraced her passion for running and love of animals.

She set numerous records in the 200 and 400 meter events while still in high school.

Delvecchio Patrick found love, and their union resulted in the birth of two children.

Sadly, Deanna’s life’s rich tapestry of love, passion, and accomplishments came to a heartbreaking end.

How Did Deanna Cook Die?

Deanna Cook tragically passed away at her southeast Dallas, Texas, home on August 17, 2012. Deanna, 32, was the victim of a horrible murder that devastated her family.

Investigations conducted thereafter indicated that she had most likely passed away two days earlier.

Alarmed by her daughter’s lack of communication and missed call, Deanna’s mother hurried to her house only to learn the heartbreaking truth.

It sought retribution for the horrific crime that had separated her from them.

How was Deanna Cook’s body found?

After Deanna Cook’s family went two days without hearing from her, they started to worry more and more. When they went to her house in southeast Dallas, Texas, they discovered that it was locked.

They busted a window to go inside out of concern and impatience and sadly found Deanna’s lifeless body in the bathtub.

Their lives were forever changed by the tragic loss of a dear family member.

Their worst suspicions turned out to be chillingly accurate when they made the decision to break a window in order to enter the property.

The horrific scene that greeted them inside was permanently seared in their memories.

Nobody could have anticipated such a horrifying sight: Deanna’s lifeless body was submerged in the bathtub.

An unforgettably tragic event left them to deal with the deep loss of a beloved family member, casting a dark shadow over their life for the rest of time.

Who Killed Deanne Cook?

Delvecchio Patrick, Deanna Cook’s husband, was a target of suspicion from the outset of the inquiry.

It was well known that their relationship was tumultuous and aggressive. Patrick had previously threatened and assaulted her.

In January 2012, their divorce was officially finalized; yet, Patrick continued to threaten her life.

A call between Deanna and a 911 operator on August 17, 2012, was recorded, and it revealed evidence of a violent altercation between the former and Patrick prior to Deanna’s death.

At the end of the call, Patrick kept screaming, “I’m gonna kill you.”

The cops showed up at Deanna’s residence about an hour after the call, but no one was home.

They discovered Deanna dead in her own bathtub since there had been a report of a disturbance.

Due to several outstanding warrants for Delvecchio Patrick’s arrest for the murder of Deanna Cook, authorities detained him in Balch Springs, Texas, on the same day.

Where is Delvecchio Patrick now?

The trial for Delvecchio Patrick started in May 2015, and several witnesses, primarily the victim’s neighbor, testified.

They testified against him and mentioned a number of instances in which they allegedly witnessed or overheard the accused hitting or abusing his wife.

After that, the jury gave him an 85-year prison term for killing his ex-wife Deanna Cook in 2012.

At 3001 Emily Drive in Beeville, in the William G. McConnell Unit, he served out his sentence.

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