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Diana Rojas Missing: The Mysterious Disappearance That Still Haunts

Authorities are still investigating Diana Rojas’ disappearance and trying to figure out what happened to the young woman from Long Beach.

Diana’s family has now made another appeal to the public for help in finding their missing 15-year-old.

On May 29, they last saw her. She was seen by a neighbor’s security camera getting into a silver BMW with an unidentified adult male close to her home.

Diana’s mother, Elizabeth Gonzaga, begs for help in finding her daughter. Their family has suffered because of Diana’s protracted absence, therefore they are anxious to have her return.

A disturbing phone call after two months

Recently, Diana’s family received a troubling call that made their search much more urgent.

Diana admitted in the conversation that she had been physically abused and wasn’t sure where she was.

After Diana contacted her family on July 1 via Instagram, Elizabeth Gonzaga, her mother, has made a sincere appeal for help.

Diana Rojas, whose current whereabouts are unclear, recently claimed to be in the Bloomington region, around an hour’s drive from her Long Beach residence.

Given her habit of doing so, there is speculation among the police that Diana may have fled. She had already been discovered in Los Angeles.

The police have given her a description of Diana to aid with her quest. She stands about 5-foot-3 tall and weighs about 165 pounds.

Her eyes and hair are both brown.

Family Says Diana Was Lured

Because the girl ran away in 2021, Diana’s family claims that police “aren’t doing enough,” according to a local ABC.

Diana, according to her rel atives, was “lured” two years ago and did not elope on her own.

Her family claims that they are worried about her mental stability as a result of the previous occurrence. Diana’s aunt Millie Ayvar remarked, “Keeping kids against their will is against the law, it’s a crime.”

She is still a minor, regardless of whether she claims to be in her right mind or that she wishes to remain in her current relationship.

Police Investigation

The situation of Diana Rojas, who has been reported missing, is currently being thoroughly investigated by the Long Beach Police Department.

They run into some challenges, though, because they don’t fully comprehend where the adolescent is right now.

Diana had purposefully left her phone behind before she vanished, which made it much harder to find her. This was a big issue.

The public is being urged by authorities to come forward with any information they may have that would be useful to the inquiry.

Search Continues

Police and Diana’s family are still looking for the Long Beach adolescent. The family is requesting information from anyone who may be aware of Diana’s whereabouts.

While the hunt for solutions and justice continues, the Diana Rojas missing person case investigation is ongoing.

Worries about mental stability

Diana had previously run away two years ago, and according to Diana’s family, the Long Beach Police Department isn’t doing enough.

The family asserts that she was persuaded into a car during the earlier event rather than escaping on her own.

They claim that they have concerns regarding her mental stability since that incident.

The teen’s family claims that when she called them on July 1 via Instagram, Diana Rojas sounded scared.

Moses Castillo, a retired investigator from the Los Angeles Police Department, has been assisting Diana Rojas’ family in their search for her.

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