Is Diary of a Gigolo On Netflix Based on a True Story Or Inspired By True Events?

The Spanish-language Netflix series “Diary of a Gigolo,” which was originally titled “Diario de un Gigoló,” is about Emanuel Morillo, a sought-after gigolo who entertains a number of famous women. When he starts dating Julia Bolonte, the daughter of one of his clients, his life takes an unexpected turn. His friendship with Julia opens the door for a number of unexpected outcomes, including the passing of her mother, Ana Miró Sanz.

The Sebastián Ortega-created story moves forward as the inquiry into Ana’s death reveals various long-kept secrets about those close to her. The mystery series is successful in providing both a compelling murder mystery and a close-up look at a gigolo’s life. We have investigated the show’s history to determine whether it has any real-world parallels because we were inspired by the same. This is what we uncovered!

Is Diary of a Gigolo a True Story?

It is not true that “Diary of a Gigolo” is based on a factual story. Sebastián Ortega, the show’s creator, came up with the entire plotline in the beginning, including the plot involving Ana’s murder. Although the protagonist Emanuel Morillo’s existence as a gigolo is fictional, Ortega seems to have based it on truth. The problems Emanuel faces, particularly those involving his emotions, provide a glimpse into the struggles faced by male escorts employed all over the world. Instead of focusing on the glitzy lifestyle of gigolos, the show uses Emanuel’s character to examine the emotional struggles they have.

Jess Castro, who plays Emanuel, said candidly about how his character’s existence is comparable to that of guys who work as professional male escorts in an interview from January 2022. Castro claimed that it was challenging for him to learn the intricacies of the sex trade in order to prepare for his role. The actor also alluded to the “suffering” experienced by the male escorts who devote their entire lives to their work. Despite being a fictitious character, Emanuel still struggles with his emotions, especially since he is expected to put aside his affections for Julia in order to perform professionally, much like real-life male escorts do. Emanuel and the story of the show are more authentic because of this relatability.

Both Emanuel and Julian are wonderful providers of affection but they never succeed in receiving it, which makes Emanuel’s existence reminiscent of that of Julian Kay, one of the most recognisable gigolo characters and the main character of Paul Schrader’s well-known film “American Gigolo.” When they do, through Julia and Michelle Stratton, they encounter a series of difficulties. While Charles Stratton stands between Julian and Michelle, Minou Arias asks Emanuel to forget Julia. There are more parallels to be found. In both “Diary of a Gigolo” and “American Gigolo,” the protagonist’s customer is killed.

The show’s exploration of the lack of enjoyment in traditional marriages, sexual experimentation, the division of physical and emotional intimacy, etc. are some of the aspects that are relevant to real life. “Diary of a Gigolo” also succeeds in opening a gateway to the world of the sex trade as detailed as “American Gigolo.” In addition, the plot of “Diary of a Gigolo” exposes the shocking severity of drug addiction as well as the substance serolixine, which is produced by Ana and Julia’s company. The demonstrations against the medicine and Bolonte Laboratories bring to mind the various demonstrations that have taken place in real life against pharmaceutical firms and “pharma greed.”

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