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Lord of the Rings Characters & Their Harry Potter Counterparts


Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings are widely regarded as two of the most popular fantasy series of all time. Both franchises are based on classic storytelling and mythic ideas, thus there are many parallels to be drawn between them.

While The Lord of the Rings was published decades before Harry Potter, it’s fun to think about how the characters from each series are similar. Here are the characters who seem to be the best match for one another.

Arwen: Hermione Granger

Because there aren’t many female characters in the Lord of the Rings series, Hermione was difficult to match to a character. Most of the women in Lord of the Rings are just love interests or side characters, whereas Hermione is a far more active and prominent character in Harry Potter.

However, both of these women are intelligent and loving individuals. This is the best match for Arwen that could be made.

Eowyn: Ginny

While Eowyn may resemble fans of Hermione, she is more like Ginny because of her persistence and the general attitude she exudes.

While Ginny isn’t a member of the main trio, she does her part to combat Voldemort and even assists Dumbledore in reactivating Dumbledore’s Army. Eowyn is also a fearless lady who defies societal boundaries to fight for what she believes in.

Frodo: Harry Potter

Because they are the protagonists of their respective series, Frodo and Harry are clear equivalents. They are two characters tasked with defeating dark lords and saving the planet.

They also have dark hair and light eyes, which they have in common. Other parallels include the fact that both of their parents are deceased and that they both hail from privileged backgrounds. Not to mention that the performers have a striking resemblance.

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Galadriel: Professor McGonagall

Galadriel is a powerful elf with magical skills who can be a little mysterious. In these aspects, she resembles McGonagall the most.

They are both strong, capable women who are underappreciated by other characters and fans. Furthermore, they have both lived long lives, which means they have a wealth of wisdom and experience to share with others around them. They’re also both rather frightening.

Gandalf: Dumbledore

This is yet another obvious parallel that many fans have drawn throughout time. Both Gandalf and Dumbledore are traditional mentor types that are enigmatic, a little attractive, and who guide the hero to their destiny.

Dumbledore was clearly inspired by Gandalf and other characters like him, and the two are similar in many respects.

Gimli: Fred Or George Weasley

Gimli, at least in the films, serves as the Fellowship’s comic relief in the same manner that Fred and George do in Harry Potter.
They also all have red hair. While they are incredibly different, Gimli seems to be the most like Fred or George because they are both humorous and like to joke about. In addition, Gimli and the twins each try their hardest to battle evil in their worlds and to help others.

Gollum: Dobby

There are several differences between Dobby and Gollum. For one thing, Dobby is a charming divine figure who assists Harry. Gollum, on the other hand, is a primarily malevolent (though not wholly) creature who is unconcerned about Frodo.
But the main reason these two are counterparts is because they have a striking resemblance that suggests Gollum influenced Dobby’s looks.

Grima: Peter Pettigrew

Grima and Peter Pettigrew have a similar impression of each other. They’re both described as filthy and unpleasant, and because of their sniveling personalities, they remind people of rodents.

They both serve an evil lord and hold grudges against their master due to how they are treated.

Sam: Ron Weasley

Because Samwise doesn’t have a personality like Ron’s, it was a little more difficult to locate a match for him. However, given of their role in the tale, it’s most natural to group these two together. Both Ron and Sam are the hero’s closest friends.

They assist the protagonist of a hate narrative in overcoming evil and achieving their goal. While both are loyal, Sam is more so than Ron in general.

Sauron: Lord Voldemort

Because both Sauron and Voldemort are the series’ final adversaries, this is a clear parallel. They are both known as dark lords and are the personification of evil.

Furthermore, both of these individuals lose their power and their corporeal shape at some point while waiting to regain it. Plus, Voldermot had the Slytherin ring and Sauron had the One Ring, therefore they both have portions of their souls kept in rings.

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