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10 Hanging Questions Post Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness | What’s Next?


This article contains Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness SPOILERS!

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has officially arrived in theaters, and fans can’t stop raving about what they’ve seen. Director Sam Raimi creates an MCU film unlike any other in terms of emotional undertone, fan service, and horror aspects.

The MCU’s Multiverse of Madness explored the multiverse’s stakes as well as Doctor Strange, America Chavez, and Wanda Maximoff’s character development. The film resolves multiverse issues, but the stunning climax and post-credit scenes hint to future MCU plotlines and leave fans wondering about the fates of some characters.

Are America Chavez’s Parents Still Alive?

America Chavez is the newest MCU character, and her ability to travel among multiverses makes her a significant asset to Wanda Maximoff. She has little control over her powers, and they can only be triggered under extreme stress.

She entrusts her life to Doctor Strange and confesses that before her powers manifested, she lived a happy life in her reality with her two loving mothers. She and her mothers were swept into the multiverse and separated since she had no control over it. Doctor Strange informs America that her parents are not dead, but that they are only in another dimension. This begs the question of her parents’ location, and if they’re still living, where might they be?

Could There Be An Earth-616 Version Of The Illuminati?

In Earth-838, the Illuminati is a secret society whose members make important decisions, including how to preserve the multiverse and avert its dangers. By executing their version of Doctor Strange, who had been corrupted by the Darkhold, a scene from the film showed their position as decision-makers.

The Illuminati’s presence was short-lived, however, as Wanda Maximoff single-handedly annihilated and killed all of the members except Mordo. Of course, Marvel fans would like to see more of the Illuminati in the future, which raises some questions regarding an Earth-616 version.

Could We See More Of Christine-838?

Dr. Christine Palmer was introduced as Doctor Strange’s love interest in 2016’s Doctor Strange, but there were few information about what had transpired to their relationship since then. Christine had moved on by the end of the sequel, and Doctor Strange had attended her wedding in the opening act.

However, Christine’s story does not finish there, as the sequel introduces a new Christine version from Earth-838. Christine-838, unlike Earth-616, is more involved with the multiverse and becomes a good friend of Doctor Strange. Despite her desire to visit Earth-616, she turns down Doctor Strange’s invitation to avoid a multiverse crash. However, given Christine-838’s great knowledge of the multiverse, which could be crucial to understanding this incursion, this could still lead to her reappearance in the future.

Is John Krasinski Officially Mister Fantastic, Or Was This A One-Off?

The debut of the Illuminati, which includes Captain Britain, Maria Rambeau’s Captain Marvel, the Inhumans’ Black Bolt, and Professor X, is one of the most jaw-dropping moments. Mister Fantastic from the Fantastic Four was the most surprise member reveal, and the person portraying him happened to be John Krasinski.

Mister Fantastic was a popular pick among fans, especially after Kevin Feige confirmed that a Fantastic Four film was in the works. Fans question if Marvel Studios’ bold decision to not only debut Mister Fantastic but also to cast Krasinski as the character ensured his inclusion in the film. It’s unknown whether Krasinski has been cast in the Fantastic Four film or whether this was just a one-off for fan service.

Is Wanda Maximoff Really Dead?

Wanda Maximoff, the villain, was certainly the star. Her character arc is fascinating, as the movie goes into her profound tragedy to explain her rage and following actions. She ingests the Darkhold’s darkness, which fueled her determination to find her twins. As a result, she required America’s assistance in manipulating the multiverse, even if it meant superseding the life of another variation.

Wanda eventually realized her errors and attempted to right them by destroying the Darkhold and sacrificing herself to destroy Mount Wundagore. Of course, one of the MCU’s most powerful characters appears to have died suddenly. Many people are left wondering if she is officially dead, and if not, when Wanda will return to the MCU.

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What Does Clea’s Appearance Mean For The MCU?

Theron is most likely portraying Clea, despite the fact that she does not divulge her name. Because her debut was sudden and unexpected, there was no opportunity to assess her demeanor or the role she would play in the MCU.
Fortunately, the comic’s setting may help fill in the blanks about who Clea is. Clea is Dormammu’s niece in the comics and resides in the Dark Dimension. She eventually meets Doctor Strange and eventually marries him. Clea might be vital to delving into the mysteries of the multiverse and the Dark Dimension, as well as posing as a new love interest, based on the comic book content.

What Does The Third Eye Do?

Doctor Strange’s third eye is the largest mystery that the Multiverse of Madness creates. Because to the Darkhold’s corruption, the malevolent Doctor Strange is the first to develop this. This third eye eventually emerged on Doctor Strange-616 just before the credits.

Although the third eye appears to be significant, little is known about its power or purpose. The third eye, however, is the manifestation of the Eye of Agomotto, at least in the comics. Regardless, the third eye appears to be a key feature of Doctor Strange that has the potential to augment his talents, and hopefully future MCU films will expand on its capabilities and applications.

What Else Is Next For Doctor Strange?

This question concerns not only Doctor Strange’s future adventures, but also the standalone series’ general fate. The mid-credit scene teases the following plotline, which will travel deeper into the Dark Dimension and possibly cover additional areas of cosmology and mystic arts.
Doctor Strange 3 has yet to be confirmed, despite the finale hinting at this possibility. Given Doctor Strange’s implication as the MCU’s eventual leader, his character may require further development. However, it is unclear whether Marvel fans will have to wait for a third film to see Doctor Strange or whether the strong wizard will appear in another film or associated TV show.

What Happened To Mordo-616 Anyway?

Mordo exists in the Multiverse of Madness, although not in the Doctor Strange version from 2016. Rather, the film presents the Earth-838 version, an Illuminati member and the universe’s Sorcerer Supreme. He does, however, share the Earth-616 counterpart’s extreme disdain for Doctor Strange.

This conundrum left some people wondering what had happened to Mordo-616. He was on the lookout for sorcerers, but the crisis has yet to be settled. His absence might at the very least set up a potential storyline for the third Doctor Strange film, and the ramifications of the finale of Multiverse of Madness could expand on the mystical arts and universe.

What Is This Incursion In The Dark Dimension?

Charlize Theron unexpectedly appears as the sorceress in the mid-credit sequence and gets right to work with her concerns about the “incursion.” She confronts Doctor Strange about his role in the collision, and the two of them travel to the Dark Dimension to resolve the “incursion” before the sequence ends.

Apart from the fact that a collision across multiverses triggered the incursion, little is known about it. As a result, Doctor Strange and his multiverse excursions are most likely to blame for this Dark Dimension incursion. However, because the post-credits scene references to the Dark Dimension, future narratives about Dormammu may explore the original film’s content. Furthermore, this could imply that the multiverse plot is only getting started, rather than being completed.

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