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10 Facts About the New Doctor Ncuti Gatwa, The 14th Doctor From Doctor Who


The new face of the Doctor has been revealed! With the thrilling unexpected casting of Ncuti Gatwa on May 8th, now is the ideal time for fans to learn more about the latest Doctor before he takes over the TARDIS keys from the previous Doctor, Whittaker. The second period will be led by up-and-coming actor Gatwa, who was previously responsible for restoring Doctor Who in 2005. Viewers can get to know Gatwa and his prior work before he takes over as the Doctor in 2023, following Whittaker’s regeneration in the Centennial special.

He Has Dealt With Homelessness

According to a Daily Mail interview, Gatwa was homeless before landing the part of Eric in Sex Education.
Gatwa’s story about his struggle with homelessness helps to raise awareness about the issue of homeless young people. Sharing this may provide hope to others who are through similar difficulties. By sharing his horrific experience with others, he can give others hope that they, too, can turn their lives around.

He Has Won Many Awards

Gatwa has won numerous honors for his portrayal of Eric in Sex Education, including Best Actor at the Scottish BAFTAs in 2020 and Performance of the Year at the Rose d’Or Awards in 2020.

Although many incredible performances go unnoticed by awards, Gatwa’s earlier performance has already received widespread praise. He has accomplished a lot in the television acting profession for such a young up and coming actor. This demonstrates what Gatwa is capable of when he assumes the position of Doctor.

He Is The First Black Actor To Lead Doctor Who

Gatwa will be the first BIPOC actor to play the lead in a BBC series. This is a watershed moment in Doctor Who’s history.

While BIPOC actress Jo Martin made significant progress as the Fugitive Doctor, Gatwa’s hiring as the full-time lead in Doctor Who will assist to expand the Doctor’s casting options in the future. This significant milestone may also help more diverse audiences identify with the Doctor and be inspired by him.

He Is The First Doctor To Be Born Outside The U.K.

Gatwa is the first doctor born outside of the United Kingdom. When he and his parents escaped Rwanda when he was a child, the actor was a toddler.
This is ground-breaking casting that will make more diverse viewers in the UK and throughout the world feel represented. It may also open up new opportunities for future doctors to be more diverse. Gatwa might become a spokesperson for Who fans who are also immigrants.

He Starred In Sex Education

Gatwa is most recognized for his role as Eric Effiong, a gay British-Nigerian young man, in the Netflix series Sex Education.

The popularity of Sex Education among young people should attract new viewers who are eager to watch Gatwa play the Doctor. This will serve to entice new Doctor Who fans who might not otherwise watch the show. The new audiences could help Doctor Who expand into a larger fan base.

He Wants To Fight The Master

According to the Radio Times, Gatwa was asked in an interview with Sky News which villains he would most like to battle, and Gatwa and Davies said:

“Any baddies? Oh! I don’t know who’s coming up,” he began.
Davies went on: “New ones,” before Gatwa suggested: “Maybe the Master? The Master, I think.”
Davies interjected: “Or the Missy. The Master can be female as well.”
With either Dewan, Missy, or a new Master, this has a lot of possibilities. It could be fascinating to observe how a new Doctor interacts with Dewan or Missy than the one with whom they are normally partnered. Both of these Masters have faced up against prior Doctor incarnations (Thirteen with Dewan, and Twelve with Missy), so it’ll be interesting to see how Gatwa differs. It could be intriguing if Gatwa gets a new Master, considering Masters are frequently dark reflections of their Doctors. It would be interesting to see who will be put alongside Gatwa as the Master.

He Was Raised In Scotland

Gatwa was reared in Scotland after he and his parents left Rwanda. Gatwa becomes the fourth Scottish actor to play the Doctor (the others being Capaldi, Tennant, and McCoy).

With roots in Rwanda and Scotland, Gatwa’s accent as the Doctor may be interesting. He may use his natural accent, which includes elements of Scottish and Rwandan, or a completely distinct one, much to how the Scottish Tennant employed an Estuary accent as the Doctor.

He Will Star In Barbie

Gatwa will play Barbie in the next big screen remake. This position will provide another opportunity for viewers to witness Gatwa in action. Viewers of the Barbie movie may be interested in seeing Gatwa in Doctor Who as well.

Despite the fact that neither the tone of the Barbie film nor Gatwa’s role in it has been revealed, young audiences who are likely to watch it may also watch Doctor Who.

He’s So Good He “Stole” The Role

According to the BBC, Davies had this to say about Gatwa’s audition:
“It was our last audition. It was our very last one,” the writer and producer said. “We thought we had someone, and then in he came and stole it.”
“I’m properly, properly thrilled. It’s going to be a blazing future.”
This just goes to show how outstanding an actor Gatwa is: they had someone else in mind but handed it to Gatwa instead. This reveals how incredible he could be in the character of the Doctor, as he “thrilled” Davies at the audition. Think about how great Gatwa could do later on if he’s that good at the audition.

His Name Is Not Pronounced The Way It’s Spelled

The name Ncuti Gatwa is pronounced SHOO-ti GAT-wa. It’s crucial to note that Gatwa’s first name isn’t pronounced the same way it’s spelled because else, people might not notice. Fans will need to know how to say his name correctly because he will be mentioned frequently during his time as the Doctor.

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