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Who Is Dr Disrespect’s Wife? What Is Mrs Assassin’s Real Name?


Guy Beahm, who broadcasts as Dr Disrespect, has established a profession by taking on the identity of a persona he made up for the internet. However, occasionally his online business seeps into his personal life. Before he became well-known, Dr. Disrespect’s lovely wife, who appears on his streams under the handle “Mrs. Assassin,” played a significant role in his life.

Fans of Dr. Disrespect may not be familiar with Mrs. Assassin, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had a significant impact on his career. In the Dr. Disrespect universe, Mrs. Assassin is now a fully developed character with her own inside jokes and ongoing storylines. While her well-known husband has given some insight into his personality before becoming well-known, Mrs. Assassin prefers to keep the most of her personal affairs private. She has made appearances alongside Dr. Disrespect at a number of occasions, however she often avoids displaying her face on camera and instead only displays her hands.

There have been some significant revelations regarding the lady who is the Doc, though. We should get to know Mrs. Assassin now.

Mrs Assassin recovered from personal hardship to be a bigger part of Doc’s streams

The Doc said in 2017 that he will be taking a break from streaming by going online (while not wearing a costume). He acknowledged being unfaithful to his wife in his broadcast. While many would have called it a day at that point, it appears that Mrs. Assassin and Dr. Disrespect worked on their union while he was away. Mrs. Assassin played a stronger role in the Doc’s streaming routine when he came back online, and it appeared that Dr. Disrespect decided to incorporate his family into his streaming existence rather than losing them entirely.

Mrs. Assassin could regularly be (partially) seen after Doc’s return; more on that in a bit. Her appearance was intended to inject some lightheartedness into the Doc’s competitive and stressful feeds, and for the most part, it succeeded. When questioning how Mrs. Assassin is doing or when she will come, fans routinely bring her up in Doc’s discussion.

Of course, not all fans favoured the modifications. Some people have complained that Mrs. Assassin’s new job on Doc’s channel is “cringey,” as they have done. One follower hypothesised that Mrs. Assassin joined the Doc’s broadcasts in order to “keep tabs” on him. Although the couple remained silent about Mrs. Assassin’s new position, fans undoubtedly came to their own conclusions.

Mrs. Assassin has made some hilarious cameos

When Mrs. Assassin does come on the Doc’s feeds, her appearances have a very distinct tone. Mrs. Assassin often serves as Dr. Disrespect’s loving support group when he streams, despite the fact that in the mythos of his universe, she is a deadly killer with a high body count. She frequently appears off camera offering him food. She occasionally hands Doc hot dogs or other little food items with her enormous, diamond-encrusted sword, revealing only her hand and arm. She frequently dresses appropriately for the situation by adding a black lace glove.

At least once, Mrs. Assassin fully joined the stream but unintentionally clipped through Dr. Disrespect’s green screen backdrop. Immediately realising her error, she bowed down so that only her hands were visible as they placed food on the doctor’s desk. They both laughed at the error, and Dr. Disrespect made a joke about a “hologram” that had just appeared.

One time, during a particularly tense bout, Mrs. Assassin reached into the picture and made a funny face-stroking motion with Dr. Disrespect. Such an act would seem to indicate that she is more than glad to participate in his online persona, be engaged in his work, and support what has evolved into his full-time occupation. One wonders how Mrs. Assassin will appear in content without revealing her face, especially if the Doc looks to expand into more IRL broadcasting in the future.

She had Doc’s back when he needed it most

Since he was banned from Twitch in 2020, Dr. Disrespect has faced his own challenges, notably with anxiousness, but Mrs. Assassin has supported him every step of the way. Before the Doc’s victorious return to YouTube following the suspension, Mrs. Assassin sent a touching message on her Instagram account.

Mrs. Assassin stated in the now-deleted post (via The Blast), “The amount of love, steadfastness, courage, and goodness has been simply astounding. I cannot express how grateful I am to all of you for making my heart so full. There is nobody out there better than the Champions Club. You guys are incredible! Love to all of you.”

When Dr. Disrespect couldn’t easily reach his audience, Mrs. Assassin stepped in to let them know that their best wishes weren’t ignored. Even though Mrs Assassin rarely addresses Doc’s viewers head-on, the situation was too serious to stay silent. Mrs Assassin stood by Dr Disrespect during this difficult time, showing what a well-oiled team they’ve become in both marriage and in business.

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