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Ed Post Murderer: Investigating the Case and Seeking Answers

In 1986, the murderer of Ed Post’s case gained notoriety due to a heinous deed. The public was stunned when he was charged with killing his wife Julie.

People were astounded by the secrets, suspicion, and mystery surrounding the case as the details came to light.

Ed Post used to be a prosperous businessman and a devoted husband, then suddenly everything changed.

Let’s examine his life, the circumstances leading up to the fateful day, the inquiry that followed, and the shocking revelations.

Ed and Julie’s relationship life

The romance between Ed and Julie began in 1967 while they were both undergraduates at the University of Southern Mississippi.

As their bond became stronger, they made the decision to get married and start a family together. They were fortunate to have two kids, which allowed them to build a warm and welcoming house.

Ed’s career as a salesman soared as he followed his professional goals.

His dedication and perseverance paid off, propelling him to a position as an associate at a real estate firm.

Julie joined Ed on his company endeavour after realising the potential and priceless open doors in the industry.

Ed and Julie were a formidable couple who achieved a lot in the land sector.

Their combined efforts and knowledge resulted in the sale of numerous properties, totaling annual transactions worth millions of dollars.

Together, their desire and cooperation let them establish themselves as leaders in the field and succeed financially for their family.

A morning in New Orleans

Ed Post and his wife Julie were staying at the Union Station Hotel in New Orleans on the morning of June 3, 1986, for a business trip.

Normal morning activities included Ed waking Julie up and getting ready for her bath.

After that, Ed went downstairs to speak with the hotel employees and express his gratitude for the advice they had given him the night before.

He made care to greet the doorman by name and share his intention to go for a run.

Around 7:40 a.m., Ed went back to the hotel and made a terrible discovery. Julie was unresponsive and laying in the bathtub.

He instantly called for an ambulance after being horrified and realising that there was a serious problem. He had no idea that this particular moment would usher in a gloomy and frightening trip for him.

The mysterious towel ring

The towel ring that came from the wall and was discovered close to Julie’s body was one curious part of the case.

Given that the ring was intended to support a weight greater than double that of Julie, investigators thought it remarkable that it had come loose.

A homicide investigator performed experiments by holding onto towel rings in other hotel rooms to further investigate this odd detail.

These tests proved that even when the investigator, who weighed more than Julie, exerted significant force, the rings were firmly connected to the wall.

Suspicion falls on Ed Post Murderer

When it was discovered that Ed had increased Julie’s life insurance policy to $500,000 a month before to her passing, the investigation took a more ominous turn.

Additionally, at Julie’s funeral, Ed behaved inappropriately towards another lady while showing interest in her at work.

Ed became the main suspect in the death of his wife as a result of these recent pieces of information that raised suspicions about him.

Autopsy findings and additional tests

Initially, Julie’s autopsy revealed no evidence of drugs or alcohol in her system, leaving the cause of death unknown.

However, after exhuming Julie’s body for a second examination, further information was discovered. Julie’s body had unrecorded bruises, which were found by the second medical examiner.

Some people claimed that these bruises could have been caused by the removal of an organ for donation, but others thought they were more likely the result of someone holding the woman’s neck underwater.

Scientific testing reveals the truth

Accident reconstructionists tested a woman of the same weight as Julie to further support their findings.

The woman tried her best to dislodge the towel ring with her weight alone, but she was unsuccessful. A university researcher came to the conclusion after conducting a different set of experiments that it would take between 480 and 500 pounds of force to move the ring.

These scientific discoveries gave undeniable proof that Julie’s death was not an accident but was planned.

Ed Post murderer conviction

The New Orleans economy was struggling, and Ed’s real estate company suffered significant losses. They held him accountable for those losses.

Ed was charged with first-degree murder three years after Julie passed away.Despite the fact that he claimed to be blameless, the jurors quickly concluded that he was despicable.

The prison sentence that Ed Post’s killer received came with no real hope of parole.Later, though, he came up with a plan and chose to admit that he was responsible for the second-degree murder.

His sentence was lowered to 30 years in prison as a result, giving him the valuable opportunity to be released from prison while still being under observation.

Ed was released from jail in 2014 after serving 25 years.

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