Edge Of Tomorrow: Why They Didn’t Make The Sequel To Edge Of Tomorrow? Is It Still Happening?

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Since its 2014 release, “Edge of Tomorrow” has been hailed as one of the best sci-fi films in recent memory. Sadly, the marketing campaign was a little disorganised, with the tagline “Live. Die. Repeat.” mistaken for the title because it was originally planned to be that. However, filmmaker Doug Liman’s creative spin on “Groundhog Day” with aliens worked out rather well with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in it. Is there ever going to be a sequel, fans wonder?

Here is all the information we currently have for “Edge of Tomorrow 2.”

An Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Is a Big Gamble

A “Edge of Tomorrow” sequel has always been a risky proposition for Warner Bros. from an economic standpoint. Although the marketing effort did the original no favours, critics praised it in overall. The public located it. The word of mouth was excellent. That is why it is benefiting from it.

In addition, two of the biggest stars in the world, Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, desire to succeed. Christopher McQuarrie is involved in some way and has shown to be the perfect match for Cruise. Liman is also hit or miss, although he is still in demand as a director. It’s difficult to think that the studio would turn down all of that talent.

A very respectable $370 million was made by “Edge of Tomorrow” globally. The budget was enormous at an estimated $178 million, which is the problem. prior to marketing It’s difficult to imagine the studio making a lot of money on this one given that the home video market has only generated roughly $28 million in the years since. But throughout time, both its popularity and repute have only grown. That’s why a sequel can be justified. Though the risk isn’t any lower. Particularly now that the pandemic is over and the future of theatrical releases is so uncertain.

In conclusion, “Edge of Tomorrow 2” is still very much a possibility. The main players are all in favour of doing it. All that needs to happen is for the stars to align. As more information becomes available, we’ll keep you informed.

Edge of Tomorrow 2 Has Been In Development for Years

This is kind of a case of good news and terrible news. The good news is that a sequel has almost always been in the works since the first film’s debut. The bad news is that, for a variety of reasons, it has essentially been stuck in development hell for the past few years. All three of Liman, Cruise, and Blunt want to go back. The script has been written in several different iterations. The question of whether or not one will ever be produced is entirely different. Blunt most recently stated that she believes the film may be too expensive to ever be realised.

“Sincerity dictates that I believe the movie is definitely overpriced. Yes, I just have no idea how we’re going to pull it off. I believe it is challenging to coordinate everyone’s schedules. I’d adore it. It would appeal to Doug Liman. Tom would be thrilled. All of us would adore doing it. However, I believe that until we understand what is happening in the industry, we must first determine what the future road map for the kinds of movies that people want to create.”
Additionally, Blunt has stated that she finds the script to be very “promising” and “awesome.” According to the most recent information, the script was being written by Matthew Robinson (“Monster Trucks”). That occurred in 2019. The original screenplay was written by Christopher McQuarrie, who has regularly worked with Tom Cruise in the past, together with Jez and John-Henry Butterworth. The film itself was based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s Japanese light novel “All You Need Is Kill.”

Although the specifics of the plot have not been revealed, Liman once remarked “It would completely alter the way sequels are produced. It will, in fact.” We’ll see, hopefully.

The Cast and Crew Are Very Busy

Even putting aside the pandemic’s disruption of the previous couple of years, “Edge of Tomorrow 2” depends on some of the busiest people in Hollywood to pull it together. “Mission: Impossible 7” has just finished filming, and Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie have already committed to “Mission: Impossible 8” as well. Additionally, Cruise and Doug Liman will actually shoot a movie in space.

While everything is going on, Emily Blunt is filming “The English” and working on the sequel to “Jungle Cruise.” Additionally, she has started working on a Kate Warne biography. All of this is to say that coordinating everyone’s schedules may be the most difficult aspect of making this movie.


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