How To Find Spellblade’s Pointed Hat In Elden Ring

Elden Ring” can be very difficult, like with many games created by FromSoftware. The perfect build combined with the appropriate equipment can make all the difference. What kind of armor is best for mages? Those who play as giant warriors will probably want to amass a good set of heavy plate armor, while those who favor Dex-based builds will prefer armor that allows them to stay light on their feet (some even find that playing naked is a perfectly legitimate strategy).

Players that decide to offer their characters Faith- and Intelligence-based builds should also make sure that their characters wear armor that enhances their skill sets. In addition to providing the player with certain useful resistances, the Spellblade set provides increases to Magic and Cold damages. The Spellblade’s Pointed Hat is the most valuable component in this set. This helm is not only practical, but many players also desire it for role-playing since it resembles a traditional, wide-brimmed wizard’s cap. It requires some effort to obtain because players must first fight one of the game’s main bosses, complete a few fetch quests, and spend a significant amount of time conversing with NPCs. This is the procedure.

Starting Rogier’s quest

The equipment may only be gained by looting it from the dead body of an NPC by the name of Sorcerer Rogier. He can initially be encountered by players as a summoner for Margit the Fell Omen. The player can then speak with him in the chapel on the northwest side of Stormveil Castle. Rogier won’t relocate to Roundtable Hold until they speak to him or beat Godrick the Grafted, at which point players can begin the process of acquiring his expensive wizarding gear.

If the player defeats Godrick after speaking with Rogier in the Hold for the first time, he will give them a weapon called Rogier’s Rapier and inform them that he is not feeling well. Depending on whether the player has encountered specific NPCs and found specific locations, things can go in a number of different directions at this point.

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One of the techniques entails killing the Lesser Ulcerated Tree Spirit beneath Stormveil Castle and seeing at the old, decaying face just beyond. Rogier will reveal that this face is a precious artifact of the Black Knives conspiracy if players ask him about it. This starts his main questline, which is thought to be the main way to get his gear.

Finding Rogier dead

After beginning the mission, players must speak with Fia to learn the location of the Black Knife Catacombs. They can come here and get the Black Knifeprint. Once Rogier receives this, he will direct the players to speak with Ranni in the Three Sisters region. The player can turn into one of Ranni’s vessels after being thrown back and forth between the two a few times. Speaking to Rogier at this time will show that his condition has gotten worse. Rogier will eventually pass away if the player spends enough time outside the Roundtable Hold. His Bell Bearing, a letter, and the whole set of Spellblade armor, including the pointed hat, will be waiting for the player when they get back to Roundtable Hold.

An alternative approach that does not necessitate finishing Rogier’s quest is described in a video from the YouTube channel Its Shatter. Players must first have Rogier and D, Hunter of the Dead present in Roundtable Hold, according to Shatter in the video. The YouTuber then recalls talking to Rogier until all of his dialogue options have been exhausted before inquiring about D. After that, players should leave the Hold, have a break, and then return. Speak to D about Rogier’s illness if he appears to be sick. Pass time once more after leaving the Roundtable Hold. Eventually, the player should return to the keep to discover Rogier dead with stuff available and his questline still unfinished. This step might need to be repeated a few times.

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