10 Encanto Fanart For People Who Are Still Not Over The Movie

The magical story of the Madrigal family, their magical candle, and Casita was told in Disney’s Encanto. As she attempted to fit in with a family that had unique talents and was adored by their matriarch, Abuela Alma, Mirabel became a fan favorite. Encanto is becoming well-known for its catchy musical compositions and cinematography outside of the Mirabel’s storyline.

This Colombian village’s scenery and hues are breathtaking. The town’s vibrancy and the grass-covered mountains are so alluring that movie fans have based their artwork on their love of the film. Fans created works of art that are as engrossing as the movie, from the Madrigal family to the breathtaking scenes of Colombia.

A Dark Vision


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Bruno received no praise for moving away from the family because of his psychic abilities in order to protect them. Until Mirabel welcomed him back into the family, they still saw him as a troubled kid. But the Madrigals would have suffered on without the wisdom and selflessness of this Encanto character.

Following one of his visions, @Minze.k rendered a lifelike illustration of Bruno. Incredibly similar to the movie, his mysterious green aura surrounds him as he gazes off into the distance.

A Lifelike Sketch Of A Young Mirabel


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A young Mirabel is seen at the beginning of Encanto eager to discover her magical talent. She went to her door, but it wasn’t there. Mirabel was the only member of the Madrigals who did not get a gift. She never again felt like she belonged with her family after that.

Mirabel stood out from the others due to a minor aspect of her personalityβ€”she was the only one wearing glasses. And this pencil sketch by @Dhiyartista depicts them flawlessly. She was different from the rest of the family because of this minor distinction.

Alma & Bruno Together At Last


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Like she did with the other members of the family, Alma did not always treat Mirabel with decency or kindness. It turned out to be true what Mirabel had assumedβ€”that it was because she hadn’t received a power like the rest of her family. Bruno’s dark abilities were also condemned by Alma, who should have empowered him.

By the end of the movie, however, Mirabel and Alma came to an understanding and made up. Soon after, Bruno made an appearance, shocking the audience because he hadn’t spoken to his mother in years. She surprised him by giving him a warm embrace and addressing him as “Bonito.” The brief quote was motivating. This creative work by @Melon. Sharks recreated the scene beautifully.

Bruno’s Magical Visions

Fan art of Bruno created by @encanto. .the.madrigals on Instagram in the form of a split image
Unspoken uncle to Mirabel was Bruno Madrigal. Bruno vanished when Mirabel was a young child, and the Madrigal family was unaware of his whereabouts.

Bruno gained a bad reputation as a result of his psychic powers. Bruno had to leave because the Madrigals thought he was out to get them. It was established that Bruno was a good guy and never intended for his visions to be used for evil when Mirabel eventually found him. Bruno’s green aura that surrounds him during his visions is beautifully captured in this Instagram photo by @encanto. .the.madrigals.


Dolores Singing About Bruno

Dolores was given the ability to hear anything and everything, no matter how far away it was, because she was Mirabel’s cousin. Dolores was aware of any secrets in Casita because she could hear them through the walls.

Above, A digital artwork of Dolores singing “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” was produced by @Lepouf Art. Fans adored her verse during the song as she danced with Mirabel and cautioned her against contacting Bruno.

Isabela’s New Outlook On Life


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Mirabel’s older sister was Isabela Madrigal. Her superpower was the sudden ability to produce flowers. She was surrounded by blooming flowers, and her room was filled with them. Mirabel was bothered by Isabela’s perfection and resentful of Isabela due to their differences.

Something in Isabela changed after Mirabel and Isabela reconciled. She at last voiced her opinion without fear of being perceived as flawed. This concept art by @Chel Illust perfectly captured Isabela’s transformation, especially the change in her hair color.

It Looks As If Camilo Is Hiding Something


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Camilo, a shape-shifter, was Mirabel’s cousin. Camilo’s personality type was lighthearted and silly, in contrast to her serious sisters, which made her entertaining to watch on screen.

Digital artist @Shrimpeii 2101 created a stunning likeness of Camilo. His green eyes twinkle in the gleaming sun on his face. Even though Camilo’s character was largely unknown prior to Encanto, this digital artwork gives the impression that he is more complex than what was revealed.


Sisterly Fun


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Mirabel, Luisa, and Isabela’s sisterhood is beautifully captured in this artwork. There is no denying that the three sisters were moving toward a closer bond even though they had their disagreements in Encanto. A scene like the one @Mbrleigh created would be well-received if a spinoff was in the works.

This artwork depicts Mirabel’s potential future. All Mirabel wanted was to be accepted by her family and seen as an equal member of the Madrigals.

Sisters & Cousins

Some of the most likeable characters in Encanto were the Madrigal children. They were sincere, devoted family members who only had Casita’s best interests in mind.

Some viewers had trouble keeping up because the Madrigal family featured so many different characters. Mirabel had two sisters, in brief. They later had three cousins. In order to highlight Luisa’s strength, @Leeloxxie created a stunning digital portrait of the relatives riding on her back.


The Family Madrigal

The Madrigal family was beautifully reimagined by @Ydk dny. The children and grandchildren surrounding Abuela Alma surround her in the center. Each Encanto character has a distinct personality type that sets them apart and gives them significance.

Fans of the movie can see the family’s love and compassion for their matriarch as the golden butterflies encircle them in this digital artwork.


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