Esther Pilgrim: Where Is the Scam Survivor Now? Her Inspiring Journey

Esther Pilgrim thought Tim Blair was the guy of her dreams when she first met him on an internet dating service. Esther was also delighted to discover that the guy she was speaking to was none other than rapper Tim Dog. Esther quickly found herself drawn into a financial black hole that appeared to have depleted her money, but fate had other intentions. “Dateline: The Perfect Catch” tells Esther’s narrative and details how she collaborated with a few other people to get rid of Tim. Let’s investigate the incident’s specifics to learn more, shall we?

Who Is Esther Pilgrim?

Esther Pilgrim’s upbringing appears to have been difficult because she was placed in foster care before she turned two. She was in and out of foster care before finally moving out on her own at the age of 15, thus her stint in the system unfortunately left quite a few mental scars. Esther was unable to rely on anyone for financial or emotional assistance while she struggled to create a future because she had no family or friends nearby. She sought an Associate of Science in Nursing at Northwest Mississippi Community College before completing a Practical Nursing programme at Madisonville School of Nursing, but she ultimately succeeded due to her pure resolve.

Esther worked as a battlefield medic for the US Army during the early years of her professional career. She even gave birth to two gorgeous children, and it appeared as though her efforts were finally going to be rewarded by life. However, fate had other ideas since she soon had to go through a difficult divorce, which crushed her. She nevertheless managed on her own as a single mother in 2007 and had a reliable career as a licenced nurse in a maternity department.

Around this time, Esther first connected with Tim Blair via an online dating service. At first, Tim looked eager to meet her, so she even booked a flight to Atlanta and spent an amazing weekend with the rapper. Tim eventually revealed to her, though, that he intended to resume his music career and could require her assistance to accomplish it. Although Esther was initially perplexed by Tim’s request, he clarified that she would need to spend $25,000 in order to get a box set of his greatest hits. However, he assured Esther that she would receive her money back along with a sizable profit on the investment once the collection was published. At the time, Esther decided to take a chance and let the rapper create credit cards in her name because her kid was ready to enter college. She even sent him $10,000 using her excellent credit, planning to become wealthy once the revenues started coming in.

After the incident, Esther pledged to invest $15,000. However, months went by with no evidence of her profits, and Tim started to demand them. Esther became somewhat dubious of this, so she called the record label to find out whether they were really destroying a box set of Tim’s greatest hits. Even though the record business acknowledged the agreement, Tim stated that they had subsequently declined to collaborate with him because they have grown wary of the unidentified woman who called them seeking information. Meanwhile, Esther learned that Tim was using the credit cards in her name to the maximum with needless purchases like dinners at pricey restaurants and thousands of dollars’ worth of musical equipment. Even though Esther made every effort to settle the debt, this completely destroyed her previously flawless credit history, and in the process, her savings were completely depleted.

Esther contacted Noelle Stelling, who had fallen for a separate online scam in 2007, in an effort to exact revenge on Tim for the swindle. When these women started looking into Tim’s acts, they found Whitney Trust and Danielle Selhorst, both of whom had personally observed and fallen for Tim’s schemes. Additionally, the rapper had defrauded a great deal of other people, and Noelle was aware that police enforcement wouldn’t take any action. She created a bait profile for Tim as a result, and when they met in person, she even wore a wire. Tim entered a guilty plea to a charge of grand theft in 2010 thanks to the evidence she gathered, which was sufficient for a court case. He was so ordered to serve five years of unsupervised probation and was had to pay Esther $19,000 in monthly installments of $100.

Where Is Esther Pilgrim Now?

After being financially wrecked, Esther tried to reconstruct her life, but the scars are still very present in her memory. But since then, she has shifted her focus to supporting fraud victims and foster kids through her 2007-founded organisation, Fostering SuperStars. In addition, she established Dare The Dream, LLC in 2013 to promote awareness of foster children. From July 2020 to January 2021, she also worked for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Esther currently resides in Centralia, Missouri, where she keeps up her support of foster kids and fraud victims through Fostering SuperStars. She also writes the book “Authorised User,” which describes how Tim Blair ruined her finances, and utilises her story to inspire others. Additionally, she oversees the nursing department at Colombia Manor Care Centre. We wish her the very best in the years to come.

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