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Fabrice Morvan: Partner and Kids, Behind the Scenes

Fabrice “Fab” Morvan, one of the two main topics of the Paramount+ documentary “Milli Vanilli,” had captured the public’s attention. His ascent to popularity as part of the renowned duo Milli Vanilli alongside Robert ‘Rob’ Pilatus and his subsequent fall from grace make for an incredibly fascinating true story that captivates listeners. Although the movie mostly focuses on Fab’s business, many people are also curious about the specifics of his personal life—especially considering how much he seems to cherish them. Do not worry if you are also keen to find out more about his family—we’ve got you covered!

Fabrice Morvan Founded Milli Vanilli

Clothes Morvan Founded May 14, 1966; born Milli Vanilli. Growing up in Paris, France, Fab Morvan had a deep affinity for the performing arts. He went to Munich, Germany, when he was eighteen years old, determined to explore his love of music and dancing even further. It was there that he met Rob Pilatus. This was the beginning of a friendship that would eventually give rise to Milli Vanilli. The two got in touch with well-known music producer Frank Farian, who reportedly devised the idea to have other vocalists sing the tunes while Fab and Rob served as the duo’s faces.


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Rob and Fab quickly gained international recognition, mostly as a result of the popularity of “Girl You Know It’s True.” They did, in fact, win the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1990. However, the award was later returned when Frank Farian announced at a press conference on November 15, 1990, that the voice they had come to love and had been mistakenly attributed to Fab and Rob.

After Milli Vanilli’s true origins were made public, Fab made an effort to continue his career. He frequently raised Rob for several comeback attempts, such as their own record “Rob & Fab” and their upcoming second album “Back and In Attack,” which they planned to release in partnership with Farian. But after Rob passed away on April 3, 1998, the latter was shelved. Despite this, Fab has kept up his musical career, even putting out his solo album “Love Revolution” in 2003.

Fabrice Morvan’s Partner and Kids

Fab Morvan was already in grief for the death of his brother and co-star Rob Pilatus before he ever met his future spouse. After that, he relocated to Holland, Netherlands, trying to put his past behind him. Fab opted for a significantly shorter hairstyle because of how well-known his long hair was. Tessa van der Steen did not connect him with the well-known Milli Vanilli when she first met him because of this. In the Paramount+ documentary, Tessa said, “When he has short hair, he has a different face.”is fab morvan married,fab morvan son,fab morvan daughter,fab morvan tessa van der steen,where is fab morvan now,fab morvan net worth 2023,fabrice morvan partner kids

Tessa talked about how, in the early days of her relationship with Fab, she was the one who was noticed far more than her partner. “He showed no indications of becoming Milli Vanilli. Together, we enjoyed ourselves immensely while working out and going on those outings. She recollected, “I start to really like this guy.” But when she began to tell her friends about her new companion, one of them was able to identify Fab precisely. She was genuinely in love with the man she had come to know as “Fabrice,” so this revelation did not deter her.

When Fab first started dating Tessa, he had reservations. “I didn’t think she would, like, want to be with me,” Fab said. I had to admit to her that her life was not perfect. Tessa, on the other hand, persisted in standing by his side, which led to the development of their lovely bond. In fact, it developed into a relationship that endures to this day, with the two deeply in love as life partners.

After their first child, a boy named Sacha, was born, Fab and Tessa became parents. After then, they welcomed Solange, their daughter. Following that, Vince and Paris, their twins, were a blessing. Fab has recovered greatly from his past and developed fresh insight for everything that transpired, all because of his family. He acknowledges that he didn’t “have to be ashamed about nothing” after realising this while spending time with his fab morvan married,fab morvan son,fab morvan daughter,fab morvan tessa van der steen,where is fab morvan now,fab morvan net worth 2023,fabrice morvan partner kids

As of this writing, Fab has kept up his music career development. Tessa, on the other hand, is an Orthomolecular Health Coach who is proud to be a mother of four children. The duo is the driving force behind Fabmilly, their wellness brand. Because of Tessa’s experience in the field, the company offers health-related services in addition to items for Fab’s admirers.

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