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Fakes Season 1 Already Streaming On Netflix, Plot & Cast Details


OTT service A teen comedy-thriller film about two teenage girls who embark on a hustle to make a quick buck is soon to be released on Netflix and stars Jennifer Tong and Emilija Baranac. However, the gig’s legal ramifications and the unpleasant characters they met there make it too much for them. Let’s talk in depth about the release date, cast, streaming options, and other information for Fakes Season 1.

This weekend, if you’re searching for a series to binge, we suggest Fakes, which will soon be available on Netflix in its entirety. It blends aspects of teenage drama, comedy, and crime thrillers that will have you laughing and on the edge of your seat as you watch these two girls flirt with crime and disaster. It also features a gripping tale, a strong cast, excellent photography, and these elements. Let’s look at everything this event has to offer right now, without further ado.

What Is Fakes About?

The trailer claims that what begins as two people making fake identification cards so they may buy booze grows into an empire that rises and fails. Even though Emilija Baranac’s character Zoe thinks anyone could manufacture the first two cards, she succeeds in doing so, dazzling Rebecca (played by Jennifer Tong). When they try them out in a store, someone points out the phoney address to them. They run, holding their cards and alcohol, thinking about what they could do if they kept making fakes.

They go over to Tryst (Richard Harmon), who says he can move 200 cards for them after seeing their efforts. They seem to be producing them for him, offering them for sale to a variety of clients, and turning a profit. They purchase automobiles and a penthouse thanks to the success of their new company. They host parties and dress incredibly well, which is most likely only made feasible by their recent financial success. Everything is going well for them, especially considering their age.


Jennifer Tong and Emilija Baranac play two teenage females who are trying to hustle in Cast Fakes, but they bite off more than they can chew. Emilija is a Canadian actress who has appeared in To All The Boys, Riverdale, and Charmed. I still adore you, P.S. A member of “Grand Army” was Jennifer Tong. Debbie Podowski, Mya Lowe, Matreya Scarrwener, Eric Bempong, and Toby Hargrave complete the cast, and Warrior Nun’s David Turko serves as the show’s executive producer.

Fakes Season 1 Release Date

The Netflix original film Fakes will debut on September 2, 2022, at 00:00 PT, internationally. The series will have ten episodes dropping on the OTT platform simultaneously. What are your thoughts on this series, then? Are you prepared to try it? Please tell us in the comments. Keep up with us on Facebook to see our recaps and other goodies from Otakukart. Enjoy the stream, and I’ll see you soon!

Fakes Streaming Details

The Netflix Original series Fakes is available only on that OTT service. For a monthly fee of US$ 9,99 for SD or US$ 14,99 for 4K UHD, you may join Netflix and gain access to its enormous library of series, episodes, and films that are appropriate for viewers of all ages and tastes. Additionally, once you initially sign up for Netflix, you will receive a seven-day trial period to try out the service!

The Hustle

When Tryst pursues them and demands $30,000 or 200 fakes as payment, this appears to fall apart. Had they reneged on their 200 pledge to him? The ones they handed him were they confiscated? He threatens them by setting fire to papers, dumping objects into a body of water, and putting the girls into a spiral within the trailer. They’re not sure if they should dismiss him or believe him when he says he can hurt them. Uncertainty exists on whether he called the police or whether they simply tracked them down at a party at their penthouse, which is when they evidently broke up their operation.



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