10 Mind-blowing Fan Theories That Connected Random Movies

Even while the Marvel Cinematic Universe has made the idea of cinematic universes more mainstream, occasionally fans overdo it when looking for connections. These are not any of the numerous films that exist and about which no one is aware.

Fans connecting films that are so dissimilar from one another is even odd, which makes it even stranger. There is little to no relationship between the films in terms of style, tone, period, or location, but fans manage to make links nonetheless. Some of these connections are logical, while others are outright absurd.

A Million Ways To Die In The West & Django Unchained & Back To The Future

Split picture In Back to the Future Part 3 and A Million Ways to Die in the West, Django Freeman and Doc Brown respectively
With sitcoms like Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane has built a whole career around references and appearances. It’s absurd to believe that the presence of Jame Foxx’s Django Freeman and Christopher Lloyd’s Doc Brown in A Million Ways to Die in the West proved there was a shared universe.

This is the same as when Super Mario in Family Guy saves Stewie from a turtle or Spider-Man makes fun of Peter Griffin. They are only unrelated allusions to films, but A Million Ways To Die In The West went above and above to secure cameo appearances from real personalities.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory & Batman

Split image shows the Joker in a Batman commercial and Charlie Bucket in the Smilex plant from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1989)
The bizarre and fantastical setting of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory resembles the universe of Michael Keaton’s Batman. This is because both films were directed by Tim Burton, and some fans claim that the two films are related since Charlie’s father used to work for the manufacturer of Smilex toothpaste, which the Joker uses to poison Gotham.

There is nothing to suggest that there is a linked world beyond the fact that both movies are examples of Tim Burton’s embrace of the bizarre and fanciful. Tim Burton and Warner Bros. Pictures collaborated on both projects, so Burton incorporated the word Smilex (spelled differently) as a clever nod to his earlier movie.

Ghostbusters & Casper

It’s entertaining to think about the Ghostbusters taking on other haunting cases around the globe, but this Casper connection notion goes a little too far. The enemies of the 1995 live-action Casper film employ a large number of personnel in an effort to get Casper and his uncles out of the mansion. Ray Stantz from the Ghostbusters, played by Dan Aykroyd, is one of them.

People have started demanding that Ghostbusters and Casper reside in the same universe as a result. This is untrue; it’s just a lighthearted cameo, one of many in Casper. By that reasoning, Casper, Ghostbusters, and Tales From The Crypt must all be related as the Crypt Keeper also makes an appearance.

Piranha 3D & Jaws

Richard Dreyfuss’ character is devoured by the prehistoric piranha swarm in Piranha 3D’s opening sequence, which pays homage to Jaws. He also wears the same beanie and glasses as he did when playing Matt Hooper in Jaws.

Therefore, it makes some sense that some people could assume that this is the same character who meets an unfortunate fate. Richard Dreyfuss is recognised for portraying Matt Boyd in Piranha 3D, though. He was undoubtedly added as a playful Jaws homage, although he does not appear as Hooper in the movie.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark & The MCU

There is a widely held idea that Captain America: The First Avenger is somehow related to the Indiana Jones films. Red Skull, aka Johann Schmidt, says, “And the Führer looks for treasures in the desert,” after discovering the Tesseract in Norway. Fans now believe that this remark alludes to the Ark of the Covenant, connecting the two films.

Fans should be aware that the Nazi party did participate in World War II archaeological hunts. At one point, the Nazi party’s occult wing was seeking for the Atlantean city that had vanished. Red Skull’s line might, however, link the two dimensions. However, it is more of a playful gesture from filmmaker Joe Johnston than a proof of a linked reality.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark & Star Wars

The truth about the relationship between Star Wars and Indiana Jones is as follows: George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are simply good friends. They frequently collaborated and assisted in the production of each other’s movies, therefore they include references to one another in their works.

A hieroglyph depicting C-3PO and R2-D2 can be seen in one scene of the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. When it was just a fun Easter Egg, some fans mistook that for confirmation that the Indiana Jones films take set in the Star Wars universe’s far future.

Tarzan & Frozen

Disney movies frequently contain allusions and easter eggs to other Disney productions, and only very rarely is it confirmed that two distinct plots exist. Fans believe that Tarzan’s parents, who disappeared after setting sail in the Frozen movie, are also the parents of Anna and Elsa, according to one of the more bizarre hypotheses.

Although the logic behind this argument is straightforward, there isn’t much to tie the two together than the parents’ shared destinies. Even Tarzan’s parents don’t resemble Elsa and Anna’s parents in terms of appearance. In addition, the first Tarzan book mentions that the title character is of British descent.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Daredevil

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were created as a parody of Daredevil in the original comics, and their history suggests that the same radioactive substances that rendered Matt Murdock blind as a toddler also transformed four baby turtles into mutants. The fact is that it was merely alluded to because there is no affiliation between IDW Comics and Marvel.

There is a notion that every Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film has some connection to the larger Marvel universe. Even while a crossover between the Turtles and the Avengers may be entertaining, it is unlikely to happen unless Disney manages to acquire the Turtles’ rights.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day & Wayne’s World

Wayne’s World is merely a comedy that alludes to one of the all-time biggest movies, much as A Million Ways To Die In The West. In one scene, Robert Patrick, resuming his role as the T-1000, pulls Wayne up for a traffic violation.

Putting aside the fact that the T-1000 perished at the end of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, why would Wayne’s World of all places be part of the same universe as Terminator? In actuality, it’s a lighthearted cameo. When Wayne realises who it is, he even breaks the fourth wall and flees in terror.

Willy Wonka & Snowpiercer

This is a theory that gained a lot of attention after a YouTube video indicated that the events of Snowpiercer occur in a post-apocalyptic adaptation of Roald Dahl’s well-known fantasy novel. The Snowpiercer train and the Chocolate Factory are said to have structural similarities.

As a group, they move from vehicle to vehicle, each offering a distinctive experience and method of execution. Much to how each room in Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory eliminated one of the tour participants.

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