15 Invincible Female Characters In Demon Slayer That Can Kick Anyone’s Ass

Entering the amazing world of Demon Slayer is a lot of fun. As one of the biggest fads in the world, the anime and manga boom helped modern manga and anime evolve.

The top 15 strongest female Demon Slayer characters from the manga (and/or anime) are listed below. The characters will come from various story arcs.

Strongest Female Characters in Demon Slayer

The characters are going to be ranked from 15th to 1st, with character number 15 being the weakest and character number 1 being the greatest.

Aoi Kanazaki

After receiving training from Shinobu Kocho, Aoi is able to devise the majority of the straightforward cures. Aoi’s primary style is Water Breathing. Although she hasn’t demonstrated her fighting skills, she is powerful enough to outmatch common demons. In the Corps of Demon Slayers, she is a “Mizunoto,” the highest rank.

During the Final Selection, Aoi used the Water Breathing technique. Despite making it through the Final Selection, she opted to quit practising in the Water Breathing method and start aiding other Demon Slayers at Butterfly Estate because she felt that her survival was nothing more than pure chance.


Muzan personally identified Daki as a “unique demon” and regarded him as a powerful demon. She was able to defeat skilled fighters Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Inosuke Hashibira while maintaining the upper hand.

She continued to assert that she was one of the Twelve Moon Demons’ Supreme Moons. The skills and abilities of her brother, which supplement her own, are the only things she can credit for her rank and position among the moons.

Hinariro, Muka, and Suma


The three wives of Tengen Uzui are not at all superhuman. However, the three of them have shinobi skills because they were raised as kunoichi. All three of them possess a kunai and are capable of fighting and manoeuvring far more expertly than regular people. Despite the fact that they lack any special superpowers or talents, this makes them dangerous.

Kanae Kocho

Although Kanae’s abilities remain unclear, she was able to become a Hashira by satisfying either of the two requirements—eliminating fifty demons or one of the Twelve Demon Moons.

Unknown is the condition she met, however it is hinted that she was an expert swordswoman because, unlike her sister, she possessed the strength and stature to cut off the heads of Demons.

But owing to a Nichirin Sword created for that purpose, Shinobu was able to make up for her lack of physical strength by inventing a fighting technique based on stabbing and adding poisons manufactured from the Wisteria flower.

The most convincing example of her prowess is seen in the fact that she battled the more powerful Demon Moon number two, Doma, and managed to hold out until daylight despite losing.

Kanao Tsuyuri

Because of her extraordinary vision, Kanao is able to foresee her opponents’ upcoming moves and strikes by focusing on the minute motions of their muscles, joints, and sclera. Because of this, she may launch successful counterattacks and evasive actions. It is noted in The Upper Moon 2, Doma, that this ability enables Kanao to be more skilled than Shinobu.

Over her bodily functions, Kanao has total control. She is able to totally stop breathing during the battle with Doma in order to avoid the icy mist he produces. She may now fight him with her hands without risking the destruction of her lungs. The flower breath is used by Kanao. She most likely learned how to breathe like this from Kanae Kocho, who also did it.


Although nothing is known about Makomo’s abilities as a Demon Slayer candidate, Sakonji gave her the go-ahead to participate in Final Selection because she was regarded powerful enough. He trained her, and she was able to survive until she came across a strong transformed demon who, despite saying Makomo lacked power, praised her agility for being able to dodge most of his blows.

As a result of Urokodaki’s instruction, Makomo had a thorough knowledge of the Water Breathing techniques and could instruct Tanjiro in the use of all ten of its forms: Water Surface Slash is the first form, followed by Water Wheel and Flowing Dance. Striking Tide in fourth grade, Blessed Rain after the Drought in fifth grade, and Whirlpool in sixth grade; Drop Ripple Thrust in the seventh form; Waterfall Basin in the eighth; Splashing Water Flow in the ninth; and Constant Flux in the tenth.

Mitsuri Kanroji

The density of the unique muscle mass in Mitsuri is eight times greater than that of a typical human. Her limbs are quite tiny, but they are incredibly strong at the same time. She has a strong constitution, thus she can endure the attacks of the Higher Moons’ demons. Mitsuri consumes the same diet as three sumo wrestlers to stay in shape.

The sword of Kanroji is incredibly delicate and pliable. Only she is capable of using this sword due to how difficult it is to wield. She has exceptionally quick techniques because of the flexibility of her blade, the softness of her muscles, and the agility of her joints. The author claims that her methods are quicker than those of the Sound Hashira.

She was able to outperform the Upper Moon 4’s standard attacks in their fight, which compelled the High Moon to employ the Art of Demon Blood. She gains much more speed after activating the Demon Slayer Mark.

She is slower than some of her Hashira contemporaries, as evidenced in the fight with Muzan, where she struggled to keep up and was forced to rely on chance and instincts for avoiding. The young woman was struck by multiple attacks, knocking her out of the fight totally, thus this was not to end well.


Muzan appeared in front of the other Low Moons in his feminine form after they had all gathered in the Infinity Castle. They were instructed to bow down before him and droop their heads while he looked at them angrily.

When Muzan angrily asked her why she was speaking without permission and warned her to stop unless she was specifically asked a question, Mukago lamented that she had been directed to do so because she did not recognise Muzan.

The only Nether Moon not present among those assembled in front of him, Muzan, who was lying terrified at his feet, began to explain Rui’s death and questioned the other demons about why they were so weak.

He explained to them that their time spent among the Twelve Moons of Demons was merely the beginning of what was to come and that their sole goal was to drink blood in order to serve him.

Muzan said that the Upper Moons had not been replaced for hundreds of years, but Kamanue believed that Muzan could not simply inform them of the ongoing replacement of the Lower Moons.

Muzan, who had the ability to read the thoughts of those with whom he shared blood, demanded angrily of Kamanue why they had not been informed before extending a tentacle, grabbing the Lower Moon by the neck, and lifting it into the air.

Muzan swiftly devoured Kamanue’s attempts at apology, and Mukago and the other Lower Moons kept their heads down in stunned silence.

Nakime Otokawa

Even though Nakime’s Demon Blood Art wasn’t as combative as the other Upper Moons’, it was just as useful and potent because she was the only one who could command and control an entire stronghold at will as if it were her own limbs. While playing Biwa, Nakime has the capacity to manoeuvre and maintain control of an impenetrable interdimensional stronghold.

She can direct anyone to a fortress, make entrances and exits wherever she pleases, and by affixing and rooting her hair to a nearby wall, she may move and alter the position of the fortress’s numerous walls as she pleases.

She then showed a new capacity to grow and detach several eyeballs from her body, enabling her to spy on people from a wide distance. This was exhibited when she attained the rank of Upper Moon 4 and presumably absorbed more blood from Muzan.

With her new talent, she was able to track down practically all Demon Slayer Corps members in Japan as well as Kagaya Ubuyashiki’s secret residence, despite his greatest efforts to conceal his location even from senior Demon Slayer Corps members.


Nezuko shown the capacity to shrink herself when she was transformed into a demon, fitting into a little box or basket to hide from the sun when she was with Tanjiro during the day.

She has the ability to grow larger when battling other devils. Nezuko is able to set her blood ablaze and cause it to burn. She has the power to control how lethal her blood is and, if necessary, to treat the injuries it causes to other people.

These flames only effectively counteract other demon arts, such as Rui’s threads. Tanjiro’s Nichirin Blade can also be transformed from black to red by Nezuko’s flames, just like Yoriichi Tsugikuni did with his before the conflict to increase its potency against devils. Tanjiro is also even more proficient at performing the Fire God’s Dance.

Shinobu Kocho

Even though she is the only Hashira who cannot sever a demon’s head, Doma, the Upper Moon 2, was sealed to the wall with a single stroke, demonstrating the strength and terrible nature of her strikes. A branch of Flower Breathing, which in turn is a branch of Water Breathing, is Insect Breathing. She uses it to apply wisteria poison, which is fatal to demons, to her weapon.

Shinobu is one of the strongest and most talented swordswomen in the entire Demon Slayer Corps, serving as a Hashira. Although she uses a fighting style that is exceedingly unusual, it is equally as effective as classical swordplay. Shinobu’s swordplay focuses on sword thrusts and penetrating manoeuvres to poison demons.

Her sword thrusts are faster than Water Breathing’s drop wave thrust form, which is this breathing style’s quickest thrusting manoeuvre, and are so quick and strong that they can cut through rocks. She compensates for the fact that her sword’s design prevents it from effectively stopping strikes with swift slashes and thrusts.

She further demonstrated her mastery of the blade by defeating Doma, the Upper Rank Two, who has lived and fought for more than a century.

Spider Demon (Daughter)

The Spider Demon’s Daughter had the ability to transform such that she resembled Rui. She needs to make a conscious effort to preserve her new physical qualities because if she is scared, her appearance reverts to the way it was.

Spider Demon (Mother)

In order to match Rui’s physical features, the Mother Spider Demon managed to change her skin tone, hair colour and length, facial structure, demon marks, eye colour, and physical features. She also managed to maintain these modifications over an extended period of time.

She would occasionally unintentionally transform into her real form, perhaps because she was still a young demon. This annoyed Rui, who harshly chastised her.

The Mother Spider Demon can conjure tiny white spiders with red spots that closely resemble her and her “family’s” physical characteristics, and she can instruct them to covertly attach their threads to unsuspecting victims. These spiders share traits with demons in that they burn when struck by a Nichirin sword.


Susamaru possesses extraordinary physical strength. She combines Yahaba’s arrows with her demonic blood techniques. Her demonic balls can therefore move in a variety of directions, stopping on flat ground, and kicking off the air. Together, they were able to blow off Yushiro’s head and destroy Tamayo’s lair.

She can summon temari balls at will thanks to the Hiasobi Temari method. She has the ability to toss or strike them with such incredible speed and force that one touch of the ball will entirely disintegrate demonic limbs.



Tamayo has shown outstanding aptitude in pharmacy and medicine. She can change her own body such that she can live on a very minimal amount of human blood. Without using Muzan’s blood, she was also able to transform Yushiro, who was near death, into a demon. She later used the same technique to heal the patient they encountered in the Asakusa arc.

Tamayo was also able to assist Shinobu in ingesting the lethal poison of Wisteria into his body without even feeling the tiniest bit unwell, demonstrating her prowess as a pharmacist. This was a trick she would successfully employ against Upper Moon 2’s Douma.







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