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Frank Sheridan Murder: Uncovering the Dark Secrets of a Cold-Blooded Killing

‘Obsession: Dark Desires: The Stalker’s Imagination,’ an episode of Investigation Discovery that aired on December 23, 2019, explores the tale of Frank Sheridan’s execution or, should we say, murder.

The episode tells a terrible story of infatuation and stalker that comes to a tragic and unanticipated conclusion.

Born in 1977 in Novosibirsk, southwest Siberia, Katerina Brundt was a young art student who loved ballet, theatre, and fine arts.

To pursue her dream, she put a personal ad in a matchmaking directory.

A 38-year-old American plumber from Woodstock, Atlanta named Frank Sheridan came across Katerina’s photo and profile and thought her description was interesting and a chance to find a “obedient wife.”

Sheridan, who lived in Woodstock’s Towne Lake neighbourhood, thought it was time to settle down as he neared his 40s.

According to the episode, Katerina observed that Frank did not exhibit the same amount of romance and tenderness she had observed during their phone discussions, and that he appeared older in person than in the images he had sent.

However, over the course of Frank’s 10-day visit, their bond grew, and they decided to keep up their distance relationship.

Unfortunately, Katerina soon discovered that her new husband did not view her as his partner after arriving to America.

Instead, she was forced to handle all the household duties, and she claims that Frank forced her to engage in s*xual activity without her consent.

Where is Katerina Brundt now?

After only three months of marriage, Frank began physically abusing her, cutting her off from her family, and controlling every area of her life, including her finances.

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She mustered the confidence to face him and declare her desire to leave their marriage after months of ongoing violence and feeling trapped.

Katerina feared for her life as Frank took a knife from the kitchen.

She was shocked when he allegedly turned the knife on himself, bleeding out severely and dialling 911.

Frank claimed Katerina had stabbed him when the cops showed up at their home.

In light of the incidents, Katerina was detained by the police and accused of battery and aggravated assault.

Due to her precarious financial status and the $15,000 bond amount, only Frank had the money to guarantee her release.

When Frank visited Katerina in jail, he told her he would only release her on bail if she consented to reside with him.

Nevertheless, in February 2002, Katerina managed to break out of prison and make it to a women’s shelter in Canton.

When Frank learned of the escape, he hired a private eye to help him find Katerina.

She allegedly received threats from Frank when she left and eventually filed for divorce.

Additionally, he removed his sponsorship from her application for US residence, putting her at risk of being sent back to Russia.

With the help of her newfound friends, Katerina fought against deportation while Frank stalked, bothered, and threatened her nonstop.

She became friends with Marietta-based mechanical designer Jeff Brunot during her nine-month stint at the women’s shelter.

As their romance developed, Katerina eventually moved in with him after being granted permission by the INS to remain in the US in December 2002.

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Frank, however, continued to harass her, which resulted in his arrest for aggravated stalking.

He was incarcerated for almost five months.

Frank Sheridan was sentenced to five years of probation in January 2004 after being found guilty of aggravated stalking. Upon posting a $10,000 bond, he was freed.

He first avoided the area, but security footage showed that he had violated Jeff’s probation by cashing a fake cheque for more than $5,000 that included Jeff’s signature.

Frank escaped capture, nevertheless, by vanishing before the police could catch up with him.

Was Frank Sheridan murdered? Or executed?

Until Sheriff’s Deputy Patrick Neal saw him arrive at his home at 3:00 PM on August 10, 2004, the police kept a close eye on his home.

Frank pulled out a loaded shotgun and fired at the law enforcement officer as Deputy Neal came to place him under arrest.

After exchanging about 25 rounds of ammo, Neal shot and killed the officer after Frank shot him multiple times.

After Frank’s passing, it was discovered that he had rented an apartment, joined a shooting club under a false name, and was preparing to go to North Carolina.

Thus, it can be said that the murder of Frank Sheridan was more akin to an execution than an assassination.

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