13 Frozen Characters We Either Love Or Hate With Passion!

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With its captivating and very relatable plot, “Frozen” quickly established itself as a Disney classic after its 2013 release to tremendous applause. Even though this wintery narrative is centred on love, “Frozen” stands out because it is a tale of sisterly affection. The two movies depict how Anna and Elsa’s characters try to find their place in the world while clinging to their love for one another. These two princesses take centre stage in “Frozen,” where they must save one another rather of relying on a guy to do it for them. And even if previous Disney productions (like 2012’s “Brave”) put female empowerment at the heart of their stories, “Frozen” stands out because of its enchanting characters.

In light of this, we decided to look at some of the incredible characters featured in “Frozen” and its upcoming sequel, “Frozen II.” Join us as we explore the unknown as we evaluate the 10 most significant characters from the two movies from worst to best in terms of likeability. Enter the fray!


The best and most well-liked character in “Frozen” and “Frozen II” is Princess Anna. She is the most likeable character in both movies, and her humour and sarcasm are especially endearing. Instead of being the stoic, graceful princess we’re used to seeing, she snores while sleeping, is very outspoken, and is clumsy.

When Anna becomes concerned that Elsa is in peril, she abandons everything to assist her sister. She may be clinging to Elsa too closely, but all she wants is for their connection to be like it was when they were young. Despite the fact that Anna is powerless, she makes an effort to stick by Elsa no matter what since she thinks their combined strength is greater. Anna learns how to stand on her own two feet without relying on her sister to be there to guide her, just as Elsa learns to let go and discover independence.

Everyone supports Anna, therefore we’re thrilled that she ascends to the throne as the new ruler of Arendelle.

Duke Of Weselton

In the first “Frozen” movie, the Duke of Weasleton—sorry, Weselton—is positioned as the major antagonist. The duke is clearly motivated to learn the secrets he feels Arendelle and the newly crowned Queen Elsa are hiding from the minute he is introduced. The duke is the first to label Elsa a witch or a monster once her abilities are known. He represents everything Elsa fears about herself, which makes her abilities go amok.

He offers two of his goons to go and kill the queen once a group of citizens decides to search for Elsa. Permanently. We can’t help but despise the duke for his role in causing Elsa to flip out after her coronation, even though these two characters ultimately fail. He gets a low rating on this list because he is crucial in the effort to turn the kingdom against Elsa.


Elsa, the eldest princess of Arendelle, leads a sheltered existence and isolates herself from everyone as a result of the passing of her parents. She feels that the only way she can guarantee she doesn’t hurt anyone is by hiding her abilities. She is constantly concerned that others will learn her secret and avoid her because she is unique.

Elsa spends the majority of the two movies attempting to defend her younger sister Anna even though she experiences a significant character arc of self-discovery. In “Frozen II,” Elsa makes the first decision of her life to prioritise her happiness after realising that her sister doesn’t require protection because she is resilient in her own way. She is a strong heroine who, after being set free at the end of the “Frozen” movies, finds peace inside herself. Many people look up to her as being strong, self-assured, and relevant in today’s self-doubt-filled environment.

If not for another strong female character who steals the show, Elsa would have been at the top of our list.

Grand Pabbie

Grand Pabbie, the head troll, is voiced by Ciarán Hinds. and he is a great value to the citizens of Arendelle because of his understanding of everything magical. Fortunately, he uses his power and expertise for good. When Elsa unintentionally uses her talents against Anna, Grand Pabbie is the first to step in to assist her. Elsa is instructed by the troll to exercise restraint over her powers as her parents take Anna there.

Grand Pappie informs Anna that only an act of pure love might defrost her heart as it is being frozen and turning into ice in a scene that occurs when the sisters are older. Grand Pabbie is crucial in saving both Anna and Elsa’s lives, hence none of the events from the first “Frozen” movie would have happened without him. As he assists in raising the orphan Kristoff and encourages the trolls to adopt him as family, Grand Pabbie also has a compassionate side. We have a soft spot for this hard-core troll.

King Agnarr

Kind Agnarr, who is voiced by Alfred Molina in “Frozen II” and Maurice LaMarche in “Frozen,” is the father of Elsa and Anna. When his daughter Elsa acquires abilities resembling those of the Northuldra tribe in the Enchanted Forest, Agnarr is understandably terrified due to the circumstances surrounding the murder of his father, King Runeard. King Agnarr tries everything in his power to help his daughter Elsa conceal her abilities because he thinks they are dangerous and doesn’t know the truth about his father.

While King Agnarr is by no means a horrible father or character, he does educate Elsa to hide a significant portion of who she is and what she is capable of rather than to embrace these aspects of herself. She grows up in terror and thinks her power is wrong as a result of his insistence on keeping her hidden from the outside world. Elsa never truly experienced acceptance or self-love growing up, therefore she is constantly searching for it. Unfortunately, he receives such a poor position on this list because of the actions of a worried father who was just trying to protect and do what was right for his daughter.

King Runeard

The character that follows truly does not appear in either “Frozen” or “Frozen II.” In the second movie, King Runeard (voiced by Jeremy Sisto) is introduced as the grandfather of Anna and Elsa and the former ruler of Arendelle. His persona first comes across as innocent enough, but it soon becomes clear that King Runeard is a ruthless individual with desires for dominance.

He told the sisters a tale from his youth about a treaty King Runeard forced against a nearby tribe called the Northuldra. He constructed a dam in the tribe’s dwelling in the Enchanted Forest as stipulated in the pact. Sadly, there was a conflict that started, and the king was killed. Elsa learns as an adult that her father’s version of events was not accurate. Instead, King Runeard killed the defenceless Northuldran commander to start the fight, and he constructed the dam to deplete the Northuldran’s supply. His treachery toward the Northuldra led to his demise and put his own son and other men in peril.


Since Aladdin, Kristoff, the voiced Disney prince, has undoubtedly been one of the most relatable characters offered to audiences. He is your typical everyman, going about his business without seeking to get embroiled in any drama. That is, until Anna entices him into some.

Kristoff is the ideal spouse for Anna because he is assured and content with who and what he is. He provides a great counterbalance to Anna’s slightly eccentric traits and isn’t hesitant to correct her when she’s making a mistake or acting a little hastily. In “Frozen II,” Anna may rely on Kristoff as a rock when she learns that Elsa must mature and pursue her goals, even if it means leaving Anna behind. It’s wonderful that Anna and Kristoff can find it in each other because neither of them had a real family growing up. Even though Anna and Elsa are the main characters of “Frozen,” Kristoff ranks so highly on this list because of how well-suited a character he is to the plot and the sisters who adore him. In the future, we want to learn more about his relationship with Anna.

Lieutenant Mattias

The addition of Lieutenant Mattias to the “Frozen II” cast is well appreciated. He is one of Monarch Runeard’s troops and is betrayed by the king because of his ambitions for power. He is voiced by the incredibly gifted Sterling K. Brown. The Northuldra tribe leaves Mattias and the rest of his warriors alone in the Enchanted Forest. Unfortunately, they keep fighting the tribe without recognising what their king actually did to the tribe leader.

When Lieutenant Mattias first encounters the two sisters, he assists Anna in destroying the den King Runeard constructed, thus saving her life. But when he describes the love he has harboured for Halima, a person residing in Arendelle, for the past 35 years, that is when his character really comes into his own. It’s safe to assume that we all wanted Lieutenant Mattias and Halmia to get back together and have a happily ever after when he returns home.


Even though Oaken appears in just one brief scene in “Frozen,” he is a charming figure who merits mention and a place on this list. The spa and shop owner Oaken, voiced by Chris Williams, is a delight to watch right away. Even in Season 4 of the popular television show “Once Upon a Time,” which brings fairy tale characters to the present and develops their stories in ways the Disney movies could never, his character is present.

Hypable claims that the reason “Once Upon a Time” included this endearing shop owner in an episode was because he is a fan favourite. This is not surprising because Oaken from “Frozen” is a kind-hearted giant who values honesty in business and relationships. He is obviously offended when Kristoff refers to him as a crook because he knows that he is anything but. Even his family is present when he is at work. Who among us could possibly not adore this character?


The endearing and enchanting snowman, Olaf, is poised to enter the top three. Josh Gad, who played LeFou in the live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast,” provides Olaf’s voice in “Frozen.” Josh Gad is no stranger to Disney movies. Olaf is the childhood snowman that Anna and Elsa used to play with, and when Elsa flees and uses magic to test her talents, Olaf unintentionally comes to life.

Olaf is a naive character, just like Anna, but that’s part of what makes him endearing. He expresses whatever is on his mind, which could lead to his talking excessively. But because he speaks like a child, his words often have sweetness to them. Olaf is in charge of informing Anna that “you’re going to have to accomplish this next step on your own” and that “some people are worth melting for” (swoon) (cue the tears). He informs viewers that the only thing that endures in this world is love, which is actually the main theme of these movies.

Prince Hans

Prince Hans of the Southern Isles (voiced by Santino Fontana) is first introduced as a potential love interest for the youthful and impressionable princess Anna. They even get along well. Although it seems odd that they fall in love and reveal their genuine love in a matter of minutes, this is a Disney film, and we’ve seen characters fall in love and announce their true love in even less time. But no one expected Hans to wind up on this list so low, especially since he appears to look after the residents of Arendelle while it’s frozen and Anna and Elsa aren’t present.

Imagine the expressions on our faces when Hans is exposed as the genuine antagonist of the narrative. He takes advantage of Anna’s innocent actions in an effort to claim the throne for himself. Hans is aware that marriage is the only path to become king because he has 12 older brothers. When he agrees to let Anna freeze to death and attempts to kill Elsa in cold blood to achieve his goals, his master plan falls apart. Fortunately, Anna stops him and sends him back to his native country so that his older brothers can deal with him.

Can we agree that Hans is the worst manipulator, in the opinion of all of us?


Queen Iduna

Queen Iduna, who is voiced in both “Frozen II” and “Frozen” by Evan Rachel Wood from “Westworld,” undergoes a significant character development. She hardly appears in “Frozen,” and it appears that she follows her husband King Agnarr’s advice when it comes to handling Elsa’s abilities. However, “Frozen II” makes a big adjustment to this.

Due to her affiliation with the Northuldra tribe of the Enchanted Forest, Queen Iduna is demonstrated to possess magical abilities on her own. She is the reason King Runeard’s son Agnarr is not dead and Lieutenant Mattias is not trapped in the Enchanted Forest with his troops. The queen plays a crucial role in assisting Elsa in realising that she possesses all the inner power she has ever needed, and her recollection enables Elsa to discover an inner serenity she was unaware was within her grasp. Iduma gives Elsa the courage she needs to inform Anna that she wants to stay in the Enchanted Forest to look after the populace while Anna goes back to Arendelle to take over as the new queen. Queen Iduna is one of the best characters in “Frozen,” thanks to the duet between her ghostly memory and Elsa, which is a stunning and inspiring moment of self-acceptance.



Although Sven officially is a voiceless character, give us a chance! Sven is a trustworthy companion who also happens to be a reindeer for Kristoff. And because Kristoff is an orphan who was raised by trolls, as was previously established, he relied on Sven for a lot of his upbringing because the two literally grew up together. As a result, Kristoff spends a lot of time figuring out what he thinks Sven is thinking. And the majority of what he says is accurate.

Sven gives Kristoff the occasional kick in the butt he needs, and viewers can tell how Sven is feeling just by seeing his dynamic facial expressions. Even Kristoff doesn’t really need to explain what’s going on. Sven is there for Kristoff whenever he needs him, serving as the voice of reason and the cute sidekick. He is ranked so highly on our list due to his moral character and dedication to those he loves.







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