9 Best Gambling Anime Of All Time That’d Keep You On Edge

Gambling can be thrilling even though it is a simple way to lose money. In order to win big at the table, brilliant brains compete for high stakes, designing bluffs, frauds, and tricks. While poker is the game of choice in the West, Mahjong is the most popular form of gambling on Japanese television.

Watch intriguing individuals win and lose it all up close and personal in these anime; a good gambling story has high stakes, great drama, and believable characters eager to wager their life in the present for a better future. Would you be prepared to throw away everything to take a chance?

C: The Money Of Soul And Possibility Control

The second-year Economics student Kimimaru Yoga is invited to gamble in the East Financial District in a society where money is everything and lives are meaningless. Money is plentiful, and players’ futures are decided by weekly bouts. To safeguard his money and his future, Yoga operates in this world under the alias “Entre.”

This action/mystery/thriller will keep you thinking and on the edge of your seat; it doesn’t try to pander to its audience. This anime has 11 episodes, making it the ideal length for a weekend binge, plus it is dubbed for those who don’t like subtitles.

Death Parade

Heaven doesn’t exist in the afterlife; there is only gambling. Decim, the bartender, has the power to choose whether you will experience reincarnation or lose your soul to the emptiness. Darts, poker, air hockey, and other games have a part in determining who will survive and who will perish in the otherworldly bar.

What began as a single episode meant to instruct animators quickly expanded into a 12-part series chock-full of suspense, dark humour, and the highest stakes possible: your soul. As you witness strangers engage in the worst conflict possible over a game of bowling, this psychological/mystery/drama will definitely grip you.

Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

This nerve-wracking ride was written by the same person who authored Akagi and isn’t afraid to subject its protagonists to the most horrific ordeals. Kaiji Itou is persuaded to assume responsibility for his former coworker’s debt and is given the opportunity to partake in shady gambling on a cruise liner. As he must contend with greed, cheating, and other people’s worst tendencies in order to survive, this voyage turns into his own little circle of misery. Kaiji must take every precaution to preserve his life, skin, and other organs when faced with the possibility of playing for his freedom. Please proceed with caution as Kaiji contains graphic scenes.

Legendary Gambler Testuya

Legendary Gambler Testuya is another classic series that centres on a traveller named Tetsuya who dominates opponents in mahjong halls. He meets a man who demonstrates to him that he still has a lot to learn before he can completely master the game when he finds himself in Shinjuku in 1947.

This historical anime serves as both a reminder that there is always more to learn and another tensely compelling look at the old Mahjong games. For those who are interested in learning more about the traditional tile game of Mahjong, this 20-episode series offers a window into the past.

Mahjong Hishouden: Naki no Ryuu

The Crying Dragon, an enigmatic stranger, competes in a game of Mahjong with gang members in order to survive. Ron, there is one move that The Crying Dragon always uses to win, and it requires you to wait for your opponent to make the ideal strike. Mahjong fans will be riveted on this action/drama as they see the protagonist try to get his opponents to do what he wants.

Even though it’s an ancient show from the 1990s, the season’s three episodes pack a lot of content. Worth watching in the evening or the next time you have some free time.

Mahjong Legend Akagi: The Genius Who Descended Into the Darkness

The compulsive gambler Nongou owes more than $27,000. He quickly finds himself playing Mahjong with the Mafia in the seediest parts of society. He offers his life out of desperation but soon realises that things are not as they seem. This 26-episode television series is not hesitant to scare its characters with dire repercussions and carries a powerful punch of drama. Watching Nongou dance with fire in some of the most dramatic Mahjong matches ever will have you on the edge of your seat. The psychological and thriller components only serve to increase the tension, so be ready; anything could happen.

One Outs

Toua Toguchi is a skilled baseball pitcher by trade, but his true interest is gambling. On the streets of Okinawa, he plays One Out, a streamlined form of baseball. Toua must adhere to one straightforward rule, though, in order to lead a real baseball club to victory: for each out he pitches, he receives $45,000. He loses $455k for each run he surrenders.

One Outs is a 25 episode sports anime containing gambling and psychological components for all sports lovers wishing to spice up their games a bit. Folks, stop having any crazy thoughts.


Saki Miyanaga has a complicated connection with Mahjong; if she won or just plain lost while playing it during New Year’s, she would forfeit the money her parents had given her as a gift. She soon mastered the art of balancing winning and losing while attempting to get a neutral score of 0. How will she react when a friend forces her to join the Mahjong Club at her school? Even if you’ve never played a game of Mahjong, this animation manages to add excitement and enjoyment to the straightforward gameplay. There are a total of 25 episodes, some of which are filler and have an open ending, but the whole thing is a fun and simple adventure.

Stardust Crusaders (D’Arby The Gambler Story Arc)

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures was obviously included in this list. In this plot arc, Jotaro engages in a poker match with the enigmatic D’Arby in an effort to win back the souls of Joseph and all previous opponents of D’Arby. This is a crazy and insane journey with nearly unattainable stakes, in typical Jojo form. The way that Jojo builds suspense and keeps you interested is unique. While it initially appears like D’Arby will eventually capture everyone’s souls, Jotaro has a few cunning plans in store. This specific arc, which lasts for 40 minutes, can be found in episodes 34 and 35 of Stardust Crusaders.




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