Comeback Update : When Is The Boy Band GOT7 Coming Back? All You Need Know

GOT7 disbanded in early 2021 after announcing that their contract with JYP Entertainment will not be renewed. But there was still optimism for Ahgase’s supporters. In February 2021, the group released one more single, Encore, to say goodbye to their fans before their final disbandment. Following the disbandment, all of the members went on to pursue solo careers. But, in recent weeks, there has been a rumor (or possibly true) that GOT7 will make their long-awaited return. We’ll try to figure out how folks came to this decision.

The news of their comeback has given Ahgases a renewed sense of hope and happiness. GOT7 was a well-known South Korean and international hip hop group. Their reunion would only set new records and break old ones.

Who are GOT7

GOT7 was a JYP Entertainment hip hop group that debuted in 2014. The group’s seven members were recruited from both within and outside of South Korea. Mark, Jb (now Jay B), Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom make up the group. Mark became a member of the group after clearing auditions in the United States, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

In the second season of the very popular Korean drama Dream High, Jay B and Jinyoung made their first public appearance. In January of 2014, the group made their formal debut. 2PM was the last JYP boy group. As a result, the premiere of Game of Thrones was eagerly awaited. And they proved that all the excitement was justified. Billboard ranked their debut EP at number one. GOT7 also took up the Rookie of the Year award. Just Right, their 2015 smash hit, can still be heard on music stations and in fan videos. Just Right’s music video has received over 300 million views on YouTube. Even today, the song is still very popular.

Where are the GOT7 members now

After a 7-year successful career, all of the members stated that they will not be extending their contracts with JYP and went their separate ways. Mark founded Mark Tuan Studio and has already had a number of successful tracks.

JB changed his stage name to Jay B and signed to Jay Park’s H1ghr Music hip-hop and R&B label. Jay B has also appeared in advertisements for the Korea Tourism Organization’s promotional tourist campaign. He remixed the traditional tune Niliria for the campaign.

While a member of GOT7, Jackson was already recording songs. LMLY, 100 Ways, and many other songs have been hits for him. His music videos have a 90s Hong Kong vibe to them. His electrifying performance at Coachella 2022 recently became a worldwide sensation.

Jinyoung has also been in a few dramas and continues to work. He released his single ‘Dive’ in June 2021. His previous film was the psychological thriller “He is Psychometric.” Jinyoung’s last appearance was in “Yuma’s Cells.”

Sublime Artist Agency represents Youngjae. His appearance in the musical Midnight Sun was a huge event. He also published a song called “So I Married an Anti-Fan.” He also starred in the drama Love & Wish.

BamBam is pursuing a solo career as well. His collaboration with Seulgi from Red Velvet earned a lot of attention. SlowMo, his most recent track, is extremely famous on social media due to its appealing sound.

Yugyeom joined the AOMG label and released an EP with seven tracks on which a number of well-known musicians collaborated. He also performed at the Tokyo Olympics’ opening ceremony.

Without a doubt, each member of GOT7 has a thriving solo career. Fans, on the other hand, are always hoping to see them together. After all this time, their hope may finally come true. GOT7 might as well be making a comeback. It could fall at any time while you are sleeping.

BamBam giving spoilers at his online showcase

Since the beginning of this year, hints have been released, and it may even be confirmed that GOT7 will make their long-awaited return. BamBam revealed that the members have been discussing possible songs to play as a group and are planning a comeback. The news was repeated by the other members as well. It’s also extremely interesting and comforting how they always refer to each other as “members” even when they are no longer a formal group.
BamBam continued to apologize for possibly spoiling the news of their reunion during a later appearance on Youngjae’s radio show, but he never once contradicted or refuted what he stated.

BamBam and Mark’s twinning

BamBam and Mark may be the kings of the spoiler. They’re the ones who leave the most clues. They’re pictured in ancient costumes that they used to wear on group outings. Perhaps they want everyone to reminisce about the good old days before announcing the comeback.

The fanbase picked up on one of the greatest indications. GOT7’s YouTube channel has been renamed GOT7 Still Alive. What may this mean, exactly? Obviously, a comeback! Fans even made the hashtag GOT7 Still Alive trend on Twitter, despite the fact that these are simply rumors. However, their delight is reasonable.

Mark Tuan’s Harper Bazaar interview

But the most important hint came two days earlier, and it came from Mark. Mark indicated in his most recent interview that the members are preparing for group activities together. He said that gathering all of them at the same time was challenging, but they managed it and are delighted to play for their fans.

Now the question is whether GOT7 will return with new content as a group or if it will simply be a reunion show. I hope that all of these burning issues are resolved soon, but one thing is certain: they will return as GOT7! That will happen very shortly. Godspeed.

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