Halloween Kills Cast Along With The New and Returning Characters

After numerous setbacks, Halloween Kills is finally in theatres and streaming on Peacock. It takes place immediately after Halloween 2018 and revolves around the community of Haddonfield defending itself against the recently-escaped murderer Michael Myers. Although certain characters now have new actors playing them, several characters from the first movie return in this one. We’ve reviewed all the big characters scheduled to appear in Halloween Kills so you can catch up on who’s who.



Andi Matichek as Allyson Nelson

Allyson, Karen’s daughter, has been wishing to reestablish the relationship, despite her mother’s initial desire to distance herself from Laurie. She may appear to have a wonderful life, with a devoted partner and recognition from the National Honor Society. Allyson believes that Grandma Laurie ought to take part in it as well, though. She eventually gets her dream, but not before a masked killer starts prowling the neighbourhood.

With her most recent film Son presently available for streaming on Shudder, Andi Matichek reprises her character from the previous movie.

Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy Doyle

Tommy’s involvement in this episode is thrilling even though it is disappointing that neither Brian Andrews nor Paul Rudd will be playing this recurring character. He and Lindsay Wallace only escaped Michael’s fury because of Laurie, as many people may remember. Tommy must defend Haddonfield from the Shape in order to respect his old babysitter now that he is an adult with a family of his own.

Halloween Kills marks Anthony Michael Hall’s franchise debut, but he is best known for his work with John Hughes on movies like The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles in the 1980s.

Charles Cyphers as Leigh Brackett

Leigh Brackett is the only person except Laurie who has every reason to be furious about Michael Myers’ comeback. The former sheriff was first tasked with finding the escaped patient, but tragedy struck when his daughter Annie was slain by Michael while he was on his rampage. It must be difficult to learn that the man who killed your daughter and turned your life upside down is back; let’s hope Brackett won’t surrender easily.

In the remake from 1978, Charles Cyphers plays the old sheriff once more.

Dylan Arnold as Cameron Elam

Even more so considering that he was ready to play a crucial role in Allyson’s development, I always found it odd that the last movie seemed to have forgotten about Cameron. It appears, though, that Halloween Kills will close that gap. When he was first presented, Allyson’s lover, he was shown to have cheated on her during a school dance.

Dylan Arnold, who made his acting debut in the most recent movie and can presently be seen in season three of You on Netflix, returns to Halloween Kills.

James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle as Michael Myers

Michael’s plot has gotten rather complicated over the years, much like Laurie’s has. According to this scenario, he was apprehended by authorities soon after his 1978 murders and has since been incarcerated at Smith’s Grove Sanitarium for the past 40 years. He escapes from custody, however, and begins another killing rampage after two aspiring true-crime podcasters (Rhian Rees and Jefferson Hall) attempt to enrage him. Unfortunately for Haddonfield, the Boogeyman is real and won’t be defeated by a small house fire.

The real Michael Myers, Nick Castle, makes a brief cameo appearance as the Boogeyman, with stunt performer James Jude Courtney donning the mask for Michael’s more violent and physical antics.

Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode

There is no need to introduce Laurie as a heroine. But because of all the different timelines the Halloween movies have gone through, her story is frequently convoluted. Thankfully, Green makes an effort to simplify things in his movies. After surviving the Shape’s Halloween night attacks in 1978, Laurie has now developed PTSD and has a tense connection with her daughter. She will swiftly come to the realisation that it will need more than just a fire to defeat her archenemy, even though it was previously believed that she had killed Michael at the end of the previous movie.

After playing Laurie in five earlier Halloween movies, Jamie Lee Curtis returns to the legendary role.

Jibrail Nantambu as Julian Morrisey

You should not worry that Julian won’t be coming back. The obnoxious and toenail-hating child managed to avoid Michael’s anger, but Vicky, his babysitter (Virginia Gardner), wasn’t so fortunate. Michael has already demonstrated his willingness to kill children. But let’s hope that this time Julian manages to get away from the Boogeyman relatively undamaged.

Jibrail Nantambu appears in Home Before Dark on Apple TV+ and makes a comeback from the previous movie.

Judy Greer as Karen Nelson

Although Karen is Laurie’s third child to be featured in the canon of the Halloween series, she is undoubtedly a character that shouldn’t be trifled with. She had previously struggled with her estranged mother after a challenging childhood. But as Karen finds that her mother’s tales and terror of Michael Myers were not just myths, that history is put on hold.

Although Judy Greer has previously starred in other genre material like Cursed and Jawbreaker, she is reprising the role after making her film debut in 2018’s Halloween.


Kyle Richards as Lindsay Wallace

Do you recall when Laurie was a babysitter and had to keep children safe from Michael’s attacks? It turns out that they are still in Haddonfield and are extremely irate over his return. Consider Lindsay, who, along with Tommy Doyle, barely made it through that dreadful Halloween. Although her role as an adolescent in Halloween 4: The Curse of Michael Myers may no longer be considered canon, let’s hope she still gets to assist in killing Michael this time.

Kyle Richards, who is currently well known for her role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, returns to the 1978 horror classic in the same role.

Nancy Stephens as Marion Chambers

Unbelievably, a nurse whose automobile was stolen by Dr. Samuel Loomis was one of the most frequently recurring characters throughout the whole Halloween series. Even if Michael killed Marion in one timeline, she still plays a crucial part despite having a little role. Let’s hope she doesn’t experience a similar outcome in Halloween Kills.

After 23 years since Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later, Nancy Stephens reprises her role as Marion Chambers.

Omar Dorsey as Sheriff Barker

In Halloween Kills, Sheriff Barker was one character who might use more growth and characterization. He pulled a Mayor Vaughn and opted not to cancel any of Haddonfield’s Halloween events after learning of Michael Myers’ escape. As Halloween night rages on and the death toll increases, it appears that he will have to face with the ramifications of this significant action.

Omar Dorsey, who is now starring in OWN’s Queen Sugar, makes a comeback to the franchise.

Robert Longstreet as Lonnie Elam

In general, the Elam family seems headed for problems. According to rumours, Lonnie, the father of Cameron, gained a reputation for being aggressive in the last movie. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that Lonnie was originally Tommy’s tormentor in the first movie. We’ll simply have to wait and watch if he manages to gather himself in the face of actual peril.

Halloween Kills marks Robert Longstreet’s franchise debut, but he’s arguably best recognised for his work with Mike Flanagan on films like The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass.

Will Patton as Deputy Frank Hawkins

Even though Deputy Hawkins didn’t appear in the first movie, his presence nonetheless permeates this continuity. He was, after all, the cop who had detained Michael back in 1978. He is in a terrible condition when we last see him since Dr. Sartain ran over and stabbed him (Haluk Bilginer). Fortunately, he still possesses a strong sense of perseverance even after all these years, as this ordeal has been confirmed to have been a success. In Halloween Kills, the fate of his survival for the remainder of the evening is in doubt.

Will Patton, who most recently appeared in The Forever Purge and Minari, plays the same character from the previous instalment.







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