What Is Hannah Simone Now In 2022? What Did She Do After New Girl Ended?

Although Zooey Deschanel may have been the show’s star, Hannah Simone left a lasting impression. Jessica “Jess” Day’s (Deschanel) best friend was portrayed by Simone as Cece Parekh. Despite being polar opposites, Jess and Cece’s relationship succeeded because of this. Cece, a fashion model who frequently gave Jess advice on relationships and other crucial aspects of life, contrasted with the upbeat teacher Jess. And Cece was always there to lend support to Jess, no matter what situation she was in, and vice versa.

Like Deschanel, Simone appeared in all seven seasons of “New Girl,” but she didn’t appear in each and every episode. While Simone’s absences (which also totaled to six episodes) were dispersed across the duration of the show, Deschanel’s maternity leave caused her to be absent from the show for six episodes during its sixth season (via Cosmopolitan).

In 2018, as “New Girl” came to an end, Simone found it difficult to let go. She described the final table read of the show as emotional when asked in a Refinery 29 interview how she felt about it, adding, “This is my first show, therefore it’s my first love.” The “New Girl” cast has embarked on new endeavours since the final episode aired. Deschanel, for instance, has accomplished a lot since the Fox programme ended, such as lending her voice to “Trolls” and, regrettably, divorcing Jacob Pechenik, according to People. Simone has also been working hard on a variety of creative projects.

Hannah Simone is still working in Hollywood

Since “New Girl” ended, Hannah Simone’s career has stalled a little bit. She has nevertheless continued to grind. Simone was reportedly cast in ABC’s “The Great American Hero” revival shortly after the series concluded, and it was revealed by Deadline that she would be portraying a gender-flipped version of the series’ lead. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network finally decided against carrying the programme. Simone tweeted at the moment, as reported by THR, “We just found out that network TV isn’t ready for the first brown female superhero on TV,” which has since been deleted. Later, she changed that tweet, saying she was “fortunate” to have been given the opportunity to film the pilot.

Then, on shows like “Single Parents,” “Awoken,” and “The Unauthorized Bash Brother’s Experience,” Simone made a number of cameo appearances or brief, multi-episode arcs (via IMDb). In addition, Simone has experimented in voice acting, lending her talents to kid-friendly programmes like “Loafy,” “No Activity,” and “Mira, Royal Detective.” According to a Deadline report from August 2022, Simone and Gina Rodriguez will co-star in the ABC comedy “Not Dead Yet.” The play, according to the journal, was a “Confessions of a Forty-Something F*** Up” adaptation for the small screen. The television show is scheduled to debut in February 2023 as of this writing.

Simone has dabbled in the fashion industry as well. According to Hollywood Life, she also briefly collaborated with TJ Maxx in 2019 to offer a selected pod of bi-coastal clothing at a discount for the retailer’s “Maxximize Your Style” campaign.

Hannah Simone hosts a New Girl podcast with Zooey Deschanel

after “New Girl” Hannah Simone has also entered the world of podcasting. Her podcast is exclusively about her popular TV show, just like so many other celebrities nowadays. Of course, we’re referring to “New Girl” in this instance. The best part, according to Variety, is that Simone co-hosts the podcast “Welcome to Our Show” with her former on-screen friends Zooey Deschanel and Lamorne Morris. According to the podcast’s description, the hosts get together to revisit the episodes of the show and share all the juicy, exclusive behind-the-scenes information with the audience.

Simone revealed to Entertainment Weekly in January 2022 that “‘New Girl’ fans have a lot of questions about everything from the actual rules of True American to ping pong etiquette with Prince. She continued, “Zooey, Lamorne, and I have missed each other terribly, and I’m so happy that we’ve established a show where we can finally respond to those inquiries and share so many untold insane ‘New Girl’ stories that occurred when we filmed the show. The Montclarion reports that “Welcome to Our Show” debuted on January 24, 2022, with two episodes before switching to a single Monday release. The article mentions that Deschanel sings the podcast’s theme song, just like she did for “New Girl.”

Having said that, it appears that Simone is keeping herself busy.

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