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Is Harlow From Texas Chainsaw Massacre A Real Texas Town? What Is Its Location?


The grisly trip in the 2022 version of the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ is unusually twisty. It all begins with a group of young urban professionals who arrive in an abandoned Texas town with the goal of transforming it into a hip new community. Unfortunately for them, the zealous youths arouse the wrath of a violent force who resides in the same town.

With his trusty chainsaw, Leatherface quickly dispatches the majority of the visitors. Because they are in a ghost town, no one will come to their aid, and the wealthy urbanites will die a terrible death. The town of Harlow is referenced several times throughout the story and appears to be the scene of all the carnage. Do you have any suspicions that the town is modelled on a real-life counterpart? Let’s see if Harlow is a genuine Texas town.

Is Harlow a Real Texas Town?

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Melody and Lila are on their way to Harlow with their pals Dante and Ruth when the film begins. The shopkeeper at a gas station on the highway isn’t impressed by the rowdy young entrepreneurs. The sheriff, in particular, pulls them over and warns them to be “respectful” of the town’s past. Of course, it’s unclear whether the law enforcement official is referring to Leatherface when he warns the kids about the infamous mass murderer.

Harlow was, in reality, a real town in Texas. Though there don’t appear to be many parallels between the fictional village and its real-life equivalent, there does appear to be one noticeable similarity: both are sparsely populated communities. Harlow is depicted in the film as a largely desolate town. According to a rusted and decrepit sign, the town had had a population of around 1300 people.

The true town of Harlow, according to sources, was founded in the late 1800s and named after the Harlow family. The town appears to be made up of farmland and a business establishment on maps from the 1930s. Harlow, on the other hand, appears to have vanished from highway maps by the 1980s, and the hamlet may have disintegrated. As a result, one of the most striking parallels between the real town and the one depicted in the film appears to be that both are former villages.

Where is Harlow Located?

Harlow was apparently located in central Hunt County, Texas, before it was no longer indicated on maps. The town’s precise location was reportedly four miles south of Greenville and slightly west of State Highway 34.

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