10 Harry Potter Deleted Scenes That Would’ve Changed Your Views

One of the most common criticisms of the Harry Potter films is how they omitted narratives and scenes from the novels, yet this isn’t the only thing that was removed. There are a number of deleted scenes from the films that many fans believe should have been included because they would have improved the film (to which Ranker and its Potterhead users can attest).

There are several wonderful Harry Potter deleted sequences that, perhaps, should have been left in the movies, whether they’re emotional interactions between characters or a look into people’ internal anguish and psyche.

Draco Throws Harry His Wand

Draco Malfoy completes his redemption in the Harry Potter films by throwing his wand to Harry after being discovered to be alive and dashing past a stunned Voldemort to join the Hogwarts pupils.

Draco’s real colors are revealed in this scene. He’s much lot more than the snobbish rich bully Harry first encountered at Hogwarts. Draco was far from the most villainous opponent, as he shown that he, like Dumbledore, had good in him, but he was just pulled into a life he didn’t desire. Many fans wish that this deleted scene had remained in the show and that his redemption arc had been finished.

Dudley & Harry Say Goodbye

This is a deleted scene for which no one knows why it was removed. Harry says his goodbyes to the Dursleys, and Vernon is relieved to be free of Harry. The greatest moment, though, occurs when Dudley, who is perplexed by the situation, decides to speak with Harry one more time.

Vernon regards Harry as a “waste of space,” according to Harry. Dudley, on the other hand, approaches him, shakes his hand, and declares that he does not believe him. This small moment had a huge impact. It provided closure and demonstrated improvement in Dudley’s relationship with Harry, who deserved this redemption arc. Furthermore, it is taken directly from the book, which is another reason why so many people wish it had been included.

Harry’s First Potion Lesson

When Harry walks into Snape’s classroom for the first time, their dynamic for the next few years at Hogwarts is set, with the two having great tension and hating one other. This deleted/extended sequence accomplishes the same goal.

Snape gets right up in Harry’s face and starts talking about potions, and the two tensely stare each other down. Alan Rickman is incredible, which is presumably why so many people on Ranker wish he had stayed in the final edit of the film. However, the tension between the two is established even without this scene, so it’s obvious why it was deleted.

Harry & Hermione Talk About Ron

The third act of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is one of the most horrific and dramatic of all the films, and right towards the end, there is a touching intimate moment between the three friends, which began with a one-on-one conversation between Harry and Hermione.

It’s a funny and sweet exchange between the two, in which they laugh about Ron and Hermione’s relationship and Harry admits the two of them are brilliant. While they are not together at this time, this is an important juncture in the Ron/Hermione timeline, and Harry’s acknowledgement of it, as well as his appreciation of how amazing his friends are, makes it a moment that many fans believe deserves to be included in the final cut.

Petunia Finds More Letters

The scene in The Philosopher’s Stone where the relentless owls are attempting to deliver Harry’s Hogwarts letter, much to the displeasure of the Dursleys, is a fan favorite. In this deleted scene, letters appear in the eggs that Petunia is attempting to make breakfast with.

Seeing her lookout scream in fright at the owls outside her house is a great scene that would have surely given humorous value to the film. Users on Ranker agree, stating that the scene should not have been cut.

Petunia Talks About Her Sister

The Deathly Hallows films are full of brilliance and some of the best moments in the series, but they also feature deleted scenes that would have contributed so much to the plot, such as Harry and Petunia’s farewell discussion.

As Petunia struggles to leave Privet Drive and Harry warns her about the danger she is in, she reveals that she lost a sister that night at Godric’s Hollow, demonstrating her comprehension of what Voldemort is capable of. This is another scenario that would have given the Dursleys more depth and even made spectators sympathize with Petunia, who had been nothing but horrible up to that point. It’s a quiet, solemn sequence, but one that most fans believe should have remained in the film, as Ranker demonstrates.

Ron Makes Up For His Insult To Hermione

The Philosopher’s Stone does an excellent job of establishing the Golden Trio’s relationship and dynamic. Still, one scene between them that many believe should have been kept is when Ron apologizes to Hermione behind her back for criticizing her.

The three discuss how Ron and Harry would not have had to save Hermione if Ron had not insulted her after the Troll incident, to which he responds, “What are friends for?” It’s a brief but sweet scene that solidifies Hermione’s status in the trio while also providing Ron with a fantastic character moment. Even if it isn’t the most important of the deleted sequences, people still love it.

Ron Teaches Hermione To Skip Rocks

Instead of massive action set-pieces as they hunt for Horcruxes, The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 focuses on calmer moments, allowing more study of the characters and their relationships. That’s why this sequence would have worked perfectly.

It shows Ron and Hermione skipping stones while Harry sits alone in his room, staring in the mirror. This little scene is one that fans of the Ron/Hermione connection wish had remained in the film, showcasing more of their development together, even if it isn’t crucial to the wider plot.

The Turning Point

The best-crafted scene in the series comes shortly before everything changes in The Half-Blood Prince. It begins with an ominous orchestra from Flitwick, followed by McGonagall’s request that pupils remain indoors. Snape ponders something, Draco gets out of bed on his way to assassinate Dumbledore, and Ron and Hermione gaze up at the sky from the common room.

This deleted scene is fantastic because it creates an ominous atmosphere that develops tension and informs the audience that the saga’s turning point, a major event, is approaching. It perfectly sets the tone and would have added a lot to the proceedings if it had been kept in the film. Outside of McGonagall’s one-line, there is no conversation, but the performance is outstanding, with Snape’s contemplation potentially foreshadowing at the twist to come.

Tonks & Lupin Embrace

Tonks and Lupin are one of the most popular Harry Potter pairings, although they didn’t get nearly enough screen time in the films, as seen by the fact that this sequence was removed.

It depicts the two having a final chat before their deaths, which is not shown in the film. This would have given the brief shot of their already-dead bodies a significantly more emotional punch, especially considering they talk about their kid Teddy here. More of the two should have been in the films, and this is possibly the most egregious omission of either of them.

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