Hidrent Shark Tank Update 2022: Is It A Successful Company Now?

Dave Heimbuch entered the tank with his app, Hidrent, in Season 13 Episode 6 of “Shark Tank,” aiming to strike a deal with the sharks. A unique programme called Hidrent helps firemen find part-time work during their downtime to increase their income. Numerous eyes were drawn to the impressive and considerate service. As a result, we made the decision to monitor Hidrent’s development after being featured on the show. So, here is what we discovered!

Hidrent: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

David “Dave” Heimbuch, the creator of Hidrent, has a wealth of marketing expertise with a focus on tech sales. After graduating from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1995, he went on to a wide range of distinguished sales positions. Before joining Tapad in October 2014 as Senior Director of Sales, Dave held positions at prestigious businesses like Shazam Entertainment and AT&T Mobility. Hidrent was interestingly introduced in May 2017 while Dave was still working for Tapad.


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He did, however, depart in November of the same year to devote all of his time to his business. Dave Heimbuch was aware of the hardships faced by firemen. Most of them must work part-time jobs to support their families because of their low wages. Additionally, because of their intensive training, firefighters are also quite effective at the majority of physically demanding occupations. After carefully examining their schedule, Dave discovered that the majority of firemen work 24-hour shifts and then take a 48-hour break.

Hidrent was established with the intention of helping firemen locate suitable occupations that would augment their income after taking all relevant variables into account. Hidrent is a straightforward web tool that connects users with any local firefighter looking for work. The process for the firefighters only requires them to register and enter their schedule. However, after they register, customers must submit a description of the services they require. Numerous pre-listed services are available on the app, along with an estimate of their prices. The software looks for a suitable nearby off-duty firefighter and links them with the customer after the job is dialled in.

Hidrent: Where Are They Now?

Hidrent’s users gave it rave ratings and thought it was a very effective service. Hidrent gained popularity as a result of multiple app store downloads and quickly caught the eye of well-known media outlets including Fox, Yahoo Finance, and CNBC. The app is also regarded as being extremely legitimate because it thoroughly investigates each firefighter who signs up and hires them, assuring the greatest service for users.


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The Capital Factory Accelerator Program, of which Hindrent is currently a member, provides it with access to a wide range of mentors and opens the road for easier customer acquisition. In addition, the fact that the Hidrant app is compatible with both Android and iOS helped grow its user base because Hidrant is now offered in many important locations, including Austin, Dallas, Phoenix, Tampa, and Toledo.

Unexpectedly, the costs listed on the app are rather affordable. A few examples include $156–$456 for moving furniture, $189–269 for hanging a TV on the wall, $178–392 for a regular handyman, and $139–294 for transporting. A closer look at the app’s website also teases other “interesting” improvements that are planned to release soon, while Dave has guaranteed that he will keep expanding the service’s coverage to include as many places as possible.

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